15 Really Creative 404 Pages

The 404 pages of most companies are boring but if you are someone who likes to go the other way round, then you need to check out these 15 really creative 404 pages immediately. You can do two things with 404 pages – either make it completely functional or use it as your very own creative space. Simple and boring pages are not cool, so make your site super cool by getting inspired from these 15 really creative 404 pages.

1. Gig Masters

When one stumbles upon this error, they are quite aware of the fact that they have landed there by accident. This design is very much straightforward and rightly fits into the site’s visual branding.

2. Klapp


This is a game that one can play while determining what to do next. The game is quite addictive and fun but when it gets over, it’s over and the user is at square one once again.

3. Audiko

This brand has created something amazing and unique for the viewers. The illustration is so good that the viewer won’t like to find the right track for some time.

4. Qype

This is a practical one that allows the viewer to return back home or search each and every category provided by the site. Keeping the practical thing aside, the illustration that these people have come up with is beautiful and of high quality as well.

5. The Movie Nerd

A little iteration has been used here on the logo so as to characterize the 404 page. This is consistent and extremely smart branding.

6. Davidwashere

The very first thing that comes to one’s mind here is simplicity. Staying to-the-point, the brand decided in letting lose their personality to an extent by coming up with a set of instructions.

7. Inriality

The illustration here is quite interesting as well.

8. I Love Icons

This really creative 404 page is not trying to say much but a nice touch is provided by the faint ‘404’.

9. Illucolor

A clever graphic is used here, which is simply saying that the Internet is broken and requires to be fixed.

10. Molome

It is one of those really creative 404 pages which are plain cute. Here, Molome is showing their graphic skills without worrying too much about redirecting the viewer.

11. Bellstrike

The company made sure that an exceptional consistency with the image is been kept.

12. The Many Faces Of

A fun approach is taken here by coming up with little meme faces of actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

13. Mic Check 404

The concept used here is quite clever where it is asking the viewer to check the address bar once again.

14. Dribbble 404

This design is still in its concept stage but is extremely clever nonetheless.

15. Kiss.com

Instead of redirecting the viewers, the people at Kiss.com are doing something quite unique here. They are asking for a support ticket to be submitted so as to fix the problem.