The Most Beautiful Photoshop Illustration Tutorials

Adobe Photoshop is software that is precisely the most well known name in the world of graphic editing and having beautiful Photoshop illustration tutorials session would certainly be of great aid anytime.

The tools that are listed in this photo editing software and the Photoshop illustration tutorials are really handy and cover almost every single feature that a person will require in order to make changes in his picture. Whether it is about making a dark picture seem brighter or adding some color effects to the image or just making a collage out of individual photos, there would be plenty of options in which you can make your choices and experiment with your creative thoughts. You can also create some illustrations which would provide an amazing presentation for various occasions. However, using the tools to create an entirely new presentation could be quite difficult task than introducing some edits in the already clicked picture.

Beautiful Photoshop Illustration Tutorials

Some beautiful Photoshop illustrations

Stated below is a list of some of the most beautiful illustrations that could be created using Adobe Photoshop software.

  • Photo realistic camera: When it comes to pixel as well as vector shapes, Photoshop is the handiest tool that could be used for creating the same. Hence, a tutorial demonstrating the right usage of these shapes in order to create a camera picture could be really useful.
  • Colorful scene of space: Using the amazing tools of Photoshop, you can actually create an amazing scene of space that includes the moon, earth, shining stars and the roaming satellites providing it the most realistic possible form ever.
  • Most realistic lighter: Playing around with the vector shapes offered in the Photoshop is one thing that could be experimented most with and leads to the creation of some of the most beautiful and realistic pictures which look perfect enough to be figured as the direct clicks of a real object. Also, combining the vector shapes with layer styles and modes accompanied by the gradients can certainly provide a real looking lighter in your system.
  • Briefcase with leather texture: Creating an image showing the texture of leather that seems to be real might appear to be a really tough task but with the amazing and handy tools of Photoshop, it becomes easier to create such objects. Using the brush engines and layer styles in the right incorporated form can create the leather texture along with the locks and stitches to mark the highlights of the bag.
  • Glass with a bear: Demonstrating a reflecting object along with the little details like the shade of beer and the bubbles appearing on the upper surface could be a real task to look. However, with the amazing tools of Photoshop, the task doesn’t really seem to be that tough as everything could be handled easily with the exclusive tools available in the graphic editing software.

There are plenty of blogs present online that offer the beautiful Photoshop illustration tutorials to the budding as well as experienced users of the software as it is not really possible to create an as realistic illustration without proper guidance.

Make Yourself Familiar with Latest Updates Through Websites for Learning Adobe Illustrator

There are many websites for learning Adobe Illustrator that help the new designers to get more acquainted with this amazing software.

Websites for Learning Adobe IllustratorIf you have a creative vision and would like to transform your simple and dull images into fun and smart ones then you would certainly love to experiment with Adobe Illustrator as it has many graphic editing tools that would allow a person to play around with the pictures. Adobe has released six versions till now, sixth one being the fastest and smartest version ever. However, it is not an easy task to get familiar with the tools being used in this software as the features could seem to be quite alien for the ones who are not expert in handling such stuff. But there are certain websites for learning Adobe Illustrator that will guide you.

Some of the websites for learning Adobe Illustrator that would be of ultimate help

Here is a list of some of the top and most visited websites that would be of great help for the new users of Adobe Illustrator as they have really handy guiding tips for the users to learn the techniques of using the software.

