9 Extremely Stylish Free Fonts

There are several extremely stylish free fonts that not only enhance the overall beauty and look of the web projects but also offer the end users with a nice and refreshing experience. This is primarily the reason as to why web designers always try to incorporate fresh new fonts on their designs.

1. Bevan


Web designers looking for slab serif fonts to come up with an ambitious and bold title will definitely like the Bevan font. The best part about this font is that it brings unique personality to the words.

2. League Gothic

League Gothic

Almost every title text can be offered with an authoritative and edgy personality by using this stylish free font. The font was originally designed in the year 1903 by American Type Founders Co.

3. Oranienbaum


This font shares its name with Russian Royal residence and provides the words with an antique and classy personality. Perceived to be Antiqua’s modern version, it has the typeface of early twentieth century featuring contrasting geometry and pronounced serifs.

4. Code

Code Font

Code Bold and Code Light have been developed by Font Fabric. Web designers looking for a modern and sleek feel in print, web and graphic design will find this font quite suitable. Code Bold is sleek and impactful whereas Code Light offers the texts with a hipster and clean feel.

5. Josefin Slab


Santiago Orozco is the designer of Josefin Slab who seemed to have brought back the geometric typeface back in popularity again. A Scandinavian style has been incorporated into the typeface offering it a typewriter font feel.

6. Open Sans

Open Sans

The Open Sans stylish free font is ideal for legibility at nearly every size. The best part about this font is that it has a neutral but friendly appearance. It can definitely make a website look unique and beautiful.

7. Jura


Daniel Johnson helped create this extremely stylish free font of Jura by integrating elements of Greek, Cyrillic and Roman alphabets. This font has a modern and hi-tech personality and comes with four different weights.

8. Amaranth


Gesine Todt is the designer of this upright and friendly italic font. The distinctive curves and slight contrast of the font offers the text with a youthful and a cute feel. It is available in three different styles and is suitable for text for any type.

9. Arvo


Anton Koovit is the designer of Arvo which consists of four cuts namely Bold Italic, Roman Bold, Italic and Roman. Even though it has uniform stroke width, the slight contrast of the font enhances on-screen readability as well as adds character to it.

The above mentioned extremely stylish free fonts will definitely help in making a website look different and creative. It would even look appealing to the viewers with their diverse and fresh approach.

5 Things You Need to Know About Typography

Several things you need to know about typography include different categories like time period, mood, style and look of lettering. There are different styles like serif, old English, sans serif, decorative, scripts and slab serif.

1. Serif typefaces

This is the most common style used in printing. There are many newspapers, magazines and books that use serif typefaces in the main body. This writing is identified through an extra stroke that is presented at the end of every letter. This can be either decorative or simple. Serifs are drawn through simple fonts and are popular for many applications. This typeface helps in bringing a bolder look along with uniform stroke in the typeface.

Serif typefaces

2. Ascenders vs. Descenders

Ascenders and descenders are known to be the top and bottom part of the letters that fall beyond mid-range of the typeface. Ascenders remain above the letters while descenders are pieces that can be found below the letters. The ascenders and descenders can be short, long, contain serifs, decorative or simple. But one should make sure that they don’t touch line to line. One should use the line height option to make sure that there is distance between the ascenders and descenders.

Ascenders vs. Descenders

3. Kerning and Leading

Kerning and Leading are known to be two most important aspects in typography. If one is able to use them properly then their typography will be much better. Kerning helps the user to adjust spacing between pairs of different letters. This process will help in adjusting the space and make the paragraphs look much better.

Leading is the process that helps in deciding a proper distance between baselines in the lines and the baseline of a specific type. The space between lines of specific type varies and depends on size, application and typeface.

