9 Extremely Stylish Free Fonts

There are several extremely stylish free fonts that not only enhance the overall beauty and look of the web projects but also offer the end users with a nice and refreshing experience. This is primarily the reason as to why web designers always try to incorporate fresh new fonts on their designs.

1. Bevan


Web designers looking for slab serif fonts to come up with an ambitious and bold title will definitely like the Bevan font. The best part about this font is that it brings unique personality to the words.

2. League Gothic

League Gothic

Almost every title text can be offered with an authoritative and edgy personality by using this stylish free font. The font was originally designed in the year 1903 by American Type Founders Co.

3. Oranienbaum


This font shares its name with Russian Royal residence and provides the words with an antique and classy personality. Perceived to be Antiqua’s modern version, it has the typeface of early twentieth century featuring contrasting geometry and pronounced serifs.

4. Code

Code Font

Code Bold and Code Light have been developed by Font Fabric. Web designers looking for a modern and sleek feel in print, web and graphic design will find this font quite suitable. Code Bold is sleek and impactful whereas Code Light offers the texts with a hipster and clean feel.

5. Josefin Slab


Santiago Orozco is the designer of Josefin Slab who seemed to have brought back the geometric typeface back in popularity again. A Scandinavian style has been incorporated into the typeface offering it a typewriter font feel.

6. Open Sans

Open Sans

The Open Sans stylish free font is ideal for legibility at nearly every size. The best part about this font is that it has a neutral but friendly appearance. It can definitely make a website look unique and beautiful.

7. Jura


Daniel Johnson helped create this extremely stylish free font of Jura by integrating elements of Greek, Cyrillic and Roman alphabets. This font has a modern and hi-tech personality and comes with four different weights.

8. Amaranth


Gesine Todt is the designer of this upright and friendly italic font. The distinctive curves and slight contrast of the font offers the text with a youthful and a cute feel. It is available in three different styles and is suitable for text for any type.

9. Arvo


Anton Koovit is the designer of Arvo which consists of four cuts namely Bold Italic, Roman Bold, Italic and Roman. Even though it has uniform stroke width, the slight contrast of the font enhances on-screen readability as well as adds character to it.

The above mentioned extremely stylish free fonts will definitely help in making a website look different and creative. It would even look appealing to the viewers with their diverse and fresh approach.

Learn More About 10 Fresh Free Fonts for Your Projects

There is no doubt about the fact that fonts play a vital role in the design of websites and improve their appearance to a huge extent. Fonts are an integral part of minimal design websites and, if carefully selected, they can have a great impact on the entire website design. Provided below are the latest 10 fresh free fonts for your projects.

1. Signika

This is a gentle character sans-serif typeface developed for Signage, Wayfinding and other media where clarity of information holds an important value. The tall X-height and low contrast helps in improving readability at far distances and small sizes.

signika font

2. Sullivan

This is another significant font when it comes to some of the fresh free fonts for your projects. This bold display face is available in three variations. The variations can be used on their own or even layered with others for creating an industrial and modern visual effect.

Sullivan font

3. Plastic Type

The inspiration for this typeface came from plastic industry where the imperfections and various forms of plastic have been put to use. The font of this type is playful, beautiful and freely available.

Plastic Type

4. Corki

This is a distinct slab-serif typeface ideal for designing the headlines. The font is available in 4 styles namely Rounded Tuscan, Tuscan, Rounded and Regular. 134 glyphs are included within the typeface both Cyrillic and Latin scripts along with different arrows and two manicules.

Corki font

5. Alegreya

This serif typeface is beautifully designed and has an olden classic feel. Uppercase letters seem to be Roman script based whereas lowercase letters have a humanist book look. Twelve fonts are included in the family including black italic, bold italic, regular, bold, italic and black.

Free Fonts

6. Tikal Sans Medium

The inclusion of the Tikal Sans Medium within the 10 fresh free fonts for your project is unavoidable as this font offers the users a friendly touch and functional look. This font family mainly consists of curved terminating strokes that have sharp edge endings. The black thin weights are ideal for display sizes whereas regular, medium and light weights are perfect for longer texts.