  • Illustrator World: It is a community based website which has amazing tutorial sessions along with the monthly E-mag that makes the users familiar with all the current updates of the software so that they can match up with all the current changes being introduced.
  • Vectips: If you are a frequent software user then you must be familiar with this blog run by an elite designer of the iStockPhoto, Ryan Putnam. Being a member of the field, the blog has some amazing tips and information that could be quite handy for newbies. The most unique section of the blog is the one containing interviews that could be really inspiring to read.
  • Illustration Class: The best part about this blog is that it provides tutorial guidance in the form of PDF files which a user can easily store in the system to review later as and when required.
  • Vector Tuts+: Having a famous online website that is considered the most reliable by every person is certainly the best resort to get the tutorials for any software. TutsPlus is specifically dedicated for making the tutorial sessions for all the graphic software available to the people, hence proving to be a really handy guiding source.
  • Layers: It is an extremely popular blog for graphic tutorials. It is actually in the form of a magazine, making it easy for the visitors to locate the product specifications and usage tutorials as it contains the guiding information about all the software of Adobe.

These websites for learning Adobe Illustrator could be quite useful in many aspects and one can certainly visit them to get the handiest software using tips. Different versions of the graphic software have some changes in their handling technique and thus these blogs and web pages keep their visitors updated with all the changes introduced in various versions from time to time, thus keeping the users upgraded with the latest knowledge.

Unique Assortment of Most Preeminent and Excellent Icon Design Tutorials

Icon is most imperative and decisive part of website design and this is the leading cause why icons are designed with utmost exactitude and professionalism. Moreover, icons can make or wreck an entire image you aspire to create. Majority of people shell out a considerable amount to obtain set of icons designed professionally. Conversely, users can now come across a wide range of icons that can be downloaded for free. In addition to this, you will feel an urgent requisite for custom icons that give you an opportunity to have a hold on exactly whatever you need.

Excellent Icon Design Tutorials

Tag on some of the best tutorials of icon design

Create iconic retro style ‘Ball Chair’: In this tutorial, users can accustom to the details of creating iconic furniture with the use of Photoshop.

Design Stylish Mail Icon:  This tutorial can help you go through the instructions and techniques for creating golden compass. To add a unique dimension to tutorial, designers have sued Adobe Illustrator together with a heavy bout of creativity.

Photoshop Puma Sheet Torch Logo Icon: This tutorial helps you learn skills for creating “Photoshop Puma Sheet torch Logo Icon”.

How to point up an Auction-Gavel Icon: This tutorial highlights the use of Gradient Meshes, 3D modelling, Blends and Gradients to create picture.

Create an Illustration for Semi-realistic Oil Barrel:  This will help you garner details on how to design “Semi Realistic Oil Barrel Illustration”. For this, the very first thing you must do is to use several alterations together with professional pixel-perfect vector shape designing techniques for crafting beginning shapes.

How to Create Stylish Wireless Phone: This guide will help you learn attractive yet stylish wireless phone. The best part is that you will also use Offset Path for creating three-dimensional phone integrated with pragmatic highlights.

Create HighGloss Icon Design for Graduation Hat: One can capitalize on Photoshop for creating standard and top-notch designs.

Tips for effectual icon design

Seize the traits of object: The most important attribute when designing icon is to craft icons that can be recognized immediately. Despite the fact that you want to highlight a pencil tin or blue frog, it is more important to portray that icons must be restricted at glance. Without any doubt, an icon must be iconic as far as presentation is concerned.

Keep your icons handy and simple: A key value lined up with designing process is to maintain the simplicity and grace of icons whenever style and approach is noticed. This further helps you make your icons more versatile and handy in the array of projects due to be sold as complete set to developers.

Use unswerving light source: The most worthy tip you must consider when designing icons is to integrate consistency in both style and details. Mismatch of even the single icon can put up a perilous impact on the quality of icons.

Beware of edifying differences: Unlike other important points, it is also crucial to grab all the leading traits of icons. It is important to bear in mind that there can be great edifying variations in product recognition.

Some Ways to Create Vector Illustrations

If you are looking for ways to create Vector illustrations then here are some easy steps which you can follow to unleash your creativity.