Kerning and Leading

4. Type Measures

The most important thing that comes into the mind while writing the letter forms is that should there be columns forms? And how many letters should be there in a specific line? The point size of the typeface and width of the columns greatly affect its readability. Long lines tend to be tiring and intimidating for the readers. Many times even the short lines with odd breaks hurt the comprehension. Once a person is able to decide the column width properly then it becomes easy to decide the size of column text for optimum reading.

Type Measures

5. Alignment

There has always been confusion in people’s mind when it comes to right, left, justified, or centre alignment. To make it easier one should first look at the language of the typography. Left alignment is known to be the most common around the world and suits all types of texts. Right alignment suits navigational tools and block quotes, while centre alignment is good for elements that don’t have much typing and require large blocks of lines. Justified fills texts from left to right and is a common alignment form in print publishing.


These were the common forms of typography. Understanding the things you need to know about typography will make the letterform readable for the viewers.

10 Places to Find Free Vector Graphics

Vector graphics help to preserve or enhance the quality of images. Developers can get vector images at various sites, but searching for the best places to find free vector graphics can be a difficult task. However, most of these sources provide vectors in different formats for easy and quick customisation.

1. 123 Free Vectors

Visitors at the website have a great chance to find free vector graphics according to their requirement as it has a good stock of great vectors. There are three pages dedicated to feature about 800 vector graphics published on the website.

123 Free Vectors

2. Dezignus

The vastness of collection at Dezignus is evident from 22+ pages of free vector graphics. It also offers brushes, backgrounds/textures, icons, wallpapers, etc.


3. Free Vector Graphics.Net

This website has vector graphics of a selection of themes such as Nature, Icon, Abstract and several others. Since it features selective themes, the quality of them is very good. It is interactive and allows users to post comments, hints and tips on vectors.

Free Vector Graphics.Net

4. Free Vectors.Net

It has indexed catalogue for vector graphics and makes searching for desired artwork easy for users. The website facilitates submission of any number of vectors designed by users who also link to vectors that are not present at the site.

Free Vectors.Net

5. QVectors

It is a showcase for all types of free graphic vectors from all across the web. This website also supports uploading of vector graphics by users who can gain recognition and exposure as a result.


6. Vecteeezy

It should not be mistaken due to its strange name. This website is a very good to find free vector graphics. It has a vast collection of cool vectors that include everything from glossy icons to animal mascots. It is updated weekly and allows visitors to upload their vectors too.


7. Vector Art.Org

It houses great collection of free vectors that are available in various formats. Users can easily search for graphics and even vote for the one they think is the best.

Vector Art.Org

8. Vector Portal

All the vector graphics offered by the vast database of Vector Portal possess Creative Common License. The vectors can be freely used by users for any purpose. Interestingly, it claims to have registered 2 million downloads to date. Users also get designs for advertisements, business cards, CD labels, flyers, etc.

Vector Portal

9. Vector Valley

Users must visit Vector Valley to find free vector graphics in different formats such as AI, CDR, EPS, SVG, etc. Most importantly, the website offers Illustrators Profiles, Vector Tutorials and other beneficial programmes.

Vector Valley

10. VectorTuts+

It is blogging website dedicated to articles, tutorials and other such things related to vectors. It contains five pages of artwork with the focus on high-quality vector graphics. As it is a blogging site, users can post their ideas and comments.


The Best of 2013 Logo Design Trends

Imagination, inspiration, motivation and creativity are the recipe behind making a successful logo that becomes the emblem and trademark of any organisation. The recent logo design trends that are circulating these days are not bucking the trend and are filled with lot of interesting and promising ideas.

Logo design trends

1. Object based logo

This logo gets inspired and designed by the things that one sees around daily. This gives a new soul and a recreational architecture to the non-animate pieces. They are used by those companies that are mainly known for their art and creativity. Examples can be both Apple and Twitter.

2. Twist Effect

This effect is added so as to portray friendliness and elasticity. This design begins and ends facing one another horizontally and vertically. It shows that the company does not believe in the practice of leaving their loyal customers and forgetting its past even after tasting success.