Tikal Sans Medium font

7. Metropolis

This is an experimental, distinctive typeface and ideal for retro-futuristic or retro look. The design of this typeface was inspired by industrial movement of 1920’s.


8. Actor

This typeface has tall x-height and requires quite high line spacing. This is more of a workhorse typeface where the digits are created in old style figures.

Actor font

9. Ranger

This is a playful italic typeface which is Colorado inspired and designed by Evan Huwa. The typeface is best suited for vintage book style or bold movie titles.

Ranger font

10. Frontage Outline

With the help of this typeface, one can combine colours and fonts to develop amazing 3D effects. One can make use of capital letters of bold and regular cut or add shadow font to create a wonderful stark effect.

Frontage Outline font

Know About Free High Quality Designer Fonts

A font is a complete set of characters, numerical and special symbols which have the same typeface. Here are some free high quality designer fonts for you to try upon.

Initially there were limited fonts. But as the advent of computers increased and more and more people began to get hooked onto the digital device, they felt a growing monotony with all the documents looking the same. Designers with a creative streak came forth with new and latest fonts to enhance and make their documents look more appealing and stand out from the masses by their special designer fonts. Seeing this growing need, many websites began to provide downloadable links where you could easily download and use free high quality designer fonts. These could be installed into your system and used at any given point of time.

free high quality designer font

This list has only been growing since its inception and will continue to do so in the coming days.

Examples and Tools


This is one of the free high quality designer fonts. It belongs to the family of sans-serif and is very clear and concise. You can download this font for free from the website www.fontsquirrel.com.

Plastic Type

Although Signika is high on clarity, it has a look which caters to the urban professional. For people who prefer more vibrancy, Plastic type is an obvious answer to their prayers. Just like its name suggests, Plastic type is used to create wonderful greeting and invitation cards as well as posters which add a festive aura to them.


Actor is a font which will instantly appeal to you thanks to its height. The digits of these fonts are displayed akin to the ancient figures and this gives them an ethnic look and feel albeit with a breath of freshness added in. You can easily download Actor for free by following the link via Google Web Fonts.


This is another free quality designer font which will surely catch your eye. The only drawback is that it is available only in capital letters and hence its use may be limited to only headings and sub headings. It belongs to the sans serif family and is available for free download from the web.

Frontage Outline

If you wish to enhance the look and add a 3D effect then this font is just apt for you.  This font will work wonders and give you an amazing 3D font ready to use.

Techniques and Best Practices

It is ideal to pay heed to the brochures and other leaflets which you find. Make note of the style which appealed to you. Keep in mind other similar aspects such as what attracted you the most. Was the font readable, was the impact enhancing the entire look of the page or is it marring the effect and washing the designer’s efforts into the drain?

You need to scrutinize each and every aspect and then download the font which will be the most apt. But still, in case you find a font exceptionally appealing then it is advised that you download it and store it for later use. A perfect font can surely work wonders for your document.

Best Infographics Design Fonts for Web Designers

Everyone wonders as to which font web designers normally use or what would be the standard font for web designing. There is the standard usage of fonts done by the web designers all over the world and that makes the role of a web designer for more creative and interactive. In order to select the best Infographics design fonts, you need to check the popular fonts. While writing any script on the website or putting content on CMS, the selection of Font Type and Font size is very important for the web designer. The font type must be like that it should be easy to read for the users, on the other hand the font size and the specific style should not take any additional space on the given web page.

The Basics of Best Infographics Design Fonts

Though there are now thousands of different type fonts available for the designers, there are particularly some of the best Infographic design fonts that are mostly used by the designers. The Infographic fonts are the fonts that are ideal to be used in the graphic designs in order to maintain the theme and functionality of a web page or graphic design.

The use of larger fonts like Didot, Imapct or Arial Bold could be not recommended, as it will increase the page load time and will affect the functionality of the website. The Infographic font developers have made a huge amount of research and have come up with some of the extraordinary fonts that are fit for the graphic scripting or theme scripting in a web page.

