Top 5 Budget Content Tools

We live in a world where image is now ruling the internet.

When we all have a camera in our pocket, it’s no surprise that we’re becoming our own amateur photographers and uploading it to our favourite image sharing social sites.

We expect to see images everywhere we go, and it’s becoming the biggest tool in marketing. Nothing quite sells a product like an image. So why are so many small businesses still not understanding the importance of this huge marketing magnet?

An image draws us in, gives us a snippet of the story and encourages to read on.

Without them your marketing and written content is like a whisper in a crowded room, it’s never going to get the impact that you intended.

Many small businesses are under the illusion that great graphics and pictures are going to eat away at their marketing budget. A costly resource that they feel they don’t need.

But with the right resources and just a little amount of time, businesses can create their own bespoke images and get a far greater ROI on their marketing efforts.

Think of it from the customer’s perspective. Do you really want to be faced with reams of lengthy text without any images to help keep you interested or help to explain your words?

Flickr – Creative Commons

The most commonly used photo sharing platform on the internet. Flickr’s Creative Commons allows you to use others images for free as long as you provide them with a credit.

This is such a simple solution if you’re searching for an image specific to your subject, and with creative commons spanning across the globe, you’re sure to find something that fits the bill.


Growing in popularity, Canva is a free online image editing tool that anyone can use without being an expert.

Simple to use and with a library of cool graphics, templates and icons, it’s a small businesses dream, as any image can instantly be turned into an eye catching marketing tool.

No matter your marketing needs you can create social media graphics and printed artwork without any need for experience, which for a small business with a limited team and perhaps limited design skills, means you can use it with confidence knowing that your artwork is going to look as though it’s been done by a professional.

Budget Content Tools


Stock images can be expensive and it’s unfortunately often the case that the same image can be purchased by a competitor, leaving both parties looking a little red faced at the fact they’re unable to afford their own.

But small businesses can ease this embarrassment now with the help of a free stock image site Gratisography. Not only are these images unique and high quality, they are completely free for you to do what you wish. They would like it if you could offer a donation now and again to keep the site ticking over, but apart from that it’s yours for the taking.

The current portfolio of images is quite limited, but they’ve seen rapid expansion already this year, so it’s certainly one to keep your eye on.


With a vast library of images, Pixalbay is a hidden gem on the World Wide Web, but with such a great portfolio comes great power, and all they request is a credit to the source of the image.

A very small price to pay for images that could instigate a better reaction from your marketing.

Have a play around with what they have available and try to think outside of the box with the image that you want to represent your campaign.

Unfortunately there is no guarantee that likeminded competitors are also using this an image source.


You may think I’m throwing a curve ball mentioning the holy grail of image editing that is Photoshop. But Adobe have realised that they’ve been alienating small businesses with their large lump sums for the software, so in order to encourage more users and less illegal downloads, Adobe now offer monthly low payment fees for anyone to have the software.

This could be a far more affordable option for businesses, as they could then invest in training a member of staff with companies such as Xchange Training, who offer bespoke courses to fit the needs and requirements you wish to gain from the software.

With so many options available for better images, there’s no need for your content to lack any excitement.

Choose relevant images that tell the story of your marketing and it could boost your business in more ways than one.

Top 5 Data Visualization Tools

Only recently, we have got introduced to these data visualization tools as something individually operable. But before that, it was the task of highly technical designers or a team of developers, who were the only ones who had complete and crisp accuracy and beauty in this aspectual consideration. But now, through some web-based data visualization tools, the technical skill-requirement has no more been an obstacle. Any person can now, personally enhance and beautify his data using these visualization tools and widgets. Following are instances of such useful tools.

1. TimelineJS

TimelineJS is such a wonderful device that furnishes a beautiful reciprocating timeline. It responds to the clicks of mouse by the user, which in turn makes it less complicated to create advanced timelines that give out large information within a confined and compact space. You can click on each section to get an in-depth view, which makes it a gorgeous way to give an over-all outlook simultaneously with providing full details.

2. Infoactive

Infoactive has found a substantial implement to create less expensive and custom info graphics that are appropriately represented and can be easily interpreted as well. It can be used if one doesn’t want to use design software or appoint a technical person to create info graphics. If you are self-dependent, straightaway head for this immensely usable stuff.