3. Bracketing

A relation of equality and trust gets expressed by this design. Two equal things are shown that gets combined graphically so as to consider them as one. This one is a popular trend this year and has been widely considered by many logo and web designers.

4. Banners

Quite a significant ride has been enjoyed by the banners over the years. An upgraded version of the ribbons, these banners exist only in a highly starched and sharply creased variation with them being tipped to rise towards the right. The banners tend to exist by themselves, with most of them often getting more incorporated around or on a graphic element.

5. Wave

Subtlety is a major player and may ask for a second look so as to relate to the connections. It gives an indication of “movement” but not in a torrid or rushed fashion. Instead, this design is gentle and absolutely under control. This form of design certainly draws attention with its liquid quality, as it demonstrates the company’s ability in containing an unstable substance and controlling the outcome of it.

6. Membrane

Pattern is not at all a stranger when it comes down to the logo-world. There are with many of the most influential identities relying heavily on this design to tell-a-tale. These are mainly geometric in origin and show symmetry crafted from squares or dots or even line work. A consistency of both positive and negative spaces can be seen in the arrangement, but yet created from similar yet different components.

7. Slash

Tremendous flexibility is shown by the forward slash. It also represents “or” and a divider between numbers and initials. It helps the viewer to connect himself with the design or to build a separation between entities or concepts.

These are a few trending ideas which people might refer to. Moreover, there is always a scope to creativity and designers across the world always come up with a new idea.

Know How to Become a Better Graphic Designer

Having patience is vital towards becoming a better graphic designer. Mastering the art of graphic design is not easy and requires a lot of practise. Utilizing the given materials and working within well-defined budget is the trademark of every good web designer. Working with tight schedules is another aspect which needs to be taken care of as majority of work is carried out on a project basis. Provided below are some of the tips on how to become a better graphic designer.

Staying Positive

In order to become an expert graphic designer one needs to stay positive and have the belief that no matter what anything is achievable. While some might have problems with drawing and sketching, but continuing with the practise will help in mastering the skill. Focus should always be on the goal and the rest depends on the amount of time being spent on practising.

Taking Out Time for Research

Those who are aspiring on how to become a better graphic designer need to be aware of the fact that doing research on a daily basis is extremely important. This might also mean that some amount of money needs to be spent on design and art magazines and books. Those who find it extremely difficult to spend on books might refer to professional blogs and tutorial design websites to get better overview of this field. Knowledge is another important factor which helps a person to become a good graphic designer.

How to Become a Better Graphic Designer

Communicating and Sharing

It is always a great idea to interact with people involved in the same field to gain additional knowledge. Forums participation helps to get knowledge and ideas from designers who have proved themselves worthy of this job. Interaction with different designers is quite beneficial as opinions about work can be obtained from them.

Regular Exercise and Proper Sleep

Research has already proved that people who have lots of sleep tend to have better problem solving skills and higher creativity. Exercise on the other hand helps in stimulation of creative thinking and boosts brain power. All these attributes are vital for any web designer so proper sleep and exercise is extremely necessary for people who crave to know how to become a better graphic designer.

Continue Learning

If one wishes to be an excellent graphic designer then learning within different designing spheres and expansion of skills is a must. There are lots of designers who limit themselves to one designing dimension which is not the requirement these days. Clients always look for people who have specialization in different spheres and capable of performing different tasks. The honing of designing skills will not only help in learning the new trends in graphic designing but attract a large number of clients.

Finding Paid Work

There are many different avenues of paid work available once you have improved your skills as a graphic designer. Getting a really good portfolio together can be very important for showing perspective clients what you have previous done for other businesses as a way of showing what type of skills you have and what you excel at. You may want to show examples of brochures, flyers and printing examples you have previously worked on for your previous clients. Remember, each client is looking for something different, so it may well be one of these examples which catches their eye and wins you the contract or lands you a full time job.