Here are some of the best Infographic design fonts that you can try

Myriad Pro Regular:  Font Style

Myriad Pro Regular

League Gothic: It is the typeface of the old Gothic font and now widely popular among the designers. It was first originated by the American Type Founder Company in 1930, but later company discontinued in 1933 and the font remains to be on the books.

League Gothic

Cabin: It is categorized under the classic text fonts under the Sans Serif and are one of the highly downloadable fonts in recent times. It resembles the old classic cabin pore version style fonts. There are more than 10 variants available for Cabin in Bold, Italic, Roman and cross borders.


Corbel: It is a pretty classic and traditional font. Sometimes it reminds of the old used Cambria and Calibri from MS. But the Corbel is sweet, simple with a very soothing font style. Like other fonts there are also many varied versions of the same font available.

Corbel Font

Fedra Sans: It is also a traditional old style font with a simple and formal covering. It is available in 18 different styles. The Fedra Sans regular is quite popular font in entire Europe and even now many web designers use it quite often. It is also a recommended international typography font with its updated versions. It is one of the paid fonts that are available.

Fedra Sans Font

Some of the Most Creative and Unique Typefaces

For designers who feel bored with the continuous usage of regular typefaces, here are some creative and unique typefaces to consider.

Whenever you plan to work on design projects, the very first thing that seizes your attention is Topography. Most of the time, handling of amazing illustrations and professional photo failed to deliver right message to audience. On the other hand, simple texts can accomplish this job in a better manner even without special tricks. This further open up ways for well-planned topography that is very imperative for any design. We reside in an epoch that is surrounded by some of the most sought-after, creative and unique typefaces including Arial, Calibri, Helvetica and Times New Roman. However, it feels quite reprehensible that people rarely get in touch with the value of eternally creative typefaces.

Spectrum of Creative and Unique Typefaces

Majority of people love to download free typefaces for non-commercial use and this is the leading cause why most of the sites have now come up with a broad array of unique fonts. Moreover, you can push for more diverse, appealing and ultimately ingenious typeface landscape. Bearing this in mind, below are mentioned some creative typefaces.

Laurent HW

Trait of this Typeface bears a resemblance to hand-written fonts designed with the use of fountain pen on absorbent paper. Laurent HW portrays a perfect wistful impression of scrawl of schoolchild in practice book.

Laurent HW


This design is enthused by Origram that is simple yet very effectual typeface with evident Asian Influence. Moreover, caress in character ends up at sharp point that goes together with folded papers.



Majority of inks include high ratio of VOCs or ‘Volatile Organic Compound’ and HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants), which are environmentally degrading. Collin Willems, a topographer designed this typeface that gained popularity as an eco font.  Collin aspired to reduce the quantity of ink normally used in printing industry.



Each alphabet in this font is designed as pyramid when viewed from the top. This design is undoubtedly creative and only of its kind.

Pyramid font

Megalopolis Extra

SMeltery, a French Typeface Factory designed this bold and intrepid typeface to bring in some exceptional and creative ligatures. This typeface looks perfectly awesome when it is big and used as poster.

Megalopolis Extra


This typeface is actually a family font embossed with variations in proportional theme, chunky and blocks characters. But, these typefaces lack clarity and crafted from smoke spirals or split milk.

MOD font

Exus Pilot

Exus Pilot font is quite similar to MOD and it is also very attractive and serif font that really adds transparency and abets legibility.

Exus Pilot Font

LDJ Crafty

This is truly a fun and hand-written typeface, which would be just the right alternative for media use.

LDJ Crafty Font

Techniques used for designing Typefaces

When using typefaces, topographer generally uses ‘rule of thumb’ technique and this approach is undeniably true. Other imperative traits that must be brought into consideration when used in one or more documents include:

  • Use contrasting colors and avoid mixing two similar fonts
  • Try to be unswerving when using typefaces
  • Do not make changes in typefaces immediately in paragraph
  • Go for implementation of different sizes as well as weights
  • Implement sans serif for headlines and serif for texts

Brief Letterpress Type Tutorials

Here is some info on the Letterpress Type tutorials that will make your designs more attractive for the users.

