Adobe After Effects CS6 Tutorials for Beginners for High End Unparallel Graphical Designs

One of the most renowned industry standard video compositing, motion graphics design and animation tool of present time is Adobe After Effects CS6. Learning of its integration with Creative Suite and its use in film and television to produce special effects is quite interesting. Its ability to compose multiple scenes with green or blue screen keying, and creative tasks like3D graphics, drawing, and titles are simply unparalleled. Adobe After Effects CS6 tutorials for beginners has always been a great help to the people interested in high end video editing and graphics designing.

Moreover the tutorials are easy to follow and so people can understand the working of the software and can carry on their work effectively. The high end graphical works of recent movies as well as computer games have opened a competitive market on graphic design and graphical enhancement. In present times videos are being graphically edited by a number of softwares to give a pleasant and enjoyable view to the audience. The advantages provided by Adobe After Effects CS6 is much more efficient than that of any other software.



People need much training and practice to work properly with this particular software. There is no comparison if one can use this software with full functionality. Some of the very basic lessons comprised in the Adobe after Effects CS6 tutorials for beginners are as follows:

  • Straightening of crooked images
  • Perspective correction
  • Area selection of a photo
  • Proper use of adjustment layers
  • Use of content aware move and patch
  • Blur gallery
  • Use of streamlined controls for 3D types
  • Use of crop tools
  • Work of vector based shape layers
  • Lens aware adjustments and some other lessons.

It is quite easy to work with this software if the instructions are clearly followed, regular practice of using the software can also help a person. A closer look must be taken at the timeline elements, which are zooming, switches, trimming, navigation, basic layer properties and setting keyframes.  Using the Preview Panel to generate a RAM Preview of the animation that plays in real time is a very important step.

Reviewing the features available in the panel, how to adjust the work area in the timeline, and how to generate a preview to see your results at full speed are a must before releasing a video. Also explore Skip and Shift+Ram Preview, Frame Rate; the From Current Time feature plays a great role in the editing. Finally the keyboard shortcuts are to be remembered well to save time.

The capability of Adobe After Effect CS6 is huge which include multi-layered files and Illustrators and it is also equipped with flow chart panel to see how the project elements are related to each other. In fact latest options include draft, adaptive resolution, wifeframe, the draft 3D button in the timeline and fast draft. Hence the software can be said to be very effective and a step ahead of all its other competitors.