5 Things You Need to Know About Typography

Several things you need to know about typography include different categories like time period, mood, style and look of lettering. There are different styles like serif, old English, sans serif, decorative, scripts and slab serif.

1. Serif typefaces

This is the most common style used in printing. There are many newspapers, magazines and books that use serif typefaces in the main body. This writing is identified through an extra stroke that is presented at the end of every letter. This can be either decorative or simple. Serifs are drawn through simple fonts and are popular for many applications. This typeface helps in bringing a bolder look along with uniform stroke in the typeface.

Serif typefaces

2. Ascenders vs. Descenders

Ascenders and descenders are known to be the top and bottom part of the letters that fall beyond mid-range of the typeface. Ascenders remain above the letters while descenders are pieces that can be found below the letters. The ascenders and descenders can be short, long, contain serifs, decorative or simple. But one should make sure that they don’t touch line to line. One should use the line height option to make sure that there is distance between the ascenders and descenders.

Ascenders vs. Descenders

3. Kerning and Leading

Kerning and Leading are known to be two most important aspects in typography. If one is able to use them properly then their typography will be much better. Kerning helps the user to adjust spacing between pairs of different letters. This process will help in adjusting the space and make the paragraphs look much better.

Leading is the process that helps in deciding a proper distance between baselines in the lines and the baseline of a specific type. The space between lines of specific type varies and depends on size, application and typeface.

Kerning and Leading

4. Type Measures

The most important thing that comes into the mind while writing the letter forms is that should there be columns forms? And how many letters should be there in a specific line? The point size of the typeface and width of the columns greatly affect its readability. Long lines tend to be tiring and intimidating for the readers. Many times even the short lines with odd breaks hurt the comprehension. Once a person is able to decide the column width properly then it becomes easy to decide the size of column text for optimum reading.

Type Measures

5. Alignment

There has always been confusion in people’s mind when it comes to right, left, justified, or centre alignment. To make it easier one should first look at the language of the typography. Left alignment is known to be the most common around the world and suits all types of texts. Right alignment suits navigational tools and block quotes, while centre alignment is good for elements that don’t have much typing and require large blocks of lines. Justified fills texts from left to right and is a common alignment form in print publishing.


These were the common forms of typography. Understanding the things you need to know about typography will make the letterform readable for the viewers.

Brief Letterpress Type Tutorials

Here is some info on the Letterpress Type tutorials that will make your designs more attractive for the users.

Letterpress is an effect which can be designed making use of printing with the help of a hard or raised image which can be embossed making use of pressure and with the help of viscous ink. With the help of Letterpress Type tutorials you can enhance the look and feel of the text and make your designs more presentable and attractive to the users. It is also possible to create Letterpress effects using various multimedia and graphics software.

Letterpress Type Tutorials

Adobe Fireworks is one such software which has wonderful tools and enhanced effects. This software is every designer’s dream and is compatible with almost all Operating Systems. It is also very user-friendly and can be explored to get some excellent images and effects. We can create an excellent Letterpress effect with the help of Adobe Fireworks. The steps for the same are shared below:

  • The first thing you need to do is to create a new document. Ensure that the background color of the canvas is white and the dimensions are set to 500 x 3500 pixels.
  • Now select the rectangle tool which will be used for the background. Press the ‘U’ key on the keyboard (this is the specified shortcut in Fireworks). This tool will create a rectangular vector which will be used for the background. Change the background color to #BBBBBB (grey).
  • Next you will need to create a rectangular container. Once more you need to select the rectangle tool and specify the size to 500 x 350 pixels. Then you can design a texture of your choice. You can set the texture amount as per your choice.
  • Now fill the new rectangle container with grey color once more (#BBBBBB).
  • Select the text tool (Keyboard shortcut key is ‘T’) and select any font you desire. Now type some text.
  • Remove strokes which may exist. Now you can fill up the area with a darker grey. (#939393).
  • Now you can add an inner shadow effect. To do so you need to click on the Properties Panel and click on the Filler Box. From here you can select the Shadow and Glow option and select Inner Shadow.
  • You can then modify the distance, opacity and softness as well as the angel according to your image and text position.
  • You now need to modify the inner shadow color and change it to #555555.
  • You can now use the Drop Shadow Effect from the Properties Panel Filler Box. From this box you can opt for the Shadow and Glow option and from there you can select the Drop Shadow option.
  • Once more you need to change the distance, opacity, softness and the angel as well.
  • You need to modify the Drop Shadow Color to #FFFFFF (white).
  • Save your file and your letterpress effect is complete.

It is amazing but true that you can also create wonderful Letterpress types with the help of Photoshop or Corel Draw as well. With practice, you can explore more advanced options to create and design a Letterpress text or type effect.


Brace Yourself for some Creative Typography Art Ideas

One of the most unique and creative fields of work that is increasingly becoming popular in the recent times is that of art and graphic design. This field has opened doors to many business enterprises and given work to millions. But it is a work that needs patience and intelligence because only then will you be able to succeed. The interesting fact about this work is that one fine morning you wake to have a particular design in your head and that may create a world record but the other fact is that these ideas are hard to come by.

This does not mean you will have to be demoralized. In fact with the various softwares available today you can well carry on with your work daily because there is a demand for this work.

Apple’s Steve Jobs was one of the first people to actually link typography with the computers that we use today. Of course creative typography art ideas are not that easy to execute as it looks. It needs special training and the person who will do the work will have to work with various fonts, interfaces, spacing, line length and various other features.

creative typography art ideas

Application of creative typography art ideas

Since this work is a beautiful art you will need the mind of an artist. For those who are new to this thing they can use the different kinds of software(s) that are available in the market to get used to the work. Following are some of the reasons why there is so much demand for this work:

  • There are unlimited complexities in the geometries which can be simplified by this process and that is why the designs and logos are generally ordered for people who have knowledge in this field.
  • There is software called Selective Laser Sintering which helps to finish the required work without any extra attention paid to the finishing part.
  • The models which the person will be working with can be created in a few days because the speed at which the work is done is very high. So you will not have to worry about the delivery.
  • The creative typography art ideas have led to increased popularity of the companies who have taken this kind of service. With the different kinds of word fonts and the logos it has been a new dawn of the era of designing.

With the advent of modern technology it is now possible to get digitalized typography done and there are lots of professional designers who are working with this technology. Compared to the manual work the creative typography art ideas have been explored to a whole new level after the digitalization in this field.