10 Places to Find Free Vector Graphics

Vector graphics help to preserve or enhance the quality of images. Developers can get vector images at various sites, but searching for the best places to find free vector graphics can be a difficult task. However, most of these sources provide vectors in different formats for easy and quick customisation.

1. 123 Free Vectors

Visitors at the website have a great chance to find free vector graphics according to their requirement as it has a good stock of great vectors. There are three pages dedicated to feature about 800 vector graphics published on the website.

123 Free Vectors

2. Dezignus

The vastness of collection at Dezignus is evident from 22+ pages of free vector graphics. It also offers brushes, backgrounds/textures, icons, wallpapers, etc.


3. Free Vector Graphics.Net

This website has vector graphics of a selection of themes such as Nature, Icon, Abstract and several others. Since it features selective themes, the quality of them is very good. It is interactive and allows users to post comments, hints and tips on vectors.

Free Vector Graphics.Net

4. Free Vectors.Net

It has indexed catalogue for vector graphics and makes searching for desired artwork easy for users. The website facilitates submission of any number of vectors designed by users who also link to vectors that are not present at the site.

Free Vectors.Net

5. QVectors

It is a showcase for all types of free graphic vectors from all across the web. This website also supports uploading of vector graphics by users who can gain recognition and exposure as a result.


6. Vecteeezy

It should not be mistaken due to its strange name. This website is a very good to find free vector graphics. It has a vast collection of cool vectors that include everything from glossy icons to animal mascots. It is updated weekly and allows visitors to upload their vectors too.


7. Vector Art.Org

It houses great collection of free vectors that are available in various formats. Users can easily search for graphics and even vote for the one they think is the best.

Vector Art.Org

8. Vector Portal

All the vector graphics offered by the vast database of Vector Portal possess Creative Common License. The vectors can be freely used by users for any purpose. Interestingly, it claims to have registered 2 million downloads to date. Users also get designs for advertisements, business cards, CD labels, flyers, etc.

Vector Portal

9. Vector Valley

Users must visit Vector Valley to find free vector graphics in different formats such as AI, CDR, EPS, SVG, etc. Most importantly, the website offers Illustrators Profiles, Vector Tutorials and other beneficial programmes.

Vector Valley

10. VectorTuts+

It is blogging website dedicated to articles, tutorials and other such things related to vectors. It contains five pages of artwork with the focus on high-quality vector graphics. As it is a blogging site, users can post their ideas and comments.


Brace Yourself for some Creative Typography Art Ideas

One of the most unique and creative fields of work that is increasingly becoming popular in the recent times is that of art and graphic design. This field has opened doors to many business enterprises and given work to millions. But it is a work that needs patience and intelligence because only then will you be able to succeed. The interesting fact about this work is that one fine morning you wake to have a particular design in your head and that may create a world record but the other fact is that these ideas are hard to come by.

This does not mean you will have to be demoralized. In fact with the various softwares available today you can well carry on with your work daily because there is a demand for this work.

Apple’s Steve Jobs was one of the first people to actually link typography with the computers that we use today. Of course creative typography art ideas are not that easy to execute as it looks. It needs special training and the person who will do the work will have to work with various fonts, interfaces, spacing, line length and various other features.

creative typography art ideas

Application of creative typography art ideas

Since this work is a beautiful art you will need the mind of an artist. For those who are new to this thing they can use the different kinds of software(s) that are available in the market to get used to the work. Following are some of the reasons why there is so much demand for this work:

  • There are unlimited complexities in the geometries which can be simplified by this process and that is why the designs and logos are generally ordered for people who have knowledge in this field.
  • There is software called Selective Laser Sintering which helps to finish the required work without any extra attention paid to the finishing part.
  • The models which the person will be working with can be created in a few days because the speed at which the work is done is very high. So you will not have to worry about the delivery.
  • The creative typography art ideas have led to increased popularity of the companies who have taken this kind of service. With the different kinds of word fonts and the logos it has been a new dawn of the era of designing.

With the advent of modern technology it is now possible to get digitalized typography done and there are lots of professional designers who are working with this technology. Compared to the manual work the creative typography art ideas have been explored to a whole new level after the digitalization in this field.

10 Places to Find Absolutely Free Vector Graphics

Vector graphics allow the preservation of quality within an image. These graphics at times offer superior quality over the traditional (raster) image formats, such as Bitmap. This means that if you were to view a vector and bitmap image next to each other, as you zoomed in you’ll be able to see that the bitmap image will suffer from pixelation while the vector graphic’s quality will remain intact.

Here are 10 of the top sites where you’ll be able to grab absolutely free vector graphics that allow editing in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Most of these sites offer free vectors in several formats for quick and easy customization. Sites that showcase high-quality vectors can be a bit hard to find now-a-days, this is why we’ve done the job for you and assembled this collection for your enjoyment.


Vecteezy rants that although it may have a “stupid name” it still has a great selection of cool vectors. This site is updated on a weekly basis and offers the option of uploading your vectors as well. Vecteezy houses a wide variety of vectors, anything from animal mascots to glossy icons.


QVectors showcases all sorts of free quality vectors from all over the web. Very much like Vecteezy, on this site you’re also able to submit your vector work allowing you to gain exposure and recognition. Most of the files are in EPS format and licensed under Creative Commons.

123 Free Vectors

Free Vector Graphics

This site offers a high quality stock of vectors with categories ranging from animal to vintage. You’ll encounter three pages of creative graphics carrying over 791+ free vectors.

Free Vector Graphics.Net

As its name states freevectorgraphics.net contains a select collection of vectors through categories such as Abstract, Icon, Nature, and more. The site aims to be interactive as well, as it allows you to leave comments, tips, and hints on available vectors.

Vector Valley

Vector Valley is a vectorial gallery showcasing quality graphics and artworks in various formats such as EPS, AI, CDR, and SVG. Check out the site because they claim to commence the offering of Vector Tutorials, Illustrators Profiles, and more.

Vector Portal

Vector Portal is a huge database containing large quantities of vector files offered through the Creative Commons License. Users are allowed to freely use the artwork for whatever purpose they choose. To date the site states to have over 2 million downloads. Not only are you able to download vectors, however you’re also able to grab free designs for flyers, ads, cd labels, business cards and more.

Free Vectors.Net

This site offers an easily searchable and indexed catalogue of vector graphics. Their goal is to make the vectors as easy to search as possible. You can also participate on the site by submitting any possible vectors you’ve created or links to vectors you haven’t seen stocked on the site.


VectorTuts is mainly a blog dedicated to tutorials, articles, and all things vectors. It also has over 5 pages of artwork that focuses on high-quality free vector graphics. For the most part this site being a blog this allows you to leave your trace of thoughts in the form of comments on their collection of vectors.

Vector Art.Org

VectorArt.org houses a great selection of free vector graphics downloadable in several file formats including (but not limited) to EPS and AI. You’re easily able to scan for graphics while being able to vote for the artwork you believe is the top notch.


Apart from the cool site design Dezignus offers 22+ pages of high-quality vector graphics absolutely free. Scan through various categories for a quick find of the right vector graphic you’re looking for. You can also find wallpapers, textures/backgrounds, Photoshop brushes, icons and much more.