The Biggest Digital Media Trends for 2014

The inception of digital publishing where content gets delivered through different touch-screen devices will ultimately lead to the biggest digital media trends for 2014. This year is expected to be one of those where content will no more be confined to print or web, but spread out to the masses through different touch-screen devices.

Paper magazines to lose out on space

Monthly publishers need to focus more on issue content as well as their frequency. They may have to split the issues into compartmentalized, smaller editions so that they can be viewed on particular devices. The frequency of the editions should either be weekly or daily.

Travel magazines expected to serve as utilities

Travel magazines tablet versions will link to booking websites from where the customers will be able to book pre-packaged deals. Third party service tie-ups will be available and all these features will definitely make the travel magazine a highly precious travel companion. Regarded as one of the biggest digital media trends for 2014 this could lead to huge growth of the tourism industry and make it flourish in different ways.

People to spend more time on long reads

The huge success of iBook apps and the Kindle along with websites like Atavist and Long Reads are clear indications of the fact that people will spend more time reading on-screen. The advent of new as well as innovative applications will assist publishers to design stories as well as bite-sized news so that they can be easily viewed on devices like tablets and phones. The applications will also enable the users with smart bookmarking functions and offline usage during their idle times.

Biggest Digital Media Trends for 2014

Inception of digital in-flight magazines

The FAA has already lifted the ban on usage of device which will allow major carriers to promote in-flight titles starting from the entry for consumption and download, till the time the flight lands. This will allow them to deliver fresh content and definitely has the potential to become a major digital media trend for 2014.  In-flight publications for iPad versions are already available from American Airlines and United Airlines.

Publishing and fashion retail will experience more integration

The combination of subscription delivery along with real-time updating will assist major retailers to make their fashion ‘look-books’ more responsive and even assist with hot sales trends distribution between physical retail outlets. There will be more focus on engaging consumers with the help of content creation by different popular brands operating at present. There will be new initiatives and efforts from different brands to create increasing awareness among the consumers. They may also start close partnerships with highly reputed and established publishers to make use of native marketing strategies for the creation of catchy and attractive contents for their brands.

The biggest digital media trends for 2014 offer organisations, businesses, marketers, advertisers and publishers with ideal opportunity to extract the most of a platform that has immense potential and has something to offer to everyone.