10 Adobe Photoshop Plug-ins That You Might Want to Download

There is no doubt about the fact that Adobe Photoshop is one of the best applications in world of software. However, like all other applications, the performance of Photoshop can be enhanced by the means of several Adobe Photoshop plug-ins that you might want to download.

1. Adobe’s Kuler

Adobe's Kuler

You might want to download this Photoshop plug-in in order to have a cooler colour picking tool. It lets you see the colour scheme of users. Thus, you can find out what colours suite each other.

2. CSS3Ps


This Adobe Photoshop plug-in you might want to download in order to tackle issues with naming, colouring and sizing of CSS elements. It provides exact font-size & family, colour and CSS3 codes layer design elements. You have to select the element and click on the CSS3Ps plug-in, which tells about the appropriate placement of itself.

3. CSSHat


CSSHAT is a Photoshop plug-in which helps in making webpage of your website appear out of a magical hat. The syntax of CSSHat is more readable and thus can be easily manipulated.

4. Divine Elemente

Divine Elemente

You might want to download Photoshop plug-in Divine Elemente because of its partial software behaviour. It is chiefly useful for blog websites and does not require real coding from the developer.

5. Guide Guide

It is one of the cleverest Adobe Photoshop plug-in that you might want to download. It automatically puts precise guidelines along your web design. Guide is mathematically strong and knows when the proportion of the design can fit guide into it.

6. Perfect Resize

Perfect Resize

As its name suggests, Perfect Resize is for resizing images. It is “perfect” for headers and background images because it can enlarge pictures without apparently affecting their sharpness.

7. Punchcut

Screen resolution management toolset Expanding Universe by Punchcut provides you with several choices of PSD where you can view devices for comping. Its essential utility is to make the websites look better on different browsers and in different sizes.

8. SiteGrinder


SiteGrinder enables users to develop web-pages from PSD. It is one-click solution for webpage development and does not need slice or real coding to be done by the developer.

9. Subtle Patterns

If you want to develop detailed and cool background patterns for webpage then Subtle Patterns Adobe Photoshop plug-in is one of the popular ones you might download. Numerous uploaded patterns onto its database lets developers find the suitable one without really creating it. That patters are created by real users is an assurance of their good quality and their subtlety ensures that users will not find them intrusive.

10. Suitecase Fusion

Suitecase Fusion

Font management plug-in Suitecase Fusion for Adobe Photoshop lets you preview fonts that can be used in the design. It is a good organiser and provides ease of access to you. It facilitates collection and selection of fonts from Google Web Fonts and WebINK.

Top 10 Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Photo editing can be called a separate industry that has substantial presence in the present world. The top photo manipulation tutorials are a testimony of how enthusiastic group of people are towards image editing and how far advancement have been made into this field.

1. Surrealistic Room

Surrealistic Room

This photo manipulation tutorial teaches extensively about technical aspects like visualization and perspective-creation using various tools such as ruler, transforms, distort, brush, etc. The result is a 3D room with clouds and realistic seawater floor with a yacht floating on it.

2. Falling Fantasy

Falling Fantasy

This image manipulation tutorial teaches how to create a falling fantasy photo using digital painting techniques and stock images. Artists will learn to recreate flowing hair after extracting and preserving it as well as manipulation of twirling vines.

3. Underwater Apartment

Underwater Apartment

This photo editing tutorial elaborates how to create realistic underwater apartment with 3D with people floating in it. Photo effect addition, color correction, image blending, etc. are some of the techniques that are taught in this tutorial.

4. Surreal Turtle

Surreal Turtle

This image editing tutorial involves creation of an artistic scene of a large turtle on the beach with vegetation on it. The tutorial teaches adjustment of colors and light shades, especially on the surrealistic turtle. The tutorial is illustrative and explanatory enough to enable learners use the technique to produce their own work.

5. Greek Sculpture

Greek Sculpture

In this tutorial learners are guided through the steps for the creation of a Greek sculpture by using stock images. The tutorial further includes the addition of visuals such as cracks, blood, etc. to provide depth and texture to the image.

6. Ghost Love Story

Ghost Love Story

This tutorial encompasses the creation of a really emotional and beautiful artwork by the artist. It involves addition of colors and light effects to the artwork with the help of Photoshop brushes.

7. Cloudy Dream Scene

Cloudy Dream Scene

Artists are known to often deviate from reality and push the limits of imagination and create surrealistic images, fictional world, dream scenes, etc. This tutorial is about a similar extension of imagination for the creation of a dream with clouds, waterfalls and other dreamy objects. It teaches implementation of various techniques and tools for the work.