Data Visualization Tools

3. was inspired greatly by the founders of It is famed and popularly known as both – a demonstrator for infographics and also as a hub and fulcrum centre for publishers, designers and researchers. Its info graphics have been posted on NPR, The Huffington Post and CNN too, which is a matter of pride. It provides an austere instrumentation in order to create astonishing data visualizations and also enables you to dispense your creations easily without any messing up.

4. DataVisual

DataVisual makes it simpler for you to blueprint variegated charts and graphs for your data to be effectively represented and visualized. Data Visual makes performers avoid repetitive formatting tasks and also makes it dispensable to edit the output formats in different applications. Also, Data visual has been chosen favorably to become the first early-level company to join the Daily new Innovations Lab.

5. Better World Flux

With the subtitle “where progress flows”, Better World Flux is a marvelous data visualization tool which evidently confines its scope on the information regarding what actually matters in life. Criteria like those of happiness, increasing life expectancy, escalation of literacy rate, etc. are given prior positions and are crystal clearly depicted in a vibrant flux. This tool majorly stresses on world optimizations and gives out cute and radiant pictures and stats of the major world depressing factors. This is quite useful when you want to construe and write something on burning topics of the world like under-nutrition, starvation, and poverty etc. This tool may not allow you to give in your own data but in fact, is a magnificent gadget to create suitably nice and interactive fallouts.

10 Icon Tools for Mac and Windows

Usage of icons in this new era of defining experience has become a matter of premier importance. There have erupted methodologies that can be used to foster liveliness of your screen. The following are a few catchy and the most useful icon tools, prescribed both for Windows and Mac, which can be used for immediate conversions of images into icons and vice versa.

1. IconPackager

IconPackager enables one to have an immediate default icon replacement in windows. This also makes the changing of custom colors possible along with an option of using live folders unlike other icon packages. It gives place to high quality custom icons and ensures usage of icons directly avoiding longer procedures.

2. IconCool Editor

IconCool Editor works for Windows8 or Vista Operating System. It is an extraordinary Icon Cool Mixer. It enables visible filter operation and is extravagantly flexible to perform gradient editing. This also enables easy and simple editing of I phone and Android images.

3. Axialis IconWorkshop

This icon tool provides service to both windows, Mac and as well UNIX. Icon Workshop creates PNG images with variable transparency even from the existing Widows and Mac icons within fewer clicks. This alpha transparency allows creation of sleek icons with smooth borders and reflection.

4. Iconion

The difference of Icon ion is that it creates icon files from icon Fonts. You can select icons from Font Awesome, Entypo and any other symbol fonts you like. They can be saved as jpeg, png, bmp or ico files. These images will also be of the same standard no matter what size is selected. It works for Mac.

Icon Tools for Mac and Windows

5. IcoFX

This is a professional icon tool, which is also a cursor editor. It too works for both windows and Mac. It supports Windows vista icons with PNG compression. It enables you to convert your favorite images into icons and vice versa. BMP.PNG, JPG, JPG2000, TIF and GIF are the supported formats.

6. Junior Icon Editor

It allows creation of icons in customized and standard sizes. You can choose from 16 million colors, which it provides. It works for Windows with 8-bit alpha channel.

7. Pic2Icon

This is a simple and less complex icon tool that ensures you to convert images into icons and also makes you perform batch conversions. This works for Mac.

8. IconSlate

IconSlate is honed for the creation of icons on both desktop and mobile. It can design icons of varied sizes easily and can balance your work. It suits Mac.

9. Greenfish Icon Editor Pro

It provides you with equipment that can open, create and save icon files and also patch icons in .exe files or make batch conversions of images to icons. Creation of new cursors, small pixel graphics can also be made possible through this. It works with Windows and Vista.

10. Ico Converter

Ico Converter entitles effortless conversion of images into icons. It works for both Windows and Mac. It supports PNG, ICO and ICNS image formats.

15 More Secure Password Management Tools

Learn about these 15 more secure password management tools to go with the one that suits your requirement. Many password manger applications are available today. Most of them require you to remember a single complex password. It’s important to remember this in order to keep your data safe and access it securely. In the event that you lose important data consider services offered from companies like Next Gear Solutions.

1. Sxipper

An extension for Firefox, this app provides password management, auto-fill and auto logins. You can securely store usernames, passwords and the data you enter on different websites. It saves time and allows you to log in to multiple sites with a single click.

2. 1Password

1Password automatically creates unique and strong passwords for your favorite sites and logs you in with one master password, which you have to remember. It enables fast use of web and keeps you secure online.