Therefore, it is always better to remain updated with the latest designing software, tutorials and designs.

Learn More About 10 Fresh Free Fonts for Your Projects

There is no doubt about the fact that fonts play a vital role in the design of websites and improve their appearance to a huge extent. Fonts are an integral part of minimal design websites and, if carefully selected, they can have a great impact on the entire website design. Provided below are the latest 10 fresh free fonts for your projects.

1. Signika

This is a gentle character sans-serif typeface developed for Signage, Wayfinding and other media where clarity of information holds an important value. The tall X-height and low contrast helps in improving readability at far distances and small sizes.

signika font

2. Sullivan

This is another significant font when it comes to some of the fresh free fonts for your projects. This bold display face is available in three variations. The variations can be used on their own or even layered with others for creating an industrial and modern visual effect.

Sullivan font

3. Plastic Type

The inspiration for this typeface came from plastic industry where the imperfections and various forms of plastic have been put to use. The font of this type is playful, beautiful and freely available.

Plastic Type

4. Corki

This is a distinct slab-serif typeface ideal for designing the headlines. The font is available in 4 styles namely Rounded Tuscan, Tuscan, Rounded and Regular. 134 glyphs are included within the typeface both Cyrillic and Latin scripts along with different arrows and two manicules.

Corki font

5. Alegreya

This serif typeface is beautifully designed and has an olden classic feel. Uppercase letters seem to be Roman script based whereas lowercase letters have a humanist book look. Twelve fonts are included in the family including black italic, bold italic, regular, bold, italic and black.

Free Fonts

6. Tikal Sans Medium

The inclusion of the Tikal Sans Medium within the 10 fresh free fonts for your project is unavoidable as this font offers the users a friendly touch and functional look. This font family mainly consists of curved terminating strokes that have sharp edge endings. The black thin weights are ideal for display sizes whereas regular, medium and light weights are perfect for longer texts.

Tikal Sans Medium font

7. Metropolis

This is an experimental, distinctive typeface and ideal for retro-futuristic or retro look. The design of this typeface was inspired by industrial movement of 1920’s.


8. Actor

This typeface has tall x-height and requires quite high line spacing. This is more of a workhorse typeface where the digits are created in old style figures.

Actor font

9. Ranger

This is a playful italic typeface which is Colorado inspired and designed by Evan Huwa. The typeface is best suited for vintage book style or bold movie titles.

Ranger font

10. Frontage Outline

With the help of this typeface, one can combine colours and fonts to develop amazing 3D effects. One can make use of capital letters of bold and regular cut or add shadow font to create a wonderful stark effect.

Frontage Outline font

How to Build an Image Map with GIMP

Image graphic is referred to as the graphic containing the hotspots linking to the URLs. There are many people who often search for tools or ways for creating an image map on their websites. However, not many are aware that there are simpler ways for building image map by  using GIMP. They have been widely used by the web designers for providing a greater flexibility where they could insert links in places they wish to.

There are numerous softwares which help in creating image maps but most of them are expensive. Using the free version of GIMP can be quite handy for people who are looking for free options. Following the steps below would help in creating a dedicated image map by using GIMP.

Find or create images to be used

The first step is to choose the image which one wants to use. Using any image can work and is directly related to the thing a designer wishes to accomplish. Start mapping after opening the image map editor: here one needs to browse and select the image which they need to use.

It can be done by the path Tools ->Web ->Image Map. It would pop up image map editor which offers numerous tools with it. One may even use different kinds of shapes for accomplishing the effect desired. It would have two places where one would be image map along with the list of the links that have been mapped. Using this editor is simple as the options are self explanatory. One would need to use its shape tool which is the best for covering the area that one wants to link with the URL. While doing so one will notice that with each shape being finished, popups would start appearing which have to be filled up.

