Getting Traffic Through YouTube Marketing

Getting traffic through YouTube marketing can be a tricky one but it can be as easy as any everyday ritual if certain techniques are followed. There have been instances where videos which have gone viral have turned the fortunes for the blog owners with a great chunk of traffic diverted to their websites.

YouTube SEO

Loading up videos with right tags and keywords

The more keywords one places in their videos, it creates more opportunities for people in finding that particular video. For example, if a person has uploaded a video related to peanuts and is using “peanuts” as its keyword, then the video will appear only when people starts searching with that specific keyword only. But if that person uses keywords such as “cashews, groundnuts, nuts, almond, and protein foods”, then it automatically opens up a massive door through which visitors can walk through. One must make sure that the “Tags” field is used properly and ethically and is filled with as many tags as possible. This is where people generally make the biggest mistakes.

Transcribing the videos

At present, websites don’t possess the ability in accurately fetching keywords directly from the video’s spoken audio and as a result, written keywords still play a key role in video rankings. The words of a great video presentation can be transcribed by using in order to get lots of SEO fuel to instantly boost the video’s rankings. The transcription needs to be pasted into the video Description field. This not only makes it simple for viewers to consume the video but also helps in getting traffic through YouTube marketing.

Replying to a famous video

Getting traffic through YouTube marketing can only be ensured if video reply can be posted to the videos on YouTube. This simply means that any video one publishes, a “video comment” can be left by someone referencing to that video specifically. This “video comment” pops up below the YouTube video. This can be used in reverse manner as well. One can look for a famous video (with millions of hits) and post their video as a reply. It gives the video a much required exposure to millions of people as they get to see it just because it got posted in the reply column. However, one must remember that this can be done only once so they must choose it wisely.

Using right keywords in video titles

Keywords need to be inserted into the video title when relevant. For instance, if someone has a video about fixing laptop keyboards then instead of using a title like “Broken Keys”, one can use a richly descriptive one like “How to fix/ repair broken laptop keyboard – PC, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro”. This is an important step to be followed when it comes to getting traffic through YouTube marketing.

Directing links to videos

SEO is not only considered as the perfect way in boosting the PR on respective domains but also plays a big part for ranking videos on YouTube. When one is having a lot of authority sites directing link to their YouTube videos, they rank higher because of the keywords that in turn results in boosting the number of visits to the site.

Some WordPress SEO Tips for Beginners

It has often been noticed that SEO plug-ins are installed and activated by beginners but are never properly used. A lot can be done to optimize the blog posts which in turn help to get better search engine results. Provided below are some of the WordPress SEO tips for beginners:

Selecting Focus Keyword

Focus keyword is a vital keyword that is generally used by people while searching for some information. There are so many established and reputable publications nowadays which have automatically led to huge competition when it comes to popular keywords. During such situations it is better to use long tail keywords. People generally use phrases and not one keyword while searching which means that focus should be on a phrase.

Using Post Title that is SEO Friendly

A post title that is SEO friendly is not only good for the rankings but also lies within seventy character limit and includes focus keyword. To make the title catchy is one of the important WordPress SEO tips for beginners. Majority of time, users decide to click on a search result depending on the description in search snippet and SEO title. Even though the description might change but title always remains the same. It is always advisable to make sure that the title exactly describes the content of the blog.

WordPress SEO Tips

SEO Meta Description

It is always good to use Meta description on every post. Including Meta description within the article helps to summarize the content of the article in a better manner. Different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. also make use of Meta description. While including the Meta description within the article, care should be taken to include the focus keyword within it. The Meta description character limit is one hundred and fifty five characters. Another vital thing is to include focus keyword earlier instead of using it later on Meta description.

Tags and Categories

Tags and categories help in sorting out content for readers and even search engines. The website can be thought of like a book where categories are content table and tags are like the index included within a book.

Internal Linking

After blogging for quite a while enough content gets stored which every user wants people to read. Among the different WordPress SEO tips for beginners, internal linking is no doubt a great way to send readers to old posts in relevance to the present articles. With the help of WordPress older posts can be searched right inside post editor. Internal linking helps in developing context between old and new posts which many a time proves useful for people carrying out the searches.

If proper care is taken to introduce all these features within an article not only will it make easier for people to search but even help in getting increased search traffic.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Many online users rely on social media in making purchasing decisions. It is essential for businesses to use all available online tools to make themselves successful.

Of these tools, a social media presence is arguably the most important. It is part of the way consumers interact and learn about businesses on a daily basis. When your business has a social media presence you are able to form relationships both with customers and other businesses.

Interacting With Customers

Social media users interact with their favorite brands online. On a day-to-day basis you are able to preform market research and gauge opinions on products with a large demographic of people. Forming this dialogue with customers and building a relationship with them will increase their trust and loyalty with your business.

Having a social media network increases your daily visibly to your customer base, and benefits them as well as your business. Through this form of interaction your customers are able to share your presence with their own networks, which leads to a large growth potential for your business. Communicating with this demographic consistently allows them to stay up to date with your daily changes and offers. It is an easy way to promote products, distribute deals, and gauge customer satisfaction. Not only is social media networking used as an effective way to market your products to your customers, but also to build relationship with other businesses.

