15 More Secure Password Management Tools

Learn about these 15 more secure password management tools to go with the one that suits your requirement. Many password manger applications are available today. Most of them require you to remember a single complex password. It’s important to remember this in order to keep your data safe and access it securely. In the event that you lose important data consider services offered from companies like Next Gear Solutions.

1. Sxipper

An extension for Firefox, this app provides password management, auto-fill and auto logins. You can securely store usernames, passwords and the data you enter on different websites. It saves time and allows you to log in to multiple sites with a single click.

2. 1Password

1Password automatically creates unique and strong passwords for your favorite sites and logs you in with one master password, which you have to remember. It enables fast use of web and keeps you secure online.

3. KeePass

This is a free, open-source, easy to use tool with robust features. It protects your passwords with the help of a master password or it may use your desktop’s key-file or a combination of these two.

4. RoboForm

This password management and form management tool is a popular Windows only application. This toolbar allows you to fill web forms automatically by creating multiple identities.

Secure Password Management Tools

5. LastPass

This popular password manager fills data automatically, encrypts passwords which you want to share online and permits import and export. You can also create complex passwords and notes. It lets you generate a USB key with the help of Google Authenticator Support.

6. Firefox’s Password Manager

This built-in tool from Firefox is free and easy to integrate with your workflow. You must ensure that you use a master password to secure all your passwords. Otherwise, anyone can take a look at your passwords, by clicking Show Passwords option in Saved Passwords.

7. Dashlane

This tool provides faster logins and logouts on websites. Dashlane’s point system gives you reward points for securing online receipts and passwords, which can be used to unlock other features and applications.

8. SplashID Safe

With this password manager, you can keep user Ids, passwords and other personal information such as account numbers safe. You can securely access this data from anywhere, anytime and from any browser or device.

9. Security Everywhere

This tool from mSeven Software provides 17 templates for website logins, email accounts, credit cards and flyer numbers. You can customize templates with unlimited fields. You can categorize records and access them fast by marking them.

10. DirectPass

This tool from Trend Micro offers security management with just one master password. It also offers password creation, encryption for filling forms, browser integration and encrypted notes. Its feature Secure Browser can be used for financial websites and online banking.

11. PasswordBox

This application provides single-touch log-in to your websites and encryption of data. It stores your log-ins automatically while browsing and enables easy access to websites within its library.

12. Identity Safe

This tool from Norton provides multiple browser support, unlimited notes, Android and iOS support and automatic form filling. Its extension Safe Web alerts you about suspicious sites.

13. mSecure

It offers several options for generating passwords, lets you find websites quickly, by allowing you to browse saved log-ins. It offers encrypted security and lets you customize your log-ins with many of its available icons.

14. Keeper

With this tool, you can easily navigate through your log-ins. It uses encryption and two-factor authentication. It allows you to securely share data such as bank details over the net.

15. DataVault

This password manager provides multiple browser support, form-fill and auto-save tools. It employs effective encryption methods and saves your time.