Adobe adds 15 New Apps to Creative Cloud

Adobe updated its Adobe Creative Cloud suite this week, which includes some great new applications including Premiere Pro CC, Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC.

Getting access to the Cloud programs will now be requiring a paid subscription that starts with a free 30 days trial subscription, 2GB of storage space and also limiting the services to some extent.

With these new applications, one can create, collaborate and open Adobe documents across a number of platforms, including website, desktop and mobile devices. Creative files can be stored via the Mac OS X, Creative Cloud, Windows, Android and iOS apps and devices. BEHANCE, the professional designer portfolio site also gets integrated with Creative Cloud.

Adobe adds 15 New Apps to Creative Cloud

CC membership starts at $19.99/month (including full access to the Adobe applications, storage space of 20GB and a limited access to their services) allow the users in creating and designing websites using the Photoshop features, creating and editing videos using Premiere and After Effects  and getting full access to more than 700 fonts.

CC also allows one to get access to a wide range of tools like the in-browser editing, Camera Shake Reduction, Touch Type, LumetriTM Deep Color Engine and all the latest assets and animation tools for InDesign, Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.

The complete CC membership is priced at $49.99/month and for existing customers it is $29.99/month.

CC Apps from Adobe Is Now Available

Back in May, rumors spread about Adobe’s new suite, the “Creative Cloud” and its decision of ending its support for CS6. Finally, Adobe is making its CC update available to its users.

New features and big updates were introduced in about every app of Adobe, which include its Illustrator designer app, a new Kuler app for iPhone and revamped tools such as Edge Animate and Dreamweaver.


Adobe’s Digital Media GM and Senior VP David Wadhwani said that numerous innovations have been added to all of the CC desktop apps such as Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop.

He also added that features coming in with these apps will help in increasing the productivity, showcasing some stunning video science and new imaging and streamlining the effort in building a great mobile content.

Additionally, these apps will now be connected to the impressive community and publishing features integral to the whole Creative Cloud experience.

Normally at $50 per month, one can get discount of up to 60% if they are upgrading from any of the Creative Suite product to the Creative Cloud membership. An additional discount of $20 per month is offered by the company for teams.

Now Export and Play With Your Images with Plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom

The new plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom will further enhance the present functionality of Adobe’s photography software program. The Adobe Lightroom plug-ins also allow the users to work according to their environments as they are beta or prototype.

Adobe, has built a niche market for its softwares which cater to the various multimedia and other creative needs of photographers and people who are into working with images. Since its inception 1982, Adobe has been known to build and come up with softwares which have made life easier for photographers and have given them a chance to bring out various aspects of their creativity while processing images. Adobe has been known for one of its software called the Lightroom, which has created waves in the world of photography as it packs some great plug-ins and features.

Some of the top and well known features which are available with the Lightroom are

  • Highlighting the important features of the image captured along with hidden shadow details.
  • Lets the users create photo books with images that have been captured.
  • One can organize the images as per the location at which they have been clicked.
  • One can even make adjustments and edit the videos that might have shot using the Lightroom.

The Lightroom comes with an option to create plug-ins and thus any third person can create a plug in the Lightroom. The Plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom are great features using which the users can add to the already extensive tools which the Lightroom by Adobe comes with.

Plugins for Adobe Lightroom

Export Plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom

The plug-ins which are included in this list lets the user create an interface using which one can directly upload or export pictures to various online photo sharing websites, thus making it easier for the social networking site users who like sharing pictures. This includes the following plug-ins:

  • Export List – This plug-in lets the user create an easy list of all the images that have been uploaded, hence exported thus making it easier for keeping records.
  • LR2/Gmail – This plug-in lets the users export the images with the help of their Gmail accounts. The same can be done either as a single image file or as a zip file.
  • Crop for iPad – As the name goes, this plug in lets the user crop and re-size the image so that the same can easily be shown on devices like iPad, etc. which have a limited screen space.

The above list of Plug-ins for Adobe Lightroom is not exhaustive and there are various other plug-ins which are available for download on the official website of Adobe. This plug-in is of great help to the photographers and other users thus making Lightroom a great software program from Adobe.

