Why You Need a Marketing Workflow

Marketing teams have to be adaptable: they’re constantly adjusting to new clients, tools, and audiences. But sometimes they get a little too used to the chaos, and start believing that creative work feels out of control simply by nature.

Work processes get a bad rap. It’s true that a flawed workflow can mire your team in needless handoffs, circular approvals, and maddening red tape. But a good workflow can make your team more efficient, clarify roles and responsibilities, and create a reliable system so everyone can focus on being creative.
Why You Need a Marketing Workflow
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Men Vs Women: Social Media and Gender

Most of us wonder about the differences between women and men regarding social media networking. It has recently been proved that women are more influential and more present in social which proves that male domination, when it comes to technology is diminishing slowly. Recent stats also show that women are more prominent in the social media world as they are proven to have more interaction when compared to men and also that they have more followers and friends than men.

This Infographic presents some of the fascinating facts and the differences between the men and women with regard to the use of social media platforms.


Men vs. Women – The Social Media Championship

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Free Vector Infographic Elements for Better Visualization

“Infographic” is the buzz word in today’s growing Internet frenzy world and there have been infographics doing rounds all over the web that focus on myriad facts and theories across the world that define businesses and consumer behavior. However, vector elements play a major role in the overall presentation of the Infographics and breathe in new life to the traditional maps, charts, icons and graphics. The set of vector elements for the infographics will definitely help in enhancing the way want it to visualize. This Infographic offers a brief description of the role of vector elements in the making of an Infographic.


Free Vector Infographic Elements