Image Map with GIMP

Take the code

The thing which is required after the entire designing is done is the codes. Image maps get written in HTML in order to be used and start running on the website. To do this using GIMP the task is very easy where one would need to go to View->Source in order to view source code.

Test the map created

After the above steps are carried out the next step is to save the file. The saved file comprises of the codes along with the file extensions of the map. One would require changing its extensions to HTML while making sure that there are no periods before the file name. The other thing which is essential is making sure that the image is present in that same folder where the HTML file is being saved. For testing it one would need to open the HTML file by double clicking on it. It would open in the default web browser.

Know About Free High Quality Designer Fonts

A font is a complete set of characters, numerical and special symbols which have the same typeface. Here are some free high quality designer fonts for you to try upon.

Initially there were limited fonts. But as the advent of computers increased and more and more people began to get hooked onto the digital device, they felt a growing monotony with all the documents looking the same. Designers with a creative streak came forth with new and latest fonts to enhance and make their documents look more appealing and stand out from the masses by their special designer fonts. Seeing this growing need, many websites began to provide downloadable links where you could easily download and use free high quality designer fonts. These could be installed into your system and used at any given point of time.

free high quality designer font

This list has only been growing since its inception and will continue to do so in the coming days.

Examples and Tools


This is one of the free high quality designer fonts. It belongs to the family of sans-serif and is very clear and concise. You can download this font for free from the website www.fontsquirrel.com.

Plastic Type

Although Signika is high on clarity, it has a look which caters to the urban professional. For people who prefer more vibrancy, Plastic type is an obvious answer to their prayers. Just like its name suggests, Plastic type is used to create wonderful greeting and invitation cards as well as posters which add a festive aura to them.


Actor is a font which will instantly appeal to you thanks to its height. The digits of these fonts are displayed akin to the ancient figures and this gives them an ethnic look and feel albeit with a breath of freshness added in. You can easily download Actor for free by following the link via Google Web Fonts.


This is another free quality designer font which will surely catch your eye. The only drawback is that it is available only in capital letters and hence its use may be limited to only headings and sub headings. It belongs to the sans serif family and is available for free download from the web.

Frontage Outline

If you wish to enhance the look and add a 3D effect then this font is just apt for you.  This font will work wonders and give you an amazing 3D font ready to use.

Techniques and Best Practices

It is ideal to pay heed to the brochures and other leaflets which you find. Make note of the style which appealed to you. Keep in mind other similar aspects such as what attracted you the most. Was the font readable, was the impact enhancing the entire look of the page or is it marring the effect and washing the designer’s efforts into the drain?

You need to scrutinize each and every aspect and then download the font which will be the most apt. But still, in case you find a font exceptionally appealing then it is advised that you download it and store it for later use. A perfect font can surely work wonders for your document.

Best Infographics Design Fonts for Web Designers

Everyone wonders as to which font web designers normally use or what would be the standard font for web designing. There is the standard usage of fonts done by the web designers all over the world and that makes the role of a web designer for more creative and interactive. In order to select the best Infographics design fonts, you need to check the popular fonts. While writing any script on the website or putting content on CMS, the selection of Font Type and Font size is very important for the web designer. The font type must be like that it should be easy to read for the users, on the other hand the font size and the specific style should not take any additional space on the given web page.

The Basics of Best Infographics Design Fonts

Though there are now thousands of different type fonts available for the designers, there are particularly some of the best Infographic design fonts that are mostly used by the designers. The Infographic fonts are the fonts that are ideal to be used in the graphic designs in order to maintain the theme and functionality of a web page or graphic design.

The use of larger fonts like Didot, Imapct or Arial Bold could be not recommended, as it will increase the page load time and will affect the functionality of the website. The Infographic font developers have made a huge amount of research and have come up with some of the extraordinary fonts that are fit for the graphic scripting or theme scripting in a web page.