Letterpress is an effect which can be designed making use of printing with the help of a hard or raised image which can be embossed making use of pressure and with the help of viscous ink. With the help of Letterpress Type tutorials you can enhance the look and feel of the text and make your designs more presentable and attractive to the users. It is also possible to create Letterpress effects using various multimedia and graphics software.

Letterpress Type Tutorials

Adobe Fireworks is one such software which has wonderful tools and enhanced effects. This software is every designer’s dream and is compatible with almost all Operating Systems. It is also very user-friendly and can be explored to get some excellent images and effects. We can create an excellent Letterpress effect with the help of Adobe Fireworks. The steps for the same are shared below:

  • The first thing you need to do is to create a new document. Ensure that the background color of the canvas is white and the dimensions are set to 500 x 3500 pixels.
  • Now select the rectangle tool which will be used for the background. Press the ‘U’ key on the keyboard (this is the specified shortcut in Fireworks). This tool will create a rectangular vector which will be used for the background. Change the background color to #BBBBBB (grey).
  • Next you will need to create a rectangular container. Once more you need to select the rectangle tool and specify the size to 500 x 350 pixels. Then you can design a texture of your choice. You can set the texture amount as per your choice.
  • Now fill the new rectangle container with grey color once more (#BBBBBB).
  • Select the text tool (Keyboard shortcut key is ‘T’) and select any font you desire. Now type some text.
  • Remove strokes which may exist. Now you can fill up the area with a darker grey. (#939393).
  • Now you can add an inner shadow effect. To do so you need to click on the Properties Panel and click on the Filler Box. From here you can select the Shadow and Glow option and select Inner Shadow.
  • You can then modify the distance, opacity and softness as well as the angel according to your image and text position.
  • You now need to modify the inner shadow color and change it to #555555.
  • You can now use the Drop Shadow Effect from the Properties Panel Filler Box. From this box you can opt for the Shadow and Glow option and from there you can select the Drop Shadow option.
  • Once more you need to change the distance, opacity, softness and the angel as well.
  • You need to modify the Drop Shadow Color to #FFFFFF (white).
  • Save your file and your letterpress effect is complete.

It is amazing but true that you can also create wonderful Letterpress types with the help of Photoshop or Corel Draw as well. With practice, you can explore more advanced options to create and design a Letterpress text or type effect.


Some Free and High-Quality Sans Serif Fonts

Designers need to have a huge library of fonts at their fingertips as these fonts will have huge impact on the design. Discussed here are some free and high quality sans serif fonts for designers to choose.

Serif to a layman means the strokes which are present at the end of the letters in any font. These look visually appealing but besides the aesthetic value they in reality act as a deterrent to reading. Sans Serif fonts therefore are fonts which are without these serifs or extra strokes. There is limited line width variation in sans serif and this makes it easier for the readers to focus on the words rather than get distracted with the design of the letters.

Free and high quality sans serif fonts

During the initial stages Sans Serif was not widely accepted and people limited their use to block headings only. But gradually it is now becoming a norm to use Sans Serif fonts for entire texts in print media as well. In the digital or online media too Sans Serif is now becoming the preferred choice of designers.

As Sans Serif font styles gained precedence, most people began to use the same and after a point the text seemed to resemble a single conventional pattern with no variation. The need was felt to add something new and different in order to stand apart from other pages or brochure designers. Hence the hunt began and need gave way for creative people to create new fonts. Most of these fonts are then offered for free, although there might be a download charge on some of them. Before downloading any font do check out the terms and conditions which are applicable.

Hunting and updating new fonts from the web can become intimidating and you may be forced to give up due to time constraints or other factors. So to make your task easier we are three popular free and high quality sans serif fonts which are available online.

