SMEs Get Hybrid Cloud from Zynstra

Zynstra, the UK based company that offers Cloud infrastructure solutions, has come out with a new hybrid cloud solution for SMEs.

It has been designed in a unique way and provides the SMEs with an alternative to the hand-me-down product.

Recently the company’s CloudVelocity had come out with a hybrid to its Cloud solution and brought an application that helps the users to accelerate the Cloud adoption. CEO of Zynstra said that they have come up with this new application to provide the small enterprises with a competitive advantage and remove the blocks that they face while dealing with the IT part in their business.


This product will help them get services of both the traditional IT as well as Cloud services.

This product helps in standardizing the customer implementation and reduces the high costs related with the IT technology. It will help in keeping all the software up to date and reduce any kind of failure in the work of the enterprise.

This will be installed through HP ProLiant and delivered through IT service providers. Zynstra focuses on delivering proper IT infrastructure and enhanced security through anti-phishing, anti-malware, firewalls, intrusion detection, domain control and file storage, etc.

The updated features of BlackBerry OS 10.2

A new update is coming up for Blackberry users with improved features. In this next major update the OS10.2 platform of Blackberry will have enhanced UI support. It will also have improved BBM channels and support for the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean applications. Along with this the updated version also includes BB10 camera app. This app helps the users to fully remove the shutter sound of camera that was not possible in previous versions. The users required some third party application to silence their camera shutter sound. With the click sound no more the users will be able to take pictures with more freedom.

BlackBerry OS 10.2

Micheal Clewley the manager of Blackberry Product had made these announcements in his BBM channel. He said that if the user profile had been set on silent mode then the shutter sound of camera will also be silenced. This will surely be appreciated by the users who like to click the pictures without attracting the stares of other people around them. There are lockscreen notifications, native Evernote app, WiFi Direct in this new version. The release time of OS 10.2 has still not been announced.

Updated Google Maps Releases for Android

Google Play Store finally features the revamped Google Maps for users of Android 4.0.3 or higher.

The updated Google Maps was first revealed at Google I/O developers’ conference that was held about two months ago. The update has made Google Maps even cleaner and fresher for Android users; much like the Maps has been for iOS users. The redesigned Maps was released for Apple devices late last year.

Updated Google Maps Releases for Android

The updated Google Maps offer live incident reports and traffic updates. Google Maps is now capable of dynamic rerouting course for the users, who now get an Explorer feature to search and locate local attractions. With the help of the Explorer, users will be able to easily browse for popular local eateries, inns, shops, pubs, etc. and locate the same.

Despite the popularity and acceptance that Google Maps enjoys, the incorporation is progressively active, which is evident from the acquisition of crowd-sourced map application Waze for whopping $1.1 billion. Certain features of it can obviously be expected to be incorporated into Google Maps soon.

Eager users will not have to wait for long as Mountain View has declared to release Google Maps update in the coming weeks.

BlackBerry 10.1 released for Z10 running on AT&T

BlackBerry has released its operating system BlackBerry 10.1 for Z10 that runs on AT&T network. The updated OS is in par with the latest updates on other OS and features HDR photography, Skype support, improved Hub and notification, etc. The BlackBerry 10.1 is available over the air and it can also be downloaded from the source link.

Although the QWERTY Q10 was launched after the touch-smart Z10, the OS update BlackBerry 10.1 was released for the former first. However, those who were annoyed by this move of BB have the good news. The main objective of blackberry 10.1 was to enhance the support for the hardware keypad and comparatively small OLED screen, which are getting rarer by the day. However, BB 10.1 introduces many improvements for the touch-sensitive Z10. Contact suggestion, support for emails with attached messages, ability to copy contacts from or into the dialler, etc. are some of the features of new BlackBerry 10.1.

BlackBerry 10.1

BlackBerry Z10 has 44.2-inch, 1280×768 pixel display with non-gorilla glass. It also features 2-megapixel front camera and 8-megapixel rear camera with other hardware facilities. However, it remains to be seen that how the phone upon which the fate of BlackBerry depends will fare in the market dominated by Samsung and Apple.

Microsoft Says Windows 8.1 to Be Market-Ready by End of August

After coming out recently with Windows 8.1’s preview version, software biggie Microsoft says that by “late August” this year, they will be ready to give away the final version of the OS to all the major PC makers.

On Monday, Tami Reller, Windows CFO, was quoted in saying at the WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) of Microsoft that the latest version of the OS will get finalized by “late August” and will be readily available to the OEMs. She didn’t reveal anything about when the end users will be ready to make that upgrade, but one can expect the OS to hit the market before the holidays.


At the WPC, Microsoft spent a lot of time demonstrating their latest offering across tablets, desktops, notebooks and to the extent of streaming content in an Xbox One directly from a PC.