8. Energy Sci-fi Scene

Energy Sci-fi Scene

Combining light effects and stock images with 3D effects is the main subject in this tutorial. The process is not easy as it is not a conventional Photoshop tutorial. The steps in it focus on the process more than the technique.



As its name suggests, the tutorial teaches to create a TRON-inspired action scene. Different adjustments layers, transform tools and filters are used in this tutorial create the body disintegration effect.

10. Mould Pain Splatter

Mould Pain Splatter

This tutorial discusses a simple technique for using Photoshop splatter paint brushes and applying their effect on the face of a model.

How to Create Instagram Widget in Photoshop

Instragram has evolved as an effective tool recently. In the following tutorial, we will be discussing the process for creating Instagram widget in Photoshop by following some simple steps.

Instagram Widget Creation

  • One should start by making a simple shape of about 415pxls in height and 775pxls in width.
  • For the user interface piece, one will need an attractive and nice background that fits nicely to the design.
  • The widget-work can get started by simply creating a rectangular shape of about 335pxls in width and 350pxls in height. A nice grey colour touch can also be added to it.
  • A subtle shadow needs to be applied on the image so that the base doesn’t look too flat. The distance can be set to 3, opacity to 47% and size to 5. The colour must be set to black.
  • A little noise can be added to the shape, but one should be careful at the time of using them so that there is no scope for any “overdose”. It should be used only if necessary and should not be hurting the viewer’s eyes. Noise effect can be added in a number of ways but the popular among them is to apply it as a pattern.
  • The base shape can be finished by applying the effect of light stroke. The size needs to be set at 1pxl and in dark grey colour.
  • Now to make the shape come alive one can find a pretty picture that will be covering the shape’s entire width.
  • A white shape is needed of 80x80pxls to create the avatar box. Next, one will need an image of 70x70pxls and then put it right on the centre of it.
  • A call-to-action (CTA) button needs to be placed below the avatar. For that the Rounded Rectangle Tool can be put to use and create a shape of 40pxls in height and 145pxls in width. The effect of drop-shadow can be applied here.
  • By setting the distance to 1pxl and opacity to 30%, one can continue the process for the buttons.
  • The effect of “Bevel and Emboss” can be applied on the button.
  • Last step before completing the widget’s “header” part is by adding a catchy, short yet usual phrase.
  • Next, is to add some information about the fictional profile.
  • Then one needs to add a little widget that will be showing the counters of followers, number of images posted and the number of follows.
  • Finish the thing by simply putting some numbers and division lines between the stats. To create the grey horizontal line, one can use the Line Tool and round it up by lightly applying the Drop Shadow Effect.
  • Two images need to be added that actually will be representing the images “feed”. A 2pxl white stroke can be given to them.
  • Now, the entire widget can be finished by adding 3 pins, imitating the functionality of a slider. To do that, one can use the Elipse Tool.

Apple OS X update resolves Photoshop Flickering issue

Apple has released the latest update OS X 10.8.5 Beta, which has resolved the Photoshop flickering issues on MacBook Air. The beta update was released to developers on 11th July, 2013. The update was found to have resolved the flickering of screen when Adobe Photoshop was run on MacBook Airs. Notably, the issue was reported by a number of users.

Apple has not yet declared the date for official release of the update for the common public but the resolution for Photoshop flickering will surely expedite the process release.

Apple OS X update

The bug that had affected the previous version of OS X Mountain Lion made Adobe Photoshop unusable for many users of MacBook. Interestingly, even prior to the beta update that has been released; some users had mentioned that upgrading to developers’ release OS X Mavericks resolves the issue. Considering that, it can be expected that all the affected users will eagerly wait for the update. Besides, the version would be permanent solution for the Photoshop issue.

Adobe Introduces Photoshop Lightroom 5

The latest upgrade to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has innovative and impressive features along with snappy performance. The new Lightroom 5 can import large raw files, scroll through hundreds of thumbnails and apply sophisticated image edits effortlessly. In short, the upgrade from Adobe meets the expectation and has maintained its legacy.

The two new innovative features that Lightroom 5 has are Upright and Smart Previews. Besides, other existing tools have been refined and improved. Advanced Healing Brush, Headliners, Radial Gradient Tool, Video Slideshows, etc. are some of the impressive improvements that make considerable difference in the interaction with the software.

Adobe Introduces Photoshop Lightroom 5

The Full Screen Preview truly presents the image in full screen view with solid background when the F key is pressed. Besides, the new version of Lightroom can now manage PNG files along with JPEG, TIFF and other common formats. Q is a new shortcut that allows toggling between Heal spot-removal and Clone spot-removal modes. The improvements are part of Adobe Photoshop’s signature Just Do It, which is intended to make image management more enjoyable.

The Lightroom 5 is finely crafted, practical version of photo management application of Adobe. However, the price of $149 may seem too big an investment for photography enthusiasts.

