Some Basic Tips for Improving WordPress Themes

Listed here are few basic tips for improving WordPress themes to make the web layout more attractive and user friendly for everyone.

Internet has certainly become one of the most widely used medium for the fulfillment of any and every task, which in turn has resulted in the invention of various new software as well as web sites by the experts that aid the normal users to perform their regular online tasks with ease and efficiency. WordPress is one such platform that is being widely used by the people worldwide as the well renowned blogging system and there are some basic tips for improving WordPress themes which in turn improve the overall appearance of the website. Whether it is about posting the content to create a web page or website, highlighting the text by providing it an HTML appearance or making the necessary changes in the web pages from time to time in order to keep the traffic of the page up, WordPress is the best tool which could be used for all these purposes.

Basic Tips for Improving WordPress Themes

It also has some of the amazing features for the beginners, one of them being the themes of the webpage that could be changed or improved according to one’s own desire in order to provide a unique touch to the web page that is being created. Whenever one starts using WordPress, experimenting with the themes is the one thing that every user would try to do as it would give a distinctive look to the web page created.

Basic tips for improving WordPress themes that all the users can easily get a hand on

  • Altering the size of images used as themed: The fact that images should be optimized according to the web requirement is something that almost all the users seem to forget at times. The images present in the WordPress include the template stock, background images, icons and default stock pictures among the others. However, their size could be altered using the Adobe Photoshop software and hence used for a better impact of the reader.
  • Style your captions for WordPress image: Whenever you upload a new image, make sure that you add the option available in the image to include the default styles in the WordPress. Presenting the picture with a relevant and catchy caption will make the experience of reading and viewing more engrossing for the visitors of the website.
  • Include PHP flush: It is recommended to add a PHP flush in your WordPress blog for a better browsing experience. By adding a simple flush line in your header, you can increase the speed of your blog considerably. By using this, the user can download all the Style Sheets that are mentioned in the header while waiting for the other pages of the web page to show up.
  • Save your theme: It is always wise to secure your customized theme by removing its generating code from the head tag so that no one would be able to attack your web page by figuring out the version of your WordPress and hence making you prone to the cyber vulnerabilities.

The above stated basic tips for improving WordPress themes can be easily practiced by the users in order to get their own customized version of the default themes present in the WordPress.