10 Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins That You Might Want to Download

There is no doubt about the fact that Adobe Photoshop is one of the best applications in world of software. However, like all other applications, the performance of Photoshop can be enhanced by the means of several Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that you might want to download.

1. Adobe’s Kuler

Adobe's Kuler

You might want to download this Photoshop plug-in in order to have a cooler colour picking tool. It lets you see the colour scheme of users. Thus, you can find out what colours suite each other.

2. CSS3Ps


This Adobe Photoshop plug-in you might want to download in order to tackle issues with naming, colouring and sizing of CSS elements. It provides exact font-size & family, colour and CSS3 codes layer design elements. You have to select the element and click on the CSS3Ps plug-in, which tells about the appropriate placement of itself.

3. CSSHat


CSSHAT is a Photoshop plug-in which helps in making webpage of your website appear out of a magical hat. The syntax of CSSHat is more readable and thus can be easily manipulated.

4. Divine Elemente

Divine Elemente

You might want to download Photoshop plug-in Divine Elemente because of its partial software behaviour. It is chiefly useful for blog websites and does not require real coding from the developer.

5. Guide Guide

It is one of the cleverest Adobe Photoshop plug-in that you might want to download. It automatically puts precise guidelines along your web design. Guide is mathematically strong and knows when the proportion of the design can fit guide into it.

6. Perfect Resize

Perfect Resize

As its name suggests, Perfect Resize is for resizing images. It is “perfect” for headers and background images because it can enlarge pictures without apparently affecting their sharpness.

7. Punchcut

Screen resolution management toolset Expanding Universe by Punchcut provides you with several choices of PSD where you can view devices for comping. Its essential utility is to make the websites look better on different browsers and in different sizes.

8. SiteGrinder


SiteGrinder enables users to develop web-pages from PSD. It is one-click solution for webpage development and does not need slice or real coding to be done by the developer.

9. Subtle Patterns

If you want to develop detailed and cool background patterns for webpage then Subtle Patterns Adobe Photoshop plug-in is one of the popular ones you might download. Numerous uploaded patterns onto its database lets developers find the suitable one without really creating it. That patters are created by real users is an assurance of their good quality and their subtlety ensures that users will not find them intrusive.

10. Suitecase Fusion

Suitecase Fusion

Font management plug-in Suitecase Fusion for Adobe Photoshop lets you preview fonts that can be used in the design. It is a good organiser and provides ease of access to you. It facilitates collection and selection of fonts from Google Web Fonts and WebINK.