10 Useful Link Building Tools

You can improve the chances of earning links with these 10 effective link building tools. Building links requires employing innovative techniques constantly. You can either think of creative methods of link development or make use of the tools that are specially designed for this procedure. Various link building tools are available that help in making the process of driving links to your site much simpler. With these tools, you can take the link building process to a step further. Check out these 10 tools for building links to your website.

1. Raven Tools

The feature SEO Tools of Raven Tools does not come cheap, but it’s worth the price, as this provides you with access to useful data. The program Link Manager lets you find out link partners, obtain webmaster contact details automatically and send link requests, from within a single window.

2. Majestic SEO

This website browser lets you check out the sites that link to the websites of your competitors. You can ascertain the difficulty in beating them and also identify new link building opportunities to your site. This tool also provides you with free report feature for any of your website.

3. Link Research Tool

The Competitive Landscape Analyzer program of this tool allows you to find sites which you can contact for obtaining links. This tool also lets you establish whether you need focusing on branding links or SEO. You can compare your link profile to that of your competitors and identify the reasons for losing ranking with the SERPs.

Link Building Tools

4. Open Site Explorer

Its features are similar to that of MajesticSEO, but the free version allows you to access a little more information. You can find out about your competitors’ inbound links, Anchor text and linking domains by entering their name in the program.

5. Ahrefs

The feature Back link Analysis of this tool, allows access to inbound links of a site, along with ALR rating of each link. It enables you to prioritize prospective links quickly and ensures that you gain good results with your partners.

6. Ontolo

This tool provides a set of link researching tools on monthly payment. Its unique features include link profiling of competitors and automated process of link prospecting.


With its SEO management feature, you can make use of SEOMoz’s knowledge about on-site optimization techniques, social network marketing and link building strategies.

8. MozBar

MozBar tool of SEOMoz is a free extension of Chrome and Firefox browsers. It displays useful information about prospective links in your browser automatically. You can take a look at the keywords and links used by your competitors.

9. WhoLinkstoMe

This tool provides a detailed report about a website’s existing backlinks. This useful service helps organizations in understanding their site’s inbound links and identifying their brands popular as well as weaker areas.

10. Tout

This is an email management program that enables you to obtain contact details of websites, create email messages automatically and copy template messages, all with just a single click.

New Link Building Techniques and Strategies

Organizations come up with new link building techniques every now and then for their websites to increase traffic and ranking with search engines. It may seem to be a clear-cut process, but you can use your creativity to develop innovative strategies. You should always keep looking for powerful ways of link building and never depend on the already known strategies. Search engines evolve constantly and adapt new procedures, so you should not enter a comfort zone. As you get used to link building methods, you may start looking for even better ways of increasing incoming traffic. Here are some great ways of building new links.

Topic-oriented popularity

It is important to ensure that your website receives more links from the sites that are similar to yours. The more links from topic-specific websites, the more popular your website will be. For instance, if your site is about cupcakes, gaining links from the community of food lovers or bakers matters more than obtaining links from off-topic websites.

Maintaining freshness

Links often tend to fade away over time. Websites that earned high popularity at some point of time, fail to gain new links. This makes them less popular eventually. Hence, it is also equally important to continue earning new links from time and again, to maintain the popularity of your website. Search engines refresh ranking based on link freshness in order to ascertain current popularity.

New Link Building Techniques

Social networks

The role of social media is growing when it comes to online advertising and sharing. Search engines take notice of shared links through social networks, but they handle them differently. Still, social networking is highly popular and a great way to build new links.

Influencing others

An effective way of attracting attention to your site is to write and point links to the websites in your specific domain. This helps them notice your website and they tend to mention your article or refer them on social networking sites. This method still holds good in building new links.

Using Infographics

A trend that is highly popular and is becoming a rage on social networks is the use of infographics. You can design new ones, or re-develop old ones with new information that is relevant to yours and see how fast it takes to gain links. This is a creative way of obtaining new links to your website.

Using outdated content

Find out web pages having good number of backlinks with content that is outdated or has been inactive for long. You can develop similar content or improve the original on your website. Contact the owner of the site and ask for redirecting their links to your site with same content. This way, your site has more chances of growing.

Communicating with customers

Any business requires constant customer interaction for doing better. Identify your customers and their online hangout places. They may be active in communities, blogs and forums. Find out these websites and communicate by answering questions or posting helpful information. Once people get to know you, they will surely start referring your website for its additional information.