3. KeePass

This is a free, open-source, easy to use tool with robust features. It protects your passwords with the help of a master password or it may use your desktop’s key-file or a combination of these two.

4. RoboForm

This password management and form management tool is a popular Windows only application. This toolbar allows you to fill web forms automatically by creating multiple identities.

Secure Password Management Tools

5. LastPass

This popular password manager fills data automatically, encrypts passwords which you want to share online and permits import and export. You can also create complex passwords and notes. It lets you generate a USB key with the help of Google Authenticator Support.

6. Firefox’s Password Manager

This built-in tool from Firefox is free and easy to integrate with your workflow. You must ensure that you use a master password to secure all your passwords. Otherwise, anyone can take a look at your passwords, by clicking Show Passwords option in Saved Passwords.

7. Dashlane

This tool provides faster logins and logouts on websites. Dashlane’s point system gives you reward points for securing online receipts and passwords, which can be used to unlock other features and applications.

8. SplashID Safe

With this password manager, you can keep user Ids, passwords and other personal information such as account numbers safe. You can securely access this data from anywhere, anytime and from any browser or device.

9. Security Everywhere

This tool from mSeven Software provides 17 templates for website logins, email accounts, credit cards and flyer numbers. You can customize templates with unlimited fields. You can categorize records and access them fast by marking them.

10. DirectPass

This tool from Trend Micro offers security management with just one master password. It also offers password creation, encryption for filling forms, browser integration and encrypted notes. Its feature Secure Browser can be used for financial websites and online banking.

11. PasswordBox

This application provides single-touch log-in to your websites and encryption of data. It stores your log-ins automatically while browsing and enables easy access to websites within its library.

12. Identity Safe

This tool from Norton provides multiple browser support, unlimited notes, Android and iOS support and automatic form filling. Its extension Safe Web alerts you about suspicious sites.

13. mSecure

It offers several options for generating passwords, lets you find websites quickly, by allowing you to browse saved log-ins. It offers encrypted security and lets you customize your log-ins with many of its available icons.

14. Keeper

With this tool, you can easily navigate through your log-ins. It uses encryption and two-factor authentication. It allows you to securely share data such as bank details over the net.

15. DataVault

This password manager provides multiple browser support, form-fill and auto-save tools. It employs effective encryption methods and saves your time.

The 10 Best Tools for Data Visualization

Data visualization is being represented by comprehensive format data with the effects being aesthetically pleasing. It highly replaces the boring or monotonous excel sheets where creative formatted data can be represented by means of requisite tools. Data visualization mainly comprises of information visualization, information graphics, statistical graphics and scientific visualization. Easy and speedy data visualization can be available from different web based tolls that are available currently. Interesting and creative tools of data visualization are now getting used by maximum developers or expert web designers.

1. Arbor.Js

Arbor.js is basically a library for data visualization built with jQuery and web workers. Apart from encompassing framework, force directed and efficient layouts algorithms with abstractions can be used for handling of screen refresh and graph organization in accordance of project requisites.

2. D3.Js

D3.Js is represented by JavaScript based library that leads to the manipulation of data based documents with the usage of CSS, SVG and HTML for creating visualizations. Dom manipulation can be made by combining data-driven approach and strong visualization components.

3. Envision.Js

Envision.js is mainly required for creation of interactive and dynamic HTML5 based data visualizations especially finance visualizations. It is having feature compatibility with touch or mobile supports, modern browsers; API based custom visualization, HTML5 charts, framework agnostics and more.

4. Google Chart Tools

Google Chart Tools can help in the creation of tables, scatter charts, pie charts and many more. Some features are customized maps, browser compatibility and android and IOS platform portability with Google interface familiarity and simple usage.

Best Tools for Data Visualization

5. Kartograpgh

Kartograpgh is light-weight and easy usage oriented framework for making interactive and stunning maps without the use of Google maps. Designers and journalists can use the same for different development stages along with mapping process separation.

6. Leaflet

Leaflet is represented by open-sourced JavaScript based library for creating mobile-friendly, interactive and tie-based maps. It is highly user responsive along with lots of potential features. It can be accessed smoothly both on mobile interfaces and desktops.

7. Paper.Js

Paper.Js can help in the scripting of vector graphics with open-source HTML canvas. Document object or scene graphic model can be easily represented by the same along with programming interface with well-designed.

