A Brief Tutorial on Type Styles in Photoshop CS6

Type Styles are the latest interesting features in Photoshop CS6. They enable users to define customised style for characters as well as paragraphs. Therefore, users can easily and quickly change the style of text with the help of these Type Styles in Photoshop CS6.

About Type Styles

It is the latest feature in Photoshop CS6 that can save the attributes of texts, which are customised by users according to their preference, in the form of groups. Type Styles in Photoshop CS6 have two categories – Paragraph Styles and Character Styles. Character Styles controls only character attributes, like size, font, colour etc., while Paragraph Styles controls both paragraph and character styles.

Type Styles setup

The first requirement to setup Type Styles is texts. Type Styles can be set on the basis of attributes of the texts or they can be defined first and then texts can be formatted accordingly.

Photoshop CS6

Creation of Character Style

As said, texts are required to create Character Style. The texts can be first formatted and then a style created on the basis of that format. Else, the style can be created first and then the texts can be formatted. It works either ways. When character style is created for numbers then only the font-size and the colour need to be changed.

Modification of Character Styles

Styles settings can be viewed by double-clicking on its name at Character Styles panel by selecting the name and clicking Style Options at the Menu panel. A dialogue box that contains all the necessary tools for the task, Character Style Options, opens to allow modification.

Application of Character Styles

Styles can be applied by selecting the required texts with the help of a Type Tool. Next, the required style has to be selected to apply the desired effect.

Multiple Character Styles

There is no limitation to the number of character Styles that can be created. As many number of styles can be created as desired or required by users. The selection of required texts is important as; otherwise, the effect gets applied to the entire block.

Duplication of Character Styles

The original name of the Style has to be selected from Styles Panel. Then the Duplicate Style option on the Menu of Character Styles Panel has to be chosen. The settings can then be modified from character Styles Options and saved with a new name.

Deletion of Character Styles

The simple way to delete a Character Style is to select it and click on Delete Current Character Style on Character Styles Panel. Another way to delete Character Styles is from Delete Style option on the Character Style Panel menu. The latter method deletes the Style but its effect remains applied to the texts to which it has been applied. Of course, users can apply another style to those texts, if required.