33 Awesome And Inspiring Photoshop Designs

There are countless tutorials, articles, resources all about how to use Photoshop more efficiently, tips, tricks. Photo manipulation is one of the most interesting skills. On this list You’ll find showcased many artists from Worth1000 site – which is popular with its numerous contests and amazing photo manipulation works. Every pick has been carefully picked from the crowd – some of these works are really funny, some works look unbelievably real – but all of those works will inspire You a lot, I assure this!

If You still don’t know – everything is possible with Photoshop and here You can see, what can be done with Photoshop power in it’s best performance!


[Unripe Kitties]

[Broccoli House]

[Fungi Felina]

[Eye Drop]

[Leggo My Nut]

[Hey I am a Snail]

[Bean frog]

[Raid on the Mantipod]
[Cassava gator]




[Apple fish]

[Astral Voyage]

[African Treephant]


[Mango Fruit Bats]

[Mystic Forest]

[Medieval Kitty]

[Gator Boot]

[Elephant’s Creed]

[Banana Fish]






[‘Up 2, Fly South’]

[Elephant Man]