8. Polymaps

Polymaps represents multi-zooming data base with usual map format. The designers are using SVG for the display of information by using CSS based data designs. Polymaps can easily show interactive maps covering the accurate places including your place, neighborhoods, state location and many more.

9. Processing.Js

Processing.Js represents the processing of renowned programming languages for making digital art, data visualizations, interactive animations, video games and educational graphs. The processing is mainly done by the use of HTML5 based compatible browsers which leads to visual programming by the expert web developers.

10. Sigma.Js

Sigma.Js HTML canvas based JavaScript library for producing unique graphs. This is a light-weighted and open-source tool for accessible public-API and minimal coding.

The Top 10 Responsive Design Tools

The huge popularity of smart phones and mobile devices have allowed designers to turn their attention towards responsive designs and the top responsive design tools promise to assist them in every possible way towards coming up with the best creations.

1. Responsive Wireframes

The Responsive Wireframes tool provides users with mobile and desktop varieties of wireframe mock-ups which include guided entry, homepage, product detail, comparison pages and promo entry.

2. Lettering.js

While controlling the appearance of web type, this jQuery plug-in is used to help the designers to get a strong grip on their typography. This type of control is essential towards crafting creative, new look for the website.

3. Wirefy

Wirefy is a responsive design tool that is perfect for designers primarily focusing on content. Its presentation is elegant and simple and assists with the structure and planning of the content.

Responsive Design Tools

4. FitText

This happens to be another jQuery plug-in that assists designers with making their headlines responsive. With the help of this plug-in designers can ensure the optimal appearance of display text throughout different devices.

5. Bootstrap

Built by Twitter designers, this tool makes prototyping relatively painless and easy. The customized feature of the tool can be used for choosing and picking various responsive elements which make up the page.

6. Gridless

Gridless, unlike other grid systems, is leaner and has been constructed keeping in mind responsive designs. This responsive design tool focuses primarily on mobile first method to make sure that websites developed can be used within different device environments.

7. Adobe Edge Inspect

Adobe Edge Inspect from Adobe is extremely easy and comfortable to use. Web designers are provided with the opportunity to preview their websites across a range of devices. Some features of the tool include remote inspection and synchronised browsing. The tool also allows designers to save still images and store them in PCs for inspection and sharing purposes.

8. Modernizr

Similar to Respond.js, this tool brings the power of CSS3 and HTML5 to designers even for old browsers. The tool brings added support for W3C specifications of Flexbox Model which helps with more robust and easier web page layouts.

9. Retina.js

This system is easy to setup and helps with the display of high resolution pictures as alternatives on supporting devices. Excess load time is avoided by one image download at a time. Images with width and height attributes do not require further changes.

10. Respond.js

This open source script helps designers with the execution of responsive web designs that are media query driven in Internet Explorer6, 7 and 8. The tool is extremely lightweight and unobtrusive.

These top responsive design tools enable designers to build websites that are convenient and alluring as well as highly adaptable which is the most important aspect of websites.

Top 10 Useful Mind Mapping Tools for Designers

Creativity and innovativeness cannot be bound to specific time of the day. Ideas often strike mind in the most inappropriate time and the most appropriate place. But, the most useful mind mapping tools for designers assist in capturing every thought, making design & development an integrated part of life.


It is a Flash-based mind mapping tool for designers. The free web-application allows ideas to be represented in linear branching style. It is neither much sophisticated nor highly customisable but is quick and easy to be used.

2. Coggle

It is a free mind mapping tool. It lets connections be visually defined in branching structure. Multiple users can use it simultaneously for a project and every user can see the modification and who made it.Mind Mapping Tools for Designers

3. FreeMind

It is an open-source Java project and can be installed on all operating systems. It is not the most beautiful application but certainly a very useful mind mapping tool for designers.

4. Mapul

It is web-based service and is available on subscription. Its unique feature is its quirky and hand-drawing-like rendering of maps. Thus, it also appears more accessible than many other mind mapping tools. It can be tried for free at mapmyself website.

5. MindMeister

It is a tremendously useful mind mapping tool for designers and it is available as a mobile application for Android as well as iOS. Its applications have quite extensive set of features for both platforms. It is available for free trial.

6. MindNode

It is developed specifically for Mac and iOS operating systems. Thus, it can be run on both desktops and iPhones. It is elegant and allows export of various formats.