Photoshop Lightroom 5 by Adobe Available at $149

Photoshop Lightroom 5 app is available for both Windows and Mac.

This app was released by Adobe at the start of the spring and is one of the best when it comes to image management. Users have two options to buy it. They can either get it by subscribing to Creative Cloud or pay $149 to get the stand-alone version.

One needs to pay $79 for getting an upgrade. There are core upgrades available to buyers with the payment. This also includes smart previews and advanced healing brush. The advanced healing brush is effective in removing objects and smart previews helps the travelers to leave the original files in their home while traveling.

Photoshop Lightroom 5 by Adobe

Download: Photoshop Lightroom

Lightroom is very effective in managing the photo collection and this app is free for the starting month.


A Brief Tutorial on Type Styles in Photoshop CS6

Type Styles are the latest interesting features in Photoshop CS6. They enable users to define customised style for characters as well as paragraphs. Therefore, users can easily and quickly change the style of text with the help of these Type Styles in Photoshop CS6.

About Type Styles

It is the latest feature in Photoshop CS6 that can save the attributes of texts, which are customised by users according to their preference, in the form of groups. Type Styles in Photoshop CS6 have two categories – Paragraph Styles and Character Styles. Character Styles controls only character attributes, like size, font, colour etc., while Paragraph Styles controls both paragraph and character styles.

Type Styles setup

The first requirement to setup Type Styles is texts. Type Styles can be set on the basis of attributes of the texts or they can be defined first and then texts can be formatted accordingly.

Photoshop CS6

Creation of Character Style

As said, texts are required to create Character Style. The texts can be first formatted and then a style created on the basis of that format. Else, the style can be created first and then the texts can be formatted. It works either ways. When character style is created for numbers then only the font-size and the colour need to be changed.

Modification of Character Styles

Styles settings can be viewed by double-clicking on its name at Character Styles panel by selecting the name and clicking Style Options at the Menu panel. A dialogue box that contains all the necessary tools for the task, Character Style Options, opens to allow modification.

Application of Character Styles

Styles can be applied by selecting the required texts with the help of a Type Tool. Next, the required style has to be selected to apply the desired effect.

Multiple Character Styles

There is no limitation to the number of character Styles that can be created. As many number of styles can be created as desired or required by users. The selection of required texts is important as; otherwise, the effect gets applied to the entire block.

Duplication of Character Styles

The original name of the Style has to be selected from Styles Panel. Then the Duplicate Style option on the Menu of Character Styles Panel has to be chosen. The settings can then be modified from character Styles Options and saved with a new name.

Deletion of Character Styles

The simple way to delete a Character Style is to select it and click on Delete Current Character Style on Character Styles Panel. Another way to delete Character Styles is from Delete Style option on the Character Style Panel menu. The latter method deletes the Style but its effect remains applied to the texts to which it has been applied. Of course, users can apply another style to those texts, if required.

Know How to Download Adobe Photoshop for Free

Adobe Photoshop is known to be the best photo editing software as it helps in creating or modifying different high quality pictures. It comes with various powerful functions and there are many plugins available that can help getting good extensions for the software. Some of the best functions of Adobe are creating 3D images, video creation, and intelligent functions for photo retouching. There are various sites that provide information on how to download Adobe Photoshop for free and people can install the software without the need to pay anything.

People who were looking to Download Adobe can visit any of the following websites and download the preferred version:

  • Kioskea
  • CNET
  • Softonic
  • Tech Spot

All the above sites provide the download link for the trial version for the Adobe Photoshop software. It should be noted that the software is not free but this fully functional 30 day try out version could be downloaded from any of the above websites. In order to keep using the software one has to purchase the serial number and activate the software after using the software for 30 days for free.

How to Download Adobe Photoshop for Free

In case a person has lost the installation media of the Photoshop file but has a valid serial number, he may download this trial version for free. Once the version is downloaded he can insert the serial number and carry out the installation. Once the installation process completes and the serial number is validated, Adobe Photoshop would start functioning with all its features.

However while downloading the Adobe Photoshop for free one should be very sure about the version they are downloading. Also there are some sites which try to fool people by making them think that they are providing a free version of the product. But it should be noted that the sites which are doing this and distributing the software for free are the malware or virus infected files.

Therefore it is recommended that people buy the product from any of the above reputed sites or directly from the producers themselves. At Adobe.com people can find the download files and get started. Hence it is clear that one can download Adobe Photoshop for free but it would only be the trial version. In case they wish to use it for a longer period the only thing to do is purchase a serial number directly from the website of Adobe.

It is better to be safe and use a legitimate product, than downloading some false software from sites promising to offer fully free software for the users to use. They could drastically impact the systems and make them infected, adding up to the damage which the user’s system might receive.