Optimize Your Online Presence

Building Business Relationships

Successful businesses know that networking is an essential key to their prosperity. The online social networking world allows businesses around the world to cross-market together and form mutually beneficial business relationships. It also a tool through which market research can be performed; where you can find out not only what customers want, but what other businesses are doing to grow more profitable. Maybe you notice that a similar business is having success from a particular promotion, or marketing campaign, which results in a jump in growth. Social networks also create connections essential to finding publicity opportunities.  Having an online presence for your business is crucial to it’s success, not using social media to its full potential will leave your business at a disadvantage.

Social media sites are the driving force of today’s online marketplace. Online spending is becoming more profitable with people spending more time and money online. It makes sense for your online business strategy to be one of your top priorities. Use the popularity of social networks to your advantage to access your customer population when they are spending time online. It is now easier than ever for you to create a DIY online presence and manage your own network to benefit your business.

What is most important to your business is to use all the online tools available to you, from ecommerce software, to the Shopify Guide to Comparison Shopping Engines, to popular social networking sites, blogging platforms, apps and marketing tools. All these tactics used together create a multi-dimensional online presence and your online business network will become optimal for the growing online market.

Optimizing Your Web Page with Simple and Excellent WordPress SEO Plugins

Excellent WordPress SEO PluginsIf you are familiar with the world of online business and blogging then WordPress would certainly not be an alien for you. It is the software that could be used as the most renowned blogging system that is being used on the World Wide Web and is thus having some of the amazing plug-in tools that could be used to make the content SEO-rich, that is, the content would be easy to search for in the web engines by highlighting the relevant words that are commonly used as the search terms by the users worldwide. Converting the simple text into the SEO content could involve the number of tasks right from searching the words that are most widely used by the people as search terms and editing the content accordingly to giving an HTML appearance to the selected search words and commercializing a website or web page in order to get the maximum traffic on it.

Some of the most prominent WordPress SEO Plugins

Though a number of difficult tasks are involved in the process, there are excellent WordPress SEO plugins available in the software that ease down the efforts of a user with few simple clicks. Here are few of the most useful SEO plugins that one could be used for great efficiency.

  • All in one SEO pack: If you are a beginner in the world of WordPress as well as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then this is the right plug-in for you to use as it allows a person to make all the necessary changes like title, Keywords, image tag descriptions as well as mega tags even if you have no idea about the code of your web page or the HTML words in the content.
  • WP Super Cache: It accumulates all your generated pages so that the operating speed of the website increases. As Google has been emphasizing on the basic feature of speed, this plugin seems to reduce the load time by a huge extent.
  • SEO Rank Reporter: The basic thing that makes a website SEO oriented is the search terms used in it. This plug-in makes the user familiar with the timely change in the recognition of the Keywords used in your website by the web user through e-mail, hence guiding you to make the necessary changes required from time to time.
  • SEO content control: There could be occasions when you might forget to include some of the information under any of the headings used to create a web page. In such cases, the content controlling plugin highlights the regions which need to be corrected in order to make the content suitable.
  • Platinum SEO pack: In order to make the content being posted on the web pages rightly, every little detail should be considered in order to avoid the fall down of the traffic on the website. This plugin helps in making one do the same by suggesting timely changes in the web page.

These excellent WordPress SEO plugins would be of huge aid when one would aim to make unique and useful content and thus increase the online traffic of website.

Goodbye to Google’s Feedburner – What Are the Alternatives Available?

Feeds of a website are one of the best tools for the readers to be updated on the recent topics uploaded on their favourite blogs. It’s a very practical way for both the webmasters as well as the readers to have the feeds. Feedburner by far has been the major tool which people have been using for years but with the current news that it would be discontinued from October had made webmasters search for other alternatives. However many might be aware of the fact that there are and were some great alternatives for Feedburner helping in generating and distributing feeds quite easily. Three of the popular ones have been mentioned below:

Goodbye to Google’s Feedburner

Feedcat: Using Feedcat in place of the Feedburner allows the webmasters to promote their content while measuring the number of visitors through the sharing, proxy and bookmarking services. This site is designed in a manner to boost the feeds while serving as a public catalogue for the RSS or the Atom feeds. The service is available for free and is very simple to use and integrate with your website. You may even use the feed button for the Feedcat anywhere on the website.

Feedity: This alternative to Feedburner allows in creating RSS feeds for almost every page of your website. You can use it to monitor your social media activities along with aggregating multiple feeds while publishing the feeds on your website. Besides being available for free the tool comes with different pricing options whereby you are not charged anything for setup or termination of their services. Under the free package they allow a maximum of 10 feeds with the feed update at intervals of 5 hours.

RapidFeeds: Another alternative to the Feedburner, RapidFeeds will allow the webmasters to publish, create, manage as well as import all the existing feeds with ease. It offers you the functionality of password protecting the private or the paid feeds while updating and scheduling the feeds in real time. A feature worth mentioning is the capability of the RapidFeeds to podcast with iTunes which gives you the option of broadcasting your ideas in case you wish to start your own new podcast. This tool once was available for free but now it comes with the paid option that includes the following features:

  • Multiple Feeds
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Scheduling Options
  • iTunes Support
  • Regular Support
  • Password Protection
  • Advanced Tracking Statistics
  • Branded Feed URL

Feedburner alternatives, are they strong enough?

Even though these alternatives can provide you with similar services, there isn’t a solid alternative available to the Feedburner. These alternatives would surely serve the basic purpose of generating and distributing the feeds but a tool as strong as Feedburner would always be missed.