7. StormBoard

It is the new name of EdiStorm. It is a cross-platform HTML5-based application for efficiently capturing ideas. It focuses mainly on collaboration and has some unusual output options. It is free for up to 5 users, beyond which subscription is required.

8. WiseMapping

It is an HTML5-based open source web-application. However, it can also be downloaded and installed onto web servers. Thus, it is suitable for intranet connection and ensures that only in-house designer can tweak it. Besides, all essential features and functions have been loaded into it.

9. Wridea

It is an online idea collaboration and management service. It is not a tool but a set of tools that help in various creative brainstorming situations. In other words, mind-mapping is one of the tools included in Wridea. Thus, its utility is greater than others too.

10. XMind

It is a desktop-based useful mind mapping tool for designers. It is an open-source application and free to be downloaded. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux. The Plus version and Pro version of the tool are chargeable and there is a subscription-based support model too.

10 Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins That You Might Want to Download

There is no doubt about the fact that Adobe Photoshop is one of the best applications in world of software. However, like all other applications, the performance of Photoshop can be enhanced by the means of several Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that you might want to download.

1. Adobe’s Kuler

Adobe's Kuler

You might want to download this Photoshop plug-in in order to have a cooler colour picking tool. It lets you see the colour scheme of users. Thus, you can find out what colours suite each other.

2. CSS3Ps


This Adobe Photoshop plug-in you might want to download in order to tackle issues with naming, colouring and sizing of CSS elements. It provides exact font-size & family, colour and CSS3 codes layer design elements. You have to select the element and click on the CSS3Ps plug-in, which tells about the appropriate placement of itself.

3. CSSHat


CSSHAT is a Photoshop plug-in which helps in making webpage of your website appear out of a magical hat. The syntax of CSSHat is more readable and thus can be easily manipulated.

4. Divine Elemente

Divine Elemente

You might want to download Photoshop plug-in Divine Elemente because of its partial software behaviour. It is chiefly useful for blog websites and does not require real coding from the developer.

5. Guide Guide

It is one of the cleverest Adobe Photoshop plug-in that you might want to download. It automatically puts precise guidelines along your web design. Guide is mathematically strong and knows when the proportion of the design can fit guide into it.

6. Perfect Resize

Perfect Resize

As its name suggests, Perfect Resize is for resizing images. It is “perfect” for headers and background images because it can enlarge pictures without apparently affecting their sharpness.

7. Punchcut

Screen resolution management toolset Expanding Universe by Punchcut provides you with several choices of PSD where you can view devices for comping. Its essential utility is to make the websites look better on different browsers and in different sizes.

8. SiteGrinder


SiteGrinder enables users to develop web-pages from PSD. It is one-click solution for webpage development and does not need slice or real coding to be done by the developer.

9. Subtle Patterns

If you want to develop detailed and cool background patterns for webpage then Subtle Patterns Adobe Photoshop plug-in is one of the popular ones you might download. Numerous uploaded patterns onto its database lets developers find the suitable one without really creating it. That patters are created by real users is an assurance of their good quality and their subtlety ensures that users will not find them intrusive.

10. Suitecase Fusion

Suitecase Fusion

Font management plug-in Suitecase Fusion for Adobe Photoshop lets you preview fonts that can be used in the design. It is a good organiser and provides ease of access to you. It facilitates collection and selection of fonts from Google Web Fonts and WebINK.

The List of 30 Essential UX Tools

Web development has become a vast and dynamic industry in the present era. New technologies replace older ones more frequently than they ever have. Thankfully, resources such as the 30 essential UX tools are available in equally high numbers for developers.

1. BugHerd

It is an online tool that tracks bugs on the client websites.

2. Concept Feedback

It is an online community dedicated to exchange of feedback on design by developers and users.

3. ConceptDraw Office

It is a diagramming tool with mind maps and flowcharts for mac and Windows.

4. Crazy Egg

This web analytics tool represents visitor behaviour in the form of confetti reports, scroll maps and heat maps.

5. CrossBrowserTesting

This essential UX tool provides virtual platforms for testing websites on different browsers and different Operating Systems.

Essential UX Tools

6. Dr. Link Check

This is a very important UX tool as it checks websites for blacklisted and broken links.

7. FileSquare

This web-based is used to link uploaded mock-up images together to create click-through prototypes.

8. Fivesecondtest

This tool asks users to recount the components of a web page after viewing it for only 5 seconds and generates feedback on its basis.

