9 Extremely Stylish Free Fonts

There are several extremely stylish free fonts that not only enhance the overall beauty and look of the web projects but also offer the end users with a nice and refreshing experience. This is primarily the reason as to why web designers always try to incorporate fresh new fonts on their designs.

1. Bevan


Web designers looking for slab serif fonts to come up with an ambitious and bold title will definitely like the Bevan font. The best part about this font is that it brings unique personality to the words.

2. League Gothic

League Gothic

Almost every title text can be offered with an authoritative and edgy personality by using this stylish free font. The font was originally designed in the year 1903 by American Type Founders Co.

3. Oranienbaum


This font shares its name with Russian Royal residence and provides the words with an antique and classy personality. Perceived to be Antiqua’s modern version, it has the typeface of early twentieth century featuring contrasting geometry and pronounced serifs.

4. Code

Code Font

Code Bold and Code Light have been developed by Font Fabric. Web designers looking for a modern and sleek feel in print, web and graphic design will find this font quite suitable. Code Bold is sleek and impactful whereas Code Light offers the texts with a hipster and clean feel.

5. Josefin Slab


Santiago Orozco is the designer of Josefin Slab who seemed to have brought back the geometric typeface back in popularity again. A Scandinavian style has been incorporated into the typeface offering it a typewriter font feel.

6. Open Sans

Open Sans

The Open Sans stylish free font is ideal for legibility at nearly every size. The best part about this font is that it has a neutral but friendly appearance. It can definitely make a website look unique and beautiful.

7. Jura


Daniel Johnson helped create this extremely stylish free font of Jura by integrating elements of Greek, Cyrillic and Roman alphabets. This font has a modern and hi-tech personality and comes with four different weights.

8. Amaranth


Gesine Todt is the designer of this upright and friendly italic font. The distinctive curves and slight contrast of the font offers the text with a youthful and a cute feel. It is available in three different styles and is suitable for text for any type.

9. Arvo


Anton Koovit is the designer of Arvo which consists of four cuts namely Bold Italic, Roman Bold, Italic and Roman. Even though it has uniform stroke width, the slight contrast of the font enhances on-screen readability as well as adds character to it.

The above mentioned extremely stylish free fonts will definitely help in making a website look different and creative. It would even look appealing to the viewers with their diverse and fresh approach.