Noticeable Difference Between WordPress and Joomla

Working with websites can be fun but choosing the best CMS which is also known as Content Management System can be really difficult. With each one of them introducing latest applications in their new versions you can well face a dilemma as to which one will be the best for your website. Now expert web developers have suggested 2 names out of all the CMS that are available as the most reliable and the best to work with. They are:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla

People may have various opinions on the other CMS but these 2 rule the market. But there is some difference between WordPress and Joomla.

difference between wordpress and joomla

Some noticeable differences between WordPress and Joomla

Since most of the CMS gives you the benefit of user accounts when you are working on a website you can actually make and save the menus from the system. Here are some of the differences between WordPress and Joomla:

  1. The first and foremost difference that you will notice between these two is that WordPress is meant for the bloggers because the CMS is designed that way. This does not mean that those who do not blog will not be able to use it. But it is best when any blogger uses it for his website. Joomla on the other hand is a rather community type Content Management System. You can also use it for your portal necessities. If you are working with both these CMS then it is better you have knowledge of both because it can be risky if you know of one and you think that you can relate the other with the one you know of.
  2. The version of WordPress 3.4.2 has the feature of giving a wide range of captions for the images that you want to upload. For this, a simple HTML support is added to the image uploader. This will enable you to add captions or even links to your uploaded images. In Joomla however there is no such feature even in the latest version. You can only upload images in Joomla but you would not be able to add captions directly. You will have to give the caption after uploading the image.
  3. Since both WordPress and Joomla have a great user base the tools are designed in such a way so that the people do not have any kind of problem in understanding the options. However if you want to add a .SWF file in Joomla then the procedure will be a bit lengthy. In WordPress you can do that same work with the help of just a few clicks. But one thing has to be noted in both the cases which are the facts that mere copy pasting the link into the target path will not finish your work.

If you start finding the difference between WordPress and Joomla then the discussion will go on because there is hardly any major difference between the two. This is the main reason why people love working with these two CMS and not with anything else.

How to Make a Blog Page in Joomla – Get Useful Information

The latest trend of blogging is becoming more and more popular with the passage of time. On searching the internet one can come across a number of blogs. Blogs are nothing but personal sites in which the owner of the site writes down his/her thoughts and views upon certain subjects. It can be taken as an online diary, obviously which is not very personal. There are lots of companies who utilize blogging for spreading information about their products, feedbacks and sharing their concepts with other people.

Blogging is also quite like a hobby for certain people. Now these blogs can be created via various online tools and Content Management Systems or CMS. While talking about blogs the common question that is asked by most people is how to make a blog page in joomla. Well, before answering this question it is necessary to have a fair idea about Joomla and how it functions. Joomla is one of the renowned and well appreciated open source CMS with a model view controller or MVC web framework which is used widely in creating blogs.

Joomla is written in PHP and uses object oriented programming and other techniques to create blogs, polls, RSS feeds, news flashes, printable version of pages, and support for language internationalisation.

Get information about how to make a blog page in Joomla

how to make a blog page in joomla

Before building a blog, one must be very clear about its uses and its contents. Blogs can be viewed by anyone through the internet. So it is recommended to prevent highly explicit articles, images or videos. Blogs are quite simple with a section where the articles are written down and on the side there may be other features like feed, archive etc.

Now let’s come to how to make a blog page in joomla. Joomla is one step ahead of the other tools since it provides many additional facilities which other competitors cannot. It is also easy to install and start up. The steps required to create a blog are discussed below.

  • Sections and categories: The initial stage of a blog setup is setting up the sections and categories that the blog will contain. For example, if the blog is about computer games, then there must be sections like role playing games, third person shooters, strategy games, action games, adventure games etc. Once the overall planning is done, the section manager helps in creating different sections. The sections consist of name, alias and publish. Again the category manager helps in categorizing the contents.
  • Creating articles: After the sections and categories are created, articles are to be created and posted. They are done by the article manager under the content. An article consists of title, alias, section and category. The articles can be anything depending upon the views and concepts of the blogger.
  • Adding menus and links: Menus and links are added with each article if needed. They can be easily done using joomla.
  • Publishing the article: This is the last stage in which the article is published on the blog.

After reading this article people will get a fair idea about how to make a blog page in joomla. It is quite an easy task and does not take much effort to do so. Thus we can say that blogging is fun, and joomla makes it easier.