9. Gliffy

This web-based application provides sitemaps, flowcharts, etc. for creating diagrams.

10. Google PageSpeed

This Google service is an essential UX tool for analysis of web pages and to get suggestions for of load-time improvement.

11. Handcraft

It is a collaborative prototyping tool for HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

12. Inspectlet

This web analytics tool offers screen recordings of customers’ behaviour, real-time assessment and heat maps.

13. IntuitionHQ

It is a remote usability testing tool that runs user-tests on design and generates feedback accordingly.

14. JustinmindPrototyper

This wire framing application for websites and mobile applications is based on Mac OS X and Windows.

15. Mixpanel

This analytics platform is useful in tracking custom events on web and mobile applications.

16. Mogups

It is an online tool for mock-ups and wire framing.

17. Morae

It is desktop software that records and analyses user interactions such as audio, eye movement, mouse or keyboard input, etc.

18. OmniGaffle

This is a diagram application with organisational charts, flow charts, etc. for Mac OS X iPad.

19. Optimisely

It conducts A/B split testing to find out effective ways of increasing conversions on the website.

20. Pencil

This open source application is used for GUI prototyping and is available for multiple platforms.

21. PickFu

It is crowd-sourcing service tool that generates quick feedback through A/B polls.

22. PingdomFullPage Test

This is another UX tool by Pingdom, for analysing web page load time.

23. Polldaddy

This is web-based application is used to create and publish polls and surveys.

24. PowerMockup

This UX tool is used to develop wireframes with PowerPoint.

25. UsabilityTools

It is a collection of research resources such as feedback forms, card sorting, surveys, etc.

26. UserTesting

It provides website administrators with users’ view whenever the website is surfed.

27. Verify

This is an online application for collection and analysis of users’ feedback on mock-ups and screens.

28. Visual Web Optimiser

Developers can conduct behaviour targeting, multi-vitiate testing, A/B testing and much more with this optimisation tool.

29. W3C Markup Validation Service

This UX tool checks the validity of HTML or XHTML code for websites.

30. XMind

This is an open source application for mind mapping and can run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

10 jQuery Plug-ins for Enhancing Typography

The popular jQuery plug-ins for enhancing typography allows one to fine tune their type and create some great effects. Using them not only the process simplifies but it enhances the innovative ability of the designers as well.

1. Lettering.js


Not only is this plug-in amongst the most popular of web type plug-ins but also one of the simplest of the lot. Precise control over the headings is allowed by splitting up the text and wrapping every letter in a custom <span> element. Some cool effects can be created by carefully tweaking the kerning or by adding different CSS styles to every letter.

2. FitText.js


Responsive web designs allow content to scale down according to the viewport size of the user. Web text wraps up naturally as the container narrows down, but that leaves the headings and titles looking a bit poor, especially if it develops widows and orphans. FitText.js plug-in allows the headings to scale down in the same way as that of a responsive image, without dropping down the words on a new line.

3. TypeButter

As far as the 10 jQuery plug-ins for enhancing typography are concerned, this one here is the most popular of all. With this plug-in, one can override the default values of a browser automatically with visually stunning optical kerning. The plug-in supports Georgia, Arial, Helvetica, Verdana and Times by default, but one can also roll their own if required.

4. Bacon

Text can be wrapped around bezier curves with this plug-in, giving the user advanced desktop publishing capabilities directly within their website designs. Bacon allows the user to style up the text cleanly with a coordinate series.

5. Kerning.js


This plug-in allows the user to do more than just a set of individual letter spacing. Really cool effects can be created with features like colour, transformations and size adjustment.

6. Hatchshow

This plug-in helps in achieving the exact effect as that of the topography posters where every line is scaled to its exact width. It also automatically adds a <span> to every line of the text and scales down the font size which allows each line to end up in the exact width.

7. Arctext.js

This plug-in might come in handy when one is planning to design a page with a mind- blowing header or recreating an old logo effect. It does exactly what its name suggest, allowing one to set their text on an imaginary arc.

8. slabText.js

It combines the core ideas of Hatchshow and FitText and joins them together. It helps in creating equal measures by splitting itself into new rows and scaling down the font size.

9. jqlsoText


This plug-in specializes in developing pseudo-isometric effects. It means that one can give their text different size related effects like bulges. It is a great plug-in to mimic vintage layouts or to create cool headlines.

10. Baseline.js

It scales the image dimensions into a number of desired baseline figures.