Signika – One of the free and high quality sans serif fonts

Signika is a subtle font which was developed by Anna Giedrys of Poland. The best thing about this font is that it has a low contrast as well as a tall X height which enhances its readability manifold even when the size of the text has been kept considerably small. This font is readable even from a long distance and therefore it is also a hit in the print media as well. Signika has a wide character set which is needed for most of the languages of Europe. It also has the provision to display test in small caps as well as pictograms and arrows too. It also has a bold typeface. You can visit Google Web Fonts where you will find this font available for free download. You may also visit Fontsquirrel from where you can download the font.

Plastic Type

The plastic industry acted as an inspiration for this typeface. Plastic Type makes liberal use of the impression of plastic. This font is cute and has a casual or rather creative look which looks very attractive. You can download this font for free from the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.


Corki is another free downloadable font which can be used to create impressive and eye catching headlines. This font is available in four different styles.

There are a host of other font styles which you can explore and experiment for your numerous online and print projects.

Free Apps for Managing Your Fonts

If you are a hardcore designer and you are always seeking for a wide assortment of font collection, do not worry anymore. Your search has come to an end now and here are some free apps for managing your fonts.

Having several kinds of fonts makes it easy to manage projects and other works where fonts are very important. There are a number of sites that can provide you with easy installation/uninstallation, preview, tag and categorize your fonts. If you have a problem in managing the vast assortment of fonts on your system then here are some free apps for managing your fonts that can help you out. They help in loading the fonts especially at times when the users face difficulty in accessing or downloading them. These are also worthwhile to use.

Free Apps for Managing Your Fonts

Front matrix

This is very easy to operate and is widely useful for Linux users. Currently, it has also been developed to work with Windows OS. This is indeed a great font management tool for all users. Some of its features include:

  • The interface is user friendly.
  • Becomes easier with the feature of tagging.
  • It displays the information relating to a font like its designer, copyright etc.
  • You can customize the application with the script console.


This is a completely free application that helps in organizing the fonts that you have installed in your system. It not only enables the users to tag the fonts with the help of keywords but also provides the opportunity to rate them. The rating will help you to detect your favorite apps out of thousand of apps very easily. It also provides previews of fonts which will make the choice of font very easy.

Some of the useful features include:

  • It helps in tagging the favorite fonts quickly.
  • It also provides you with an insight about the height of the line spacing and spacing between the letters etc.
  • You can make use of this app on any operating system as it is a web app.

Font picker

Font picker is a desktop application that runs on Adobe and it helps in managing and viewing the entire collection of fonts. It is a straight forward and simple app. It can run on almost all the operating systems which support the Adobe AIR framework. This app also has a separate web based version that will help to search in your system for the fonts that are installed. Some of the features include:

  • It can mark fonts as favorites
  • Also easily removes fonts
  • Is user friendly


It provides you with a preview of all the uninstalled and installed fonts of your entire collection. With the help of its character sets, you can filter the fonts. Again, with the Integrated Repair Wizard you can repair the common problem of fonts. External program support is also available.


It is truly a font manager with some of the unique features that you will not find in other programs. FontFrenzy not only helps you to manage your fonts but also allows you to uninstall all the fonts that were not installed with Windows originally. It also allows you to remove the fonts with DeFrenzy. The font manager is user friendly and it also arranges the whole collection of fonts in order.

These are some of the common free apps for managing your fonts.

58 Super Clean & High Quality Fonts for Free Download

Here are 58 free fonts that are super clean and would be great to use in your next minimal style design.

Choosing the right typeface is an important step in any design process. So it’s a good idea to have a selection of high quality fonts in your library. In this post, I’ve listed the best of the best fonts that will help take your designs.

Alte Haas Grotesk


Aurulent Sans

Aller Sans




Birra Stout







Droid Font Family



Engel Light

Existence Light

Fontin Sans



Fertigo Pro


Goudy Bookletter 1911


Jalane Light



League Gothic




Museo Sans





Nadia Serif


Old Sans Black





St Transmission – 200 Thin


Serif Beta








Yanone Kaffeesatz