Here are some of the best Infographic design fonts that you can try

Myriad Pro Regular:  Font Style

Myriad Pro Regular

League Gothic: It is the typeface of the old Gothic font and now widely popular among the designers. It was first originated by the American Type Founder Company in 1930, but later company discontinued in 1933 and the font remains to be on the books.

League Gothic

Cabin: It is categorized under the classic text fonts under the Sans Serif and are one of the highly downloadable fonts in recent times. It resembles the old classic cabin pore version style fonts. There are more than 10 variants available for Cabin in Bold, Italic, Roman and cross borders.


Corbel: It is a pretty classic and traditional font. Sometimes it reminds of the old used Cambria and Calibri from MS. But the Corbel is sweet, simple with a very soothing font style. Like other fonts there are also many varied versions of the same font available.

Corbel Font

Fedra Sans: It is also a traditional old style font with a simple and formal covering. It is available in 18 different styles. The Fedra Sans regular is quite popular font in entire Europe and even now many web designers use it quite often. It is also a recommended international typography font with its updated versions. It is one of the paid fonts that are available.

Fedra Sans Font

Some of the Most Creative and Unique Typefaces

For designers who feel bored with the continuous usage of regular typefaces, here are some creative and unique typefaces to consider.

Whenever you plan to work on design projects, the very first thing that seizes your attention is Topography. Most of the time, handling of amazing illustrations and professional photo failed to deliver right message to audience. On the other hand, simple texts can accomplish this job in a better manner even without special tricks. This further open up ways for well-planned topography that is very imperative for any design. We reside in an epoch that is surrounded by some of the most sought-after, creative and unique typefaces including Arial, Calibri, Helvetica and Times New Roman. However, it feels quite reprehensible that people rarely get in touch with the value of eternally creative typefaces.

Spectrum of Creative and Unique Typefaces

Majority of people love to download free typefaces for non-commercial use and this is the leading cause why most of the sites have now come up with a broad array of unique fonts. Moreover, you can push for more diverse, appealing and ultimately ingenious typeface landscape. Bearing this in mind, below are mentioned some creative typefaces.

Laurent HW

Trait of this Typeface bears a resemblance to hand-written fonts designed with the use of fountain pen on absorbent paper. Laurent HW portrays a perfect wistful impression of scrawl of schoolchild in practice book.

Laurent HW


This design is enthused by Origram that is simple yet very effectual typeface with evident Asian Influence. Moreover, caress in character ends up at sharp point that goes together with folded papers.



Majority of inks include high ratio of VOCs or ‘Volatile Organic Compound’ and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), which are environmentally degrading. Collin Willems, a topographer designed this typeface that gained popularity as an eco font.  Collin aspired to reduce the quantity of ink normally used in printing industry.



Each alphabet in this font is designed as pyramid when viewed from the top. This design is undoubtedly creative and only of its kind.

Pyramid font

Megalopolis Extra

SMeltery, a French Typeface Factory designed this bold and intrepid typeface to bring in some exceptional and creative ligatures. This typeface looks perfectly awesome when it is big and used as poster.

Megalopolis Extra


This typeface is actually a family font embossed with variations in proportional theme, chunky and blocks characters. But, these typefaces lack clarity and crafted from smoke spirals or split milk.

MOD font

Exus Pilot

Exus Pilot font is quite similar to MOD and it is also very attractive and serif font that really adds transparency and abets legibility.

Exus Pilot Font

LDJ Crafty

This is truly a fun and hand-written typeface, which would be just the right alternative for media use.

LDJ Crafty Font

Techniques used for designing Typefaces

When using typefaces, topographer generally uses ‘rule of thumb’ technique and this approach is undeniably true. Other imperative traits that must be brought into consideration when used in one or more documents include:

  • Use contrasting colors and avoid mixing two similar fonts
  • Try to be unswerving when using typefaces
  • Do not make changes in typefaces immediately in paragraph
  • Go for implementation of different sizes as well as weights
  • Implement sans serif for headlines and serif for texts