The latest update does not feature a lot of surprises but Microsoft wasn’t far from highlighting the Miracast that allows transmission to compatible displays from devices, much like the AirPlay.

RTM or Release To Manufacturing date of end August implies that their latest OS will be featuring majority of the new updates that will be launched by Microsoft later this year.

iCloud Beta Gets iWork from Apple to Free the Developer Accounts

Last month in the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple had announced that it would be bringing iWork document on Web. The early beta feature had been available for the paid subscribers but now it seems that the company is also focusing on the developers who want free access.

This is yet another step from Apple in its expansion ideas. Previously Apple had sent some emails to registered users and invited them to try the new version of this Web-based service. The registration of this service hardly takes two minutes through company’s website. The rollout has just started and getting in won’t be easy in the initial phase.

iCloud Beta Gets iWork

The Pages, Numbers, or Keynote that are created on iOS or Mac devices can be easily synced with the iCloud account. This makes it easy to download them anywhere. It also makes it easy to edit them and is also compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome.

But when compared with other rival service providers like the Microsoft office web apps and Google Docs this features lacks real time tools. There is a public beta version that would be coming out by the end of the year with the iOS7 and Mavericks.

Upcoming Moto X supports full customisation

Motorola has revealed the details of its upcoming mobile device called Moto X, which will be launched with fully customisable looks. Customers will be able to purchase phones with personalised colour and engravings on the body. The customisation of phones will be done at Google’s factory in Texas. Buyers can specify their preferences through a website, where there is a palette of colours for the black case and the trim. Buyers can even state any text to be engraved on the mobile phone or send a personal image to be uploaded as wallpaper.

The customisability is offered only for the exterior of the phone. Although technical configuration cannot be customised, Moto X does offer multiple storage options. Hardware sensors incorporated to the phone could win the game for the Moto X, which is capable of recognising state of driving and switch to speakerphone automatically. Besides, it has additional voice-based features that leverage Google’s voice recognition technology.

Moto X is being test run on Android 4.2.2 by Verizon and other carriers. The device will be available for purchase soon and the customised models will be delivered within a few days from purchase order.

Two OS Smartphones launched by Mozilla

Two new Smartphones have been released by Mozilla that will run on Firefox operating system. The details of these phones had been unveiled in February at Mobile World Congress. For the initial phase of the release Mozilla has gone into partnership with Telefonica. These phones will be carrying open source OS in HTML platform have been designed by Alcatel and ZTE. They are priced at an affordable rate and have slim touch screen design. The Alcatel One Touch Fire and ZTE Open have all the smartphone amenities like phone calls, email, maps, camera, Web browsing, and email. The users also get the option to download different apps in these smartphones. Though the phones get expandable memory through micro SD card their internal storage space remains on the lower side.

The phones don’t have HD screen but come with 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and Adreno 200 graphics card. The open source system of Firefox will be competing with Android and providing the users with a unique experience. The smartphones have been developed under HTML5 and Mozilla is hoping that this will help the developers to produce interesting apps. The phones will surely get developer attention but one should still wait and see the longevity and performance of these smartphones.

VP9 video codec added in the Chrome build

Google has now enabled the VP9 video codec in Chrome dev channel. This will enable the users of this browser to use the technology and see next-gen compression technology in an entirely different manner. Google had announced in the month of May that it was planning to finish the development of VP9 by June 17. The production of VP9 was finished on time and it is now available on latest version of Chrome and one can also use see it in YouTube. VP9 technology falls under WebM project and it frees the Web Codecs from any royalty constraints. Though the WebM had been released by Google three years back but it is rarely used and H.264 has proved to be one of the most popular apps for video codec.

VP9 video codec
The main aim of this project is speeding up the video compression technology and also makes it smoother. The WebM is totally free and is based on the BSD-style license. VP9 is much better than H.264 and helps the users to use half of the bandwidth on an average while watching a video. Google is still working on refining this technology and aims at making tools that will help the web developers. releases the new reliable chartroom tool for the WordPress Users

The recent creation of the special chatroom tool for all the WordPress Marketers comes as a major addition to the sharing and blogging tips provided by Chatwing Department Team a week ago. This new chat tool comes with new features like the chatroom linking, perpetual message history, social media advantage, etc. The software comes with major customization options as well. The reason for the launch of this chatroom widget was due to the increased demand for these features recently. The company utilized the feedbacks received from the users and compiled their suggestions to create this competitive widget which is aimed to provide a better exposure as well as visibility for the wordpress websites.


It would take only a few seconds to install this chat software on a WordPress powered website. One of the key things which make this a great tool is that the users would not be required to pay anything to use this software. Besides that it’s far easier to start using it after the initial installation as one does not require confirming or activating the software. It needs to be said that is among those who have specialized in the field of website live chat software today. The widgets released previously are run on thousands of blogs today and making it much easier for the website owners to enhance the user experience.