Best Maintenance Plugins of WordPress

In order to notify visitors that you are still working on the engines, you can select from these best maintenance plugins of WordPress, about regular upgrades or changes to your website. You can choose to inform manually with the help of customized maintenance templates or by using maintenance mode plugins of WordPress. Here is a list of some of the best under construction plugins which you will find helpful.

Ultimate Coming Soon Page

This simple plugin lets you to set up a launch page, which is visible only to non-logged in visitors as “Coming Soon”, while you work on your website. It is customizable and flexible with WordPress themes.


This plugin allows you to set up a temporary “503 Service temporarily unavailable” page, which can be modified with the help of plugin settings. You can customize this page by adding the website’s logo, text or by setting background images and colors.

Ultimate Under Construction

This displays a holding page of “Under Construction” for the non-admin users of the site, while allowing you work on a live server. You can carry out your work, without having to worry about its impact. With its effective customization, you can set different background colors or let advanced users access a part of customized HTML block.

Ultimate Maintenance Mode

This plugin is simple to use and some of its best features include creating customized headline, message and a background image. With this plugin, you can display your site’s screenshot with a superimposed window as background and a message stating the reason. You can work while the visitors see the Maintenance Mode page.

Best Maintenance Plugins of WordPress


This plugin helps in setting up a coming soon page that is displayed to non-logged in users of WordPress. New sites which are under development and are soon going to be online, will find this plugin very useful.

Site Maintenance

This plugin sends a ‘503 Service Unavailable’ message when your website is set in maintenance mode, to the unauthenticated users. This is very effective in preventing the loss of existing content of your website from search engines. Also, your site will not lose rankings while under maintenance.


This helps in creating a ‘Coming Soon’ page which will be visible to the users of your site who are not logged in. With this plugin, you can develop a website on live server, while keeping it hidden from everyone else.

WP Coming Soon

You can set a ‘Coming Soon’ page, along with a countdown clock within your webpage or a page template. It helps in notifying your users, exactly when you will be back.

WP Maintenance Mode

You can put a maintenance page on your site, to notify the visitors that your blog site is under maintenance. Users of the blog, having theme-options rights can get complete site access. This plugin lets you set a countdown for date or a specific value to inform the visitors.


This allows the admin to take a website offline, while allowing access to administrators and authorized users. You can show or redirect the visitors to a particular offline page.

15 Very Essential WordPress Plugins for Improving Websites

To manage your website better, check out these 15 essential WordPress plugins. Once you’ve started using WordPress for your website, you need to take the help of plugins for improving the performance of your work. Plugins prove to be very useful in fixing many problems and help save your time. There are a number of WordPress plugins available online and most of them can be downloaded for free. Here’s a list of some important WordPress plugins.

1. Captcha

This is a security measure that helps protect your website from spam comments. It poses math questions to know whether the visitor is human or just a spam program.

2. Jetpack

This plugin by WordPress caters to many admin needs. It provides simple stats, lets visitors subscribe for your site’s posts, and integrates social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

3. Shareaholic

You can embed social sharing options with customized display. Other features include content recommendation, analytics tools and share counts.

4. WP-DraftsForFriends

This plugin lets you create a link which you can send to show a draft of your work to someone without making them account users. You can set the time of expiry for this link.

5. Leaflet Maps Marker

With this map plugin, you can easily share, organize or pin a map on your website. Maps from Google Maps, Bing Maps, Google Earth and OpenStreetMap can be used.

Essential WordPress Plugins

6. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This free plugin comes with amazing features that enhance performance. You can compare your scores and check the strength of your SEO.

7. Broken Link Checker

This plugin monitors your site automatically, by searching for broken links within the pages, posts or comments. It notifies and changes these links and also prevents them from being found by search engines.

8. Digg Digg

This plugin allows the readers to share your posts. You will find an increase in traffic, when you allow your visitors to share the posts.

9. After the Deadline

This useful plugin makes your work easier by checking grammatical errors of your posts and saves time.

10. XML Sitemaps

As the name goes, this plugin helps in creating the Site map for your website within a minute with just a single click.

11. Subscribe To Comments

This plugin helps in connecting with your readers better. When they leave a comment or ask for something on your site, this plugin notifies the reader that their query has been replied. This draws readers back to your website.

12. WP-PageNavi

This plugin replaces the older and newer posts of your webpage with relevant links that are customizable and creative.

13. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin helps keeping your website spam free. It defends your blog posts from spammers by guarding the comment section.

14. All in One Favicon

Create customized icons that are displaced next to your website’s name on tabs or bookmarked pages for giving a professional touch to your site.

15. W3 Total Cache

This plugin helps in reducing the time of page load and downloads. It improves your websites performance immensely by providing immediate page views.

10 Best WordPress Plug-ins for Advertising

Your blogs on WordPress will receive absolutely 100% responsive advertisements by means of using the improved advertising plug-ins. In fact, the blogs are properly managed at WordPress in an integrated manner so that the targeted community can have a view at your blogs posted. The plug-ins are mainly used for managing the advertisements on one hand and for accelerating the online promotion of your blogs so that you can receive more and more viewers from your targeted community. The most important activities by the plug-ins include ad management, ad space selling, ad display and many more.

1. OLO publisher

OLO publisher features include unlimited site use, automatic sales process, tracking impressions and clicks, affiliate programs, standalone scripts, text ads or banner ads supporting, Ad networking, 3rd party running, empty slot default ad showing, sidebar widgets, unlimited ad-zones, integrated codes and others.

2. AdPress

AdPress is mainly used for ad management of WordPress and includes text ad, flash and image supporting, PayPal integration, purchase history, comprehensive analytics, automatic selling process, ad previews and analytic access to clients.

3. WP PRO Advertising System

WP PRO Advertising System is mainly concerned in campaign managing and status checking along with the management of banners, advertisers and ad zones. It mainly includes 4 ad-zone managing ways, monitor statistics, option of responsive ad-zone, 3 methods of adding banners and more.

4. Banner Manager Pro

Banner Manager Pro provides the easiest and advanced solutions for banner and advertisement management. Some useful features are easy usage, 8 types of pre-set seizes of banners, direct ad space selling to advertisers, payment gateways, ad insertion by means of HTML, PHP or short code, Sale and managing of advertisers with admin options.

Best WordPress Plug-ins for Advertising

5. Nice Notifications

Nice notifications are fully responsive in nature and thus can easily attract more targeted customers towards the posted advertisements. The notification bars are added with widgets and can be fully customized along with animation support.

6. WP Header Bar

WP Header bar is fully responsive and includes page-level targeting, A/B split-testing, and supportive to custom CSS and HTML, social share and follow buttons, and list providers of mailing like Get Response, Aweber and others.

7. WP125

WP125 is used for random or manual ordering, the ad running tenure selection, e-mail notifications, ad click tracking, template widgets and tag supporting and slot holding for ads.

8. AdRotate

AdRotate mainly deals with the rotation of the existing ads and is mainly concerned with some special features including tracking impressions and clicks, regular updates, ad groups, ad and image supporting, simple view of dashboard and using networks of third-party ads.

9. Simple Ads Manager

Simple Ads Manager helps in the selection of the space where the das will be displayed and also leads to the altering of ads weighting. Other features are default ad selection, widget and short code support, support of Google DoubleClick and more.

10. Wp-Insert

Wp-Insert relates with tracking and managing of scripts along with ad insertion, clicking legal pages, geographical targeting and lots more.

10 Best Free Statistics Plug-ins for WordPress

You can surely get to know about the actual counts of the visitors to your WordPress blog by the use of the statistics plug-in and along with that you can also frame a great idea regarding the popularity and prosperity of your blog. In fact, this is one of the best tools of determining the perfect visitor count to your site or blog which might increases the chances of customers from your specific targeted community. Different real-time information can be collected about search keywords, spiders, visitors, browsers, feeds, OS and others.

1. JetPack

Your WordPress blog or site can be super-charged by the specialized statistics calculating plug-in called JetPack and your site can be provided with the cloud-based power to a great extent.

2. WassUp Real-time Analytics

WassUp Real-time Analytics is one of the most important plug-ins which is highly related with the accurate tracking of the visitors on real-time. It is mainly a fancy admin console and highly readable visitor tracker that provides you detailed count and view of the perfect visitors at your site. It can also be utilized for either statistics maniacs or SEO.

3. kStats Reloaded

kStats reloaded is being used for tracking the whereabouts and details of the visitors especially in case if the visitors are getting routed from any other blog, site or search engine. The info about unique visitors can also be gained including their page views, WordPress site indexing and crawlers’ visit.

4. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is being represented as the primary plug-in which remains as the best statics tool within the site of WordPress dashboard. WordPress admin mainly leads to the tracking of analytics data using graphs and colors.

Free Statistics Plug-ins for WordPress

5. W3Counter

W3Counter includes addition of blog theme tracking code apart from easy stats view and also leads to the utilization of labeling feature of W3Counter’s visitors. The cookie stores those visitors’ names who have commented to your WordPress blog.

6. Search Meter

Search meter mainly lards to the searching of those objects that your visitors are actually looking for. It reveals complete details about last day stats, recent searches, and monthly or weekly stats.

7. Post-Analytics

Post-Analytics provides absolutely dedicated support by including per post and per page Google analytics, keyword cloud, admin or user visibility, permalinks structure, light-weight code, custom styling and CSS, and easy plug-in.

8. StatPress

StatPress is a powerful plug-in of WordPress that highly supports globalization, fast data-visualization, clean and easy interface, full support, system of blogger structure, and interactive graphs. It gathers information about the search keywords, browsers, spiders and visitors.

9. ExtraWatch Heatmap

ExtraWatch Heatmap represents real-time tracking of visitors including live demonstration for increasing revenues and visitors, detection of traffic sources, protection, accessibility and data privacy.

10. Meta Slider

Meta slider is a pro-version based plug-in which is mainly used for adding images and incorporate the slide show of the same.

6 Plug-ins to Make WordPress Website Load Faster

The following plug-ins to make WordPress website load faster ensure that a pleasant experience gets delivered every time a user visits the site and hence guaranteeing re-visits down the line.

1. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache

This one is referred to as the WPO (WordPress Performance Optimization) framework that is designed to improve page speed and user experience. It helps in decreasing the site’s load speed by caching, that in turn decreases the server load. This means that the hosting site has very little to do in making the site quicker. The user experience gets improved by increasing the performance of the server, reducing download duration and delivering transparent CDN (content delivery network) integration.

2. Plug-in Performance Profiler (P3)

Plug-in Performance Profiler

This brilliant plug-in does not help in improving the load speed of a page but helps the developer in finding out the list of plug-ins that are slowing down the WordPress website. Such plug-ins can be easily located and weeded out by P3’s amazing scanning feature. A profile gets created for the performance of a particular plug-in by measuring its impact on the site’s load time.

3. WP Database Optimizer

WP Database Optimizer

Sometime developers feel that they have outgrown their old plug-ins and posts and hence delete them from the WordPress websites. But small fragments of these gets left behind, only to slow down the loading time of the website. WP Database Optimizer can be used in treating such problems as it helps in removing those leftover fragments before optimizing the website.

4. WP Minify

WP Minify

This neat plug-in reduces the load time of pages drastically. Different CSS codes get combined into one so as to execute it at once. Besides, it also helps to remove unused code and unnecessary white spaces from loading. GZip encoding is also performed by this plug-in. WP Minify grabs CSS/ JS files in the generated WordPress page and transfers that list to the Minify engine. It then returns a minified, compressed and consolidated script.

5. WP

wp smush

It can prove to be quite a useful one if one is having a lot of pictures on their WordPress websites. This plug-in helps in reducing the size of the images automatically thereby enabling the page to load faster. WP is a must for anyone dealing with a gallery blog or a photography website.

6. Free CDN

To put it simply, this plug-in is like any other server. It helps in loading the images, CSS and java- scripts much faster and reduces the pressure on the hosting server as well. Bandwidth usage can be reduced by this plug-in, resulting in saving up of more money. Busy websites who are engaged in transferring static content like Java scripts, images, style sheets etc. is recommended highly in using a CDN.

Top 10 WordPress Widget Plugins for efficient CMS

There are various advantages of WordPress as a Content Management System and widget plugins are one of those perks. The best WordPress widget plugins help in extensive customisation such as addition, subtraction and rearrangement.

1. Add Link to Facebook Widget

This plugin requires setup and customisation only once, after which it updates links of the WordPress page or post automatically to Facebook. The appearance of the link at Facebook status can be customised by users.

Add Link to Facebook Widget

2. Dynamic Widgets

It is completely efficient to control which pages should have the widgets and which should not have them. Conditional logic rules can be set to display or hide widgets dynamically on WordPress pages.