Get Quick Access to Raw Images with Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw

The Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw functionality allows the users easy and quick access to the raw formats of the images that are produced by many of the midrange and also professional digital cameras. The Camera Raw function also enables the users in achieving the desired artistic results from the digital negatives while still allowing them to maintain the original ‘raw’ files.

Adobe Systems Incorporated is the name to reckon with in the world of softwares for the multimedia and other creative fields, today. There are various software programs which owe their birth to Adobe. One such software is known as the Camera Raw.

The Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw is known for the converter functions that this software comes along with. Using this convertor functionality one can get easy and quick access to the raw pictures in various formats, which leading photographers the world over come up with using their digital cameras. These “digital images” can be used for achieving the results that the photographer wants as they get more options to bring out their artistic abilities. The same can be done while keeping the digital raw images in their original format.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

There is a new plug-in which Adobe Photoshop camera raw has come up with. This plug in has become the new best friend for the photographers, since it was released by Adobe in 2003. Since then this plug-in has received continues updates from Adobe and thus till date it has the same effect on the photographers. Today, this plug-in is available in conjunction along with the Adobe Photoshop C6.

Other well known photo editing software from Adobe called the Adobe Photoshop Light Room is also built using the same raw processing technology on which the Camera Raw has been built, thus showing the importance of the technology which the Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw uses. This plug-in has been made to support even the Digital Negative format or the DNG format, which is a very popular format for storing and processing pictures created by Adobe for helping photographers.

By coming out with the latest 6.6 update for Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw, Adobe has once again proved to people and other software companies around the world that it is the best company around when it comes to building softwares for multimedia and other creative fields in the world. Camera Raw works well with a whole list of cameras which are manufactured the world around the complete list of which is available on the official Adobe website. Camera Raw has a lot of takers today and is one of the favorite softwares for the photographers around the world thus making it another feather in the cap for Adobe.

Better Pictures Assured with Adobe Lens Profile Creator

Adobe Lens Profile Creator enables the users to create lens profiles that can be used comfortably with Adobe Photoshop products such as the Adobe Photoshop CS6, Photoshop Lightroom and also Camera Raw plug-in.

Adobe is known for its products in the field of multimedia and other software used in the creative field. These products have proved to be a milestone many times and have created a niche audience and customers for Adobe products all over the world. One such product to have come out of adobe is the Adobe Lens Profile Creator.

The Adobe Lens Profile Creator is provided free by adobe and, as the name goes, this software helps in creating various lens profiles which can be used in conjunction with the other products under the family of various Adobe photography products. This Lens Profile Creator from Adobe basically works as a doctor, which not just points out the issue which a lens might be having but will also prescribe the process which the photographer should follow for overcoming such a distortion.

The basic types of distortions which the Adobe Lens Profile Creator helps in pointing out are:

  • Any kind of geometric distortions.
  • Any Vignette distortions.
  • Any distortion which can be lateral chromatic in nature.

Adobe Lens Profile Creator

The process which the Lens Profile Creator follows is that it creates a check board using the images which have been captured by the image and this raw image format is converted into, what is known as, Digital Negative (DNG) file. This DNG file is then further converted and imported directly to the Lens Profile Creator. After the import, the customized lens profile is created for working on by Adobe’s Lens Profile Creator.

A user is also given the opportunity and access to submitting their own lens profiles which they might have created themselves and the same can be shared with the community of users who have an account with the Lens Profile Creator. This software is of great use for photographers of all lineages, it really doesn’t matter if they are novice, starters or experts. The Lens Profile Creator works wonders for all and is a boon for the photography community at large.

The Adobe Lens Profile Creator also works with images which are in JPEG or TIFF format and thus it gives more options to the users for uploading and checking of images thus giving them a chance to check the kind of lens which they might use. The lens profile creator is a great way by which anyone can get an idea about any issues that the lenses of their camera’s might be giving them and is a great software for use. The whole process of checking the distortion in the lenses is quite easy too.