Why choose digital marketing services?

In the world of technology where digitalization is growing at a rapid pace, the impact of digital marketing and social media are increasing simultaneously. It would be quite fair to say that businesses which fail to adapt to the new era of marketing is more likely to suffer losses and may even shut down. So, adapt to the change. Try digital marketing, which can revolutionize your business.

An edge over your competitors

Digital media allows any business to compete with its competitors regardless of its size. With following the traditional ways it wouldn’t have been possible as a small retailer wouldn’t be able to match the economies of scale of its larger counterparts. Small businesses can keep a track of their competitors’ products and marketing strategies in order to learn new things and improve their own business strategy.


Effective cost reduction

Unlike traditionally ways of marketing, digital marketing is cost effective. It doesn’t require much investment and can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as magazines, radio and yellow pages. Also, one can choose the number of audiences they wish to target and accordingly choose an investment plan.

Quantifiable results

Monitoring the progress of your digital marketing strategies in real time is easy. This allows you to evaluate whether or not they are working for your business. Features like Google Analytics allow you to measure traffic on your website or blog, according to which you can opt for an apt packaged marketing solution to improve your results.

Brand Development

Having a good reputation is essential for every business. Without that no company can ever survive in the market. Digital marketing allows organization to build their brand reputation as conveniently as possible. A well maintained website with quality content focusing on the needs of your target audience can lead to generation of opportunities and yield higher returns. In addition, one can use social media channels and personalised email marketing to interact with their old and potential customers for creating brand reputation and reliability.

Does a Domain Name Determine a Sites Design?

Anyone who has a business will probably also need a website, regardless of whether the company is run online or has physical premises. One of the first things you will need to consider is registering any domain names you plan to use. Next, you need to build your website. Unless you are particularly talented with computers, technology and software, you might well consider hiring the services of a website designer. But, when the time comes for the designer to get to work, will the domain name you have chosen subconsciously affect the way the website is designed?

Planning with a web designer

In some ways, it may not. If you have met with the website designer in advance and discussed what you want to achieve in terms of design, they may simply follow your instructions. Issues you should cover in the discussion include layout, content, visual elements of the site, fonts and graphics, links and ease of navigation for those who use the site. If you are trying to develop a particular image, then this is something else that you should discuss with the designer and you may need to create a logo for your business.

Domain Name Determine a Sites Design

The influence of domain names

However, if your domain name directly relates to the products and services you are offering, then a web designer could potentially be influenced by this name when they are developing your website. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it can be part of creating your image or brand. For example, if you are selling perfumes and this is reflected in the domain name, the website designer is more likely to design the website with women in mind and use pastel colours, swirly fonts and informal content. On the other hand, if you are offering legal services, then the website designer is more likely to veer towards an overall more formal look. The content, layout and graphics will be geared towards the type of services you are offering.

Similarly, the website designer may be influenced by the target market they believe will be interested in visiting a website with a particular domain name. If they believe that the customers are likely to be males in their twenties, the sites design will reflect this. If the domain name suggests to the designer that visitors to the site are more likely to be women of retirement age, then they will keep this in mind during the design process.

Overcoming problems

If you feel that the website designer has been influenced by a domain name with negative results, then you need to talk through your issues. It is your business and your website, so it is important that you are satisfied with the end result and feel it is a positive reflection of your business. However, the website designer is likely to be a professional with a lot of experience in the industry. Therefore, if they offer reasonable reasons for their design decisions, then it is important that you listen to what they say as their experience may justify the way they have designed the website.

Overall, it is possible that a website designer may be influenced by a domain name but this can be a positive if the finished website is of a professional standard and is designed with your target market in mind. By discussing with the designer what you hope to achieve in the preliminary stages of the design, you can limit the potential for problems at a later date. If you are not happy with the finished result, and feel the designer has been influenced negatively, then it is important to resolve these issues with them in order to get the look that you want for your business.

The Biggest Digital Media Trends for 2014

The inception of digital publishing where content gets delivered through different touch-screen devices will ultimately lead to the biggest digital media trends for 2014. This year is expected to be one of those where content will no more be confined to print or web, but spread out to the masses through different touch-screen devices.

Paper magazines to lose out on space

Monthly publishers need to focus more on issue content as well as their frequency. They may have to split the issues into compartmentalized, smaller editions so that they can be viewed on particular devices. The frequency of the editions should either be weekly or daily.

Travel magazines expected to serve as utilities

Travel magazines tablet versions will link to booking websites from where the customers will be able to book pre-packaged deals. Third party service tie-ups will be available and all these features will definitely make the travel magazine a highly precious travel companion. Regarded as one of the biggest digital media trends for 2014 this could lead to huge growth of the tourism industry and make it flourish in different ways.

People to spend more time on long reads

The huge success of iBook apps and the Kindle along with websites like Atavist and Long Reads are clear indications of the fact that people will spend more time reading on-screen. The advent of new as well as innovative applications will assist publishers to design stories as well as bite-sized news so that they can be easily viewed on devices like tablets and phones. The applications will also enable the users with smart bookmarking functions and offline usage during their idle times.

Biggest Digital Media Trends for 2014

Inception of digital in-flight magazines

The FAA has already lifted the ban on usage of device which will allow major carriers to promote in-flight titles starting from the entry for consumption and download, till the time the flight lands. This will allow them to deliver fresh content and definitely has the potential to become a major digital media trend for 2014.  In-flight publications for iPad versions are already available from American Airlines and United Airlines.

Publishing and fashion retail will experience more integration

The combination of subscription delivery along with real-time updating will assist major retailers to make their fashion ‘look-books’ more responsive and even assist with hot sales trends distribution between physical retail outlets. There will be more focus on engaging consumers with the help of content creation by different popular brands operating at present. There will be new initiatives and efforts from different brands to create increasing awareness among the consumers. They may also start close partnerships with highly reputed and established publishers to make use of native marketing strategies for the creation of catchy and attractive contents for their brands.

The biggest digital media trends for 2014 offer organisations, businesses, marketers, advertisers and publishers with ideal opportunity to extract the most of a platform that has immense potential and has something to offer to everyone.