Ways to Create Vector Illustrations

Vector illustrations are the need of the hour. You can make amazing vector illustrations with just bare functional knowledge. The very first thing which you need to bear in mind while looking for ways to create Vector illustrations is that you need to have a functional knowledge of drawing, scanning as well as adjusting the level of the image. But don’t get intimidated by these as they are very easy to master. If you find the process of adjustment too tedious then you can just cut off or erase the images using the eraser tool. This tool can also be used to remove shadows and eliminate stains as well.

Now first of all you need to begin drawing. There is no specific pattern which you need to follow. Just draw whatever you feel like. If you need some help then you can hunt the web for guidance. You can also recreate any cartoon character or an image from the wilderness of your imagination. You can now scan your drawing. Ensure that you set the image resolution to 300 dots per inch. This will help to make your image quality more superior. This will be a boon to you when you try to vectorize it at a later stage.

You can follow the process of vectorization using tools such as Illustrator or Freehand. Besides this too there are numerous other tools which help you to in the process of vectorization. GIMP and Inkscape have enhanced provisions for the same and are very useful tools. In fact GIMP is a very user-friendly application which will make your work easier and simplify the entire process of vectorization.

If you are a conventional graphics designer you may wish to stick to Photoshop. However novices will prefer to work with the curves as well as the inks which are made available on Inkscape. There is no dearth of open source software to create illustrations. You may have to spend some time exploring the various shortcuts and getting familiar with the interface. But it is definitely worth a try.

Never restrain your creativity. You can modify your image at any given point while vectorizing the images. Vector images are more compact as compared to raster images and the best thing is that the image clarity is retained even when the image size has been modified. You can note a remarkable difference especially when you increase the image size considerably. Numerous illustrators around the globe make use of vector illustrations to create amazing images which surpass the expectations of most people.

Vectors make use of lines, dots and other primitive forms which combine to form a complete image which has the ability to resist pixilation, blurring and a host of other distortions. Vector illustrations are also more efficient when you need to reflect a shadow effect. This makes the effect much more realistic and perfect. Vector illustrations are a potential mine of creativity and can be explored to no end.

Give your artistic imaginations a shot with adobe illustrator

Adobe illustrator is among the best software which provides the zenith of the line graphics program and deals with raster as well as vector graphics program. It is widely used software with a newer version. It offers much more than any other graphics program. This software has lots of advantages which include new features for the development of web graphics and objects, supported in both Windows and Macintosh. It can also be integrated easily and effectively with any other adobe products. There are some disadvantages of this software, for instance the learning curve to much steep, even for experts. It is also not very user friendly. In spite of its several disadvantages the software offers many advantages like production of high-end vector or raster graphics, it has drawing tools like arc, line, grid and polar grids are included, envelopes, liquefying tools and other distortions are included;  powerful tools to aid both designers and developers are also included.

how to make vector image in adobe illustrator

The software is known for its sophistication and performance. One of the first and fundamental lessons of the Adobe illustrator is how to make vector image in adobe illustrator. The capabilities of the illustrator have been more complicated in recent years. A new feature in the illustrator called Live Trace, available in CS2 allows the conversion of photos, images, scans to scalable and editable vector paths. There is a default menu for tracing which is done automatically. It also gives various preset versions to edit a picture on the basis of its vector paths. The picture can also be edited manually for the appropriate amount of editing. It can be done by several steps. First of all adobe illustrator is required which is easily available through internet. It is launched and a new file is chosen and placed. Then the tracing options are opened from the live trace menu which is under the object category. The drop down menu gives many preset options which include black and white and other filters. The direct selection tool also helps in clicking away the unwanted colours from the photo. Special effects can also be given following the tracing of vector paths on another photo and merging the two images technically. Thus vector images are created using the adobe illustrator.

It helps a lot in constructing the banner designs and other advertising processes with high end artistic effects. Different masks and preset effects can also be chosen from the vast library of preset menu. Manual editing can also be done effectively. Hence it gives full freedom to the user for editing and merging images. It can be said that this software is versatile in the field of photo editing and is worth giving a shot to fulfil your artistic imagination.