Some Great Photoshop Web Design Tutorials

Photoshop has been a preferred tool for web designers for the last two decades. However, despite being popular many web designers are not aware of the possibilities which the tool presents. In order to facilitate their learning the article below presents some great Photoshop Web Design Tutorials which could really make the process of creating amazing designs much easier. The tutorials discussed below when followed could even let people copy designs but it is not suggested to use them and reproduce the exact copy in one’s name.

  1. Clean Portfolio Layout: A simple yet soothing web design layout which could be created by using simple techniques and following simple steps.
  2. Making one vibrant looking web design for a portfolio: While one uses this tutorial it would use the 960 Grid systems to layout a web page.
  3. Elegant Photography layout: Among the popular Photoshop Web design Tutorials, this would help in showing the methods for applying background textures to the web designs.photoshop web design tutorials
  4. Design for a Movie Streaming website: When one uses this tutorial they would be able to use the layer styles for creating great web design components within their designs.
  5. To create a simple yet extremely dark web design: One of the very few Photoshop Web design tutorials which would help the designers to learn the methods for making a web button in their designs.
  6. Get that vintage look to your design: Making a stylishly vintage looking theme can be possible by using this tutorial.
  7. Get that perfect yet simple portfolio design: It is among the popular Photoshop Web design Tutorials which can create the perfect portfolio sites along with web app sites.
  8. A Dark Layout with a 3D effect: This tutorial would help in creating layer styles and give a 3D affect to the web design.
  9. Colourful tutorial for the Ecommerce lovers: One of those Photoshop Web design Tutorials which can make an awesome looking colourful ecommerce design.
  10. Getting a sleek design for a Mobile app site: This Photoshop tutorial can be used for creating a simple dark themed web design which utilizes the basic techniques of Photoshop.
  11. Get a warm yet cheerful web design: This is an awesome tutorial which can help the designers to create warm yet cheerful web designs. It also has the conversion follow up for converting PSD into HTML.
  12. A theme tutorial for the WordPress Lovers: Quite popular for its functionalities designers have a craze to develop designs for WordPress these days. Using this tutorial creation of a WordPress design in Photoshop would be much easier.
  13. An Elegant pattern for a web design: The is among the few Photoshop Web design Tutorials which help in designing elegant patterned we designs using Photoshop.
  14. Design one corporate website: For the corporate designers out there this tutorial can be an easy yet clean way to create a corporate web design.

Some Essential Tools for Photoshop to Deliver Outstanding Results

No matter how great a photographer is, he or she needs to tweak a little here and there. Portrait, landscape, wildlife, street, fashion photographers etc, require a good editing software to prove their mettle and improve their photos. One such popular and most used editing software in the market is the Adobe Photoshop.

As a photographer, one does not need to learn the inside-out of Photoshop, but still a little knowledge of some tools might prove to be of quite handy, if someone wakes up one day, and out-of-the-blue decides to take up photography professionally or as a hobby. Listed below are some of the most essential tools for Photoshop.

Essential Tools for Photoshop


This is one of the most essential tools for Photoshop. One can improve a certain picture by eliminating or leaving out bothersome and unnecessary details through cropping. Any ordinary photograph can turn into an interesting and noteworthy one if the cropping skills are applied in the right order. During a shoot one may be devoid of the perfect equipment, the position or time to take great images with perfect framing and composition everytime. Cropping in Photoshop can save one from that. As it improves the focus on the subject, it automatically helps to improve the framing and composition of the photograph.

Dodge and Burn

These used to be one of the most practiced techniques in the traditional dark rooms of a photo-lab. But now it can be done through the Photoshop in the same professional way. The Dodge and Burn option can be found on the tool box in Photoshop. The burn tool is used to make a certain part of the photograph darker, while the dodge tool helps in making a particular area lighter by blocking the lights. This tool is used to bring out the details, improving the exposure, directing the eye movement of the viewer, and helping to add a touch of drama with the use of shadow and highlights.

Clone Stamp

This tool helps in repairing, improving, or hiding the flaws in a photograph. It helps to remove any annoying and unwanted element present in a photograph or whether it’s messing up the subject. Similarly, one can ADD elements to make the photo more ‘viewer-friendly’ and interesting.


The Sharpen tool is used to increase the contrast in those areas in a photograph where one is trying to emphasize the detailing. One can sharpen the edges or pop highlight on shining objects for fascinating results. On the other hand, the Blur tool also provides creative and professional effects to a photo. Blurring the unnecessary details can help the subject in the photo to pop-up, giving a focus look. Even a picture taken by a point-and-shoot camera can be transformed to give it a more DSLR kind of feel to a certain extent.