Dynamic Widgets

3. Facebook Members Widget

It is the simplest means to functionally incorporate Facebook ‘Like’ box and Facebook Recommendation Bar to WordPress website. The attractive and personalized box and bar are good to gain ‘Likes’ for Facebook page from the website. All the social activities regarding the website can be monitored with it.

Facebook Members Widget

4. Google Maps Widget

Business websites require it to provide access to Google Maps for convenient tracking of physical location by the users. The widget displays single and fast loading image of Google Maps which can be enlarged with a click on the light box.

Google Maps Widget

5. Image Widget

It is a great widget plugin that is also simple at the same time. It can add images to the sidebar with the help of the local WordPress media manager. It enables users to override the templates for their themes.

Image widget

6. Slick Contact Forms Widget

It helps developers to create contact forms easily with sticky sliding tab or floating dropdown button for any location on the website. The location of the tab or the button can be set from the control panel of the widget.

Slick Contact Forms Widget

7. Special Recent Posts Widget

It is a very powerful tool to beautifully display recent posts with thumbnails. Thumbnails can be dynamically resized to any dimension. Besides, it allows dragging and configuring multiple widgets instances according to specific settings.

Special Recent Posts Widget

8. Testimonials Widget

As its name clearly suggest, this widget plugin can be used to randomly display selected portfolio, reviews and texts with images. Testimonial Widget content can also be inserted via theme functions and short code with tag selection, category and multiple display options.

Testimonials Widget

9. Twitter Widget Pro

Developers can manage Twitter feeds and parse URLs, @usernames and #tags into links and displaying images. It also helps users to control the display of date and time or the duration since last feed was fed.

Twitter Widget Pro

10. WP Widget Cache

This widget plugin caches all the outputs of blog widgets and reduces the numbers of SQL queries to the database to improve the speed of the site. It is even better for websites that have multitude of large widget plugins.

WP Widget Cache

Developers can easily install and activate any of these widget plugins and improve the functionality of their websites.

Top 10 Highly Popular WordPress Plugins

WordPress has definitely scaled up the world of blogging and has been used for maintaining self hosted websites. WordPress comes in with loads of features, and most important among them being the plugin option. Plugins are used by websites to find new readers everyday and also encourages old readers to make a U-turn. Here are the 10 highly popular WordPress plugins.

1. Akismet

This is a highly popular WordPress plugin which every WordPress user out there should install. It acts as a filter for the spam comments and then sends them to the “spam” folder, where the user can moderate them as per their wish. They could check them before publishing or configure the settings so as to auto-delete them after a certain period of time.


2. Online Backup for WordPress

It is not a good idea to depend solely on one’s host for backups, so backing up one’s own site is a must. This plugin backs up the entire website and stores it in an online database free of cost. Unlike other plugins for backing up, this one encrypts the data so as to protect it all the time.

Online Backup for WordPress

3. WPtouch

Internet navigation these days is performed heavily by mobile and smartphone devices. There are a number of plugins to create app like site for one’s WordPress website and the most popular among these is WPtouch. The reason for this to be popular is highly customizable and is pretty user-friendly feature.


4. SEO Title Tag

This plugin helps in configuring the title tags quite easily, which also helps in boosting one’s ranking in Google.

SEO Title Tag

5. Digg Digg

This is a highly popular WordPress plugin for social sharing which can be used to  create social media buttons and could be installed to appear either in a floating bar or below or above the content.

Digg Digg

6. Revision Control

This one helps to configure the number of post revisions being stored on the database. Huge number of pointless revisions slows down the site, which results in decreasing the usability.

Revision Control

7. Thank Me Later

With this plugin, one can send a customized “Thank You” mail to all the visitors leaving a comment for the first time on the site. It increases the probability of those visitors returning to that site.

Thank Me Later

8. Widget Context

With this widget, one can specify and select which widgets need to show up on a particular page.

Widget Context

9. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This plugin allows to check the friendliness of the search engine with respect to search engines and SEO. This will show how search-engine friendly one’s content truly is, before posting it. A list of 10 highly popular WordPress plugins cannot be complete without mentioning this plugin.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

10. W3 Total Cache

Considered by many to be the best plugin available, it is a must if one’s site runs a bit slow or is filled with lot of content. This is considered as a very powerful plugin and has a lot of options.

W3 Total Cache