10 Creative Design Layouts That Will Blow Off Your Mind

Innovation cannot be exemplified in a better way than these 10 creative Design Layouts.

1. Axel Peemoller

The website of Axel Peemoller is one long web page that seems like an artiste’s canvas with all designs, writings, images, etc. on it. Some designs, images or writings are clickable. Double clicking on them opens the page that contains corresponding information.

Axel Peemoller

2. Include

A very intuitive, colorful and simple yet creative layout has been used by Include. Services of Include and its clients along with their industries are included in statements that describe Include. The colourful words or phrases can be clicked to pull up the corresponding page without scrolling.

3. Jeremy Levine Design

Dynamic might be a small word to describe this website. Created in Flash, Jeremy Levine Design shows its projects on paper-strip while the pointer is heighted by light-in-the dark ambience. Scrolling is not required as pointing to lower half of the web page pulls up its contents.

4. Lucuma

Lateral as well as vertical navigation feature of Lucuma website is its factor of distinction. The horizontal panel at the middle of the webpage seems work of an artiste. Page-tabs are right above the mid-panel, click on which slides the panel to show the corresponding page.

5. Melissa Hie

The personal website of Melissa Hie is an exhibition of her skills and potential. The criss-cross movement between web pages and the creativity involved in it can be experienced only when the website is visited.

6. NOFRKS Design Studio

Across-the-river night-view a town is the home page of NOFRKS website. To the top-right of the web page are the page-buttons. Each web page slides laterally or vertically to let in the web page that is clicked by the user. Mouse-scroll is of no use at this website.

NOFRKS website

7. Sergio Caldron

A web page with grid of pictures and designs is what the website of Sergio Caldron appears. Each image hides text in it, which comes to fore when the pointer is placed at any one of the designs or images.

8. Seymour Powell

The website of Seymour Powell is an example of its own. Website appears single-paged with options for HTML version and Flash version. Although HTML version is creative too, the Flash version is class of its own.  A pile of cards appear that reveal one vital fact after the other as they are clicked on.

9. Space Collective

It is another website with grid of art, images, designs and texts. Each figure in the grid can be clicked to view its corresponding matter. There is no harm to call Space Collective website a different definition of creativity.

10. The Secret Location

The web page of this Canadian media agency exemplifies the work of its company be to leading an anonymous character to unfold a secret. It is so interactive that visitors may forget that they are surfing a website for a while.