Brief Description of Adobe Flash Player 11.6

Adobe Flash Player 11.6 is a browser-based, cross-platform run-time application that facilitates uncompromised view of expressive applications, contents and videos across various browsers and screens. Like every product of Adobe, the Flash Player 11.6 is also filled with advanced features. A brief description of some of its features would help users to understand its potential and functionality.

  • Content Protection Enhancement – Device filtering, domain support, enhanced output protection, key rotation support and V3 license chaining are the features included in the new Access content protection.
  • Content Protection Support – Android smart phones and tablets, BlackBerry Tablet OS as well as other mobile devices are now provided with content protection support from Flash Access.
  • Desktop camera software encoding – Industry-standard support and high compression efficiency enable real-time communication such as live video broadcasts, video chat, video conferencing, etc. Users can use the camera of their computer for streaming of high-quality video.Adobe Flash Player 11.6
  • Enhanced bitmap support – 16 megapixel maximum resolution and 8,191 pixels maximum height or width are no longer limitations with Bitmap Data objects. Thus, applications that utilise large bitmaps are possible.
  • JPEG-XR support – Support for JPEG-XR is now included with AIR and Flash Player. JPEG-XR is computationally lightweight, which is why compression is more efficient than JPEG. Thus, lossless and lossy compression support is enabled and alpha channel transparency support is added.
  • NetStream.dispose – Apart from the functions of NetStream.close(), NetStream.dispose last frame held by NetStream for display on video object. Garbage collection of video frames as well as related de-compressor objects is enforced by this command. A blank frame is displayed by the video object when this method is executed.
  • Protected HDS – Protected HDS or HTTP Dynamic streaming eliminates the complexity for deployment of license server and provides protection for streaming of videos on various screens.
  • Socket Progress Events – Improvement of data transfer management with the use of Socket class. It provides new property for determination of the number of bytes that remain in “write buffer” and new event for data is sent to network player. File transfer utility that can provide responsive feedback as well as monitor socket progress and similar applications can be built by developers.
  • Stage 3D Graphics Rendering – Stage 3D graphics rendering architecture provides advanced 3D rendering capability for desktops, mobiles and TVs. High performance hardware acceleration can be accessed by developers with the help of this application, framework and Stage 3D. Thus, users can create new classes of interactive and rich experience.
  • SWF compression support – LZMA compression advantage can now be taken by developers for SWF files. Size of SWF files is reduced up to 40% through LZMA compression. Therefore, users benefit from the experience of reduction in bandwidth consumption and shorter download time.
  • New features – Native support is available for 64bit OS and 64bit web browsers with Adobe Flash Player 11.6. Application responsiveness can be improved and smoother animation can be delivered by decoding of images with the help of Asynchronous Bitmap Decoding on initial load rather than on demand.

Simple Ways of How to Add Hyperlink to a .SWF File in WordPress

There are times when you have added various links to the website you are working on and this is very important because it can make the website look better than what it was earlier. Now the question is how to add hyperlink to a .SWF file in WordPress. Well many people find it difficult to add the links but that is not the case. You only have to follow certain things and your work will be done in a matter of minutes. You must have seen how to add FLV files in an HTML code.

The procedure is rather lengthy and confusing but the addition of a .SWF file to a file in WordPress is not. In fact since WordPress is meant for the web developers there are various options that would make the work easier. You may say that you have older versions of Microsoft or even other web browsers. This is where WordPress is so useful. It is compatible with any kind of web browser and operating system.

How to Add Hyperlink to a .SWF File in WordPress

Tips on how to add hyperlink to a .SWF file in WordPress

You may be new to this field and therefore it is essential you know how to add hyperlink to a .SWF file in WordPress because in most cases people demand for this feature on their website. Here are some of the ways how you can approach with the work:

  • Firstly you will have to upload the SWF file which you have in hand to the web directory. Since you will be using WordPress the work will seem as if you are uploading an image to the post editor mode.
  • Secondly you will have to see the uploaded SWF file and then copy the full web path of it.

When you are done with this procedure you will have to copy paste the given code in HTML format into the blog post editor. They will automatically give you a text marked with red color so that you get the indication of the web path that will lead to the uploaded SWF file. Here is a look at the code that you will be used in this method:

<object id=”flashcontent”
<param name=”movie” value=”mymovie.swf” />
<!–[if !IE]>–>
<object type=”application/x-shockwave-flash”

‘alternate’ or fallback content goes here.
This particular content will be visible only if the loading of SWF fails.

<!–[if !IE]>–>

Since this will be a single web page you will have to add the hyperlinks in order so that they are properly embedded in the SWF files. One thing that you must remember is that you should not just copy paste the given template code without seeing the update option of the web path. If you do so your work will be stopped because hotlinking will prevent you from doing so. In order to get the best results it is better you consult a professional because they will know different options of how to add hyperlink to a .SWF file in WordPress.

Adobe Flash Tools With Shortcuts

Your drawing tools should appear, by default, on the left side of the screen, as shown in this Figure. If the tools aren’t visible, you can access them by selecting Window, Tools.

The following sections look at how to draw with these tools. You’ll learn about all of them in this post, although the really advanced techniques aren’t covered until this post, “Applied Layout Techniques”. Keep in mind that some tools are grouped together. For example, the Oval tool is hidden under the Rectangle tool. You’ll have to click and hold on the Rectangle tool in order to see a drop-down list of the other tools. Also, as a way to categorize all the tools realize that some tools (such as the Pencil and Brush tools) let you create artwork, others (such as the Selection and Zoom tolls) simply help you modify or view your artwork. In the following sections you’ll learn how to create and how to edit artwork.