10 Icon Tools for Mac and Windows

Usage of icons in this new era of defining experience has become a matter of premier importance. There have erupted methodologies that can be used to foster liveliness of your screen. The following are a few catchy and the most useful icon tools, prescribed both for Windows and Mac, which can be used for immediate conversions of images into icons and vice versa.

1. IconPackager

IconPackager enables one to have an immediate default icon replacement in windows. This also makes the changing of custom colors possible along with an option of using live folders unlike other icon packages. It gives place to high quality custom icons and ensures usage of icons directly avoiding longer procedures.

2. IconCool Editor

IconCool Editor works for Windows8 or Vista Operating System. It is an extraordinary Icon Cool Mixer. It enables visible filter operation and is extravagantly flexible to perform gradient editing. This also enables easy and simple editing of I phone and Android images.

3. Axialis IconWorkshop

This icon tool provides service to both windows, Mac and as well UNIX. Icon Workshop creates PNG images with variable transparency even from the existing Widows and Mac icons within fewer clicks. This alpha transparency allows creation of sleek icons with smooth borders and reflection.

4. Iconion

The difference of Icon ion is that it creates icon files from icon Fonts. You can select icons from Font Awesome, Entypo and any other symbol fonts you like. They can be saved as jpeg, png, bmp or ico files. These images will also be of the same standard no matter what size is selected. It works for Mac.

Icon Tools for Mac and Windows

5. IcoFX

This is a professional icon tool, which is also a cursor editor. It too works for both windows and Mac. It supports Windows vista icons with PNG compression. It enables you to convert your favorite images into icons and vice versa. BMP.PNG, JPG, JPG2000, TIF and GIF are the supported formats.

6. Junior Icon Editor

It allows creation of icons in customized and standard sizes. You can choose from 16 million colors, which it provides. It works for Windows with 8-bit alpha channel.

7. Pic2Icon

This is a simple and less complex icon tool that ensures you to convert images into icons and also makes you perform batch conversions. This works for Mac.

8. IconSlate

IconSlate is honed for the creation of icons on both desktop and mobile. It can design icons of varied sizes easily and can balance your work. It suits Mac.

9. Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

It provides you with equipment that can open, create and save icon files and also patch icons in .exe files or make batch conversions of images to icons. Creation of new cursors, small pixel graphics can also be made possible through this. It works with Windows and Vista.

10. Ico Converter

Ico Converter entitles effortless conversion of images into icons. It works for both Windows and Mac. It supports PNG, ICO and ICNS image formats.