10 Amazing WordPress Kids’ Themes

WordPress provides a scintillating base for beginners to start and develop their respective websites or blogs, right without any erstwhile experience. One can make refashioning adjustments to the page arrangements, fonts, colors, background etc. It makes things feel lighter and more elegant. It also helps you add benefit and comfort component to your work. But to have magnificent themes which orient kids and their ways of moving is kind of rare and not easily available. So, WordPress gives in new methods in such circumstance. Continuing are a few such attention-grabbing and helpful WordPress themes designed exclusively in view of kids’ characteristic mode of thinking.

1. Kids Zone

Kids Zone

Kids Zone is one of the best ever amazing WordPress Kids theme which can be unfurled at one’s own interests. It can be made favorable in case of websites or blogs that comprise of dealings with kinder gardens, pre-school and it also best suits any sort of children’s craft and art school or a training website. It is greatly adoptive to all types of screens from much wider ones to tiny ones.

2. Peekaboo


Literally everyone, without an exception would for certain like Peekaboo theme. It has specially been made regulative majorly towards preschool, daycare and other petty businesses. It’s quite useful if one goes on to opt for promotion of kids products too.

3. Happy Kids

Happy Kids

It is one of the most austere and less-complicated design for kids. Both elders and kids can make the best out of it as it has got some of a random professional outward glimpse.

4. Kids Toys

Kids Toys

Kids Toys was basically designed for kids-oriented stuff like kids’ toys, games and music. This can turn out to be a very fancied and an agglomerative social network for kids can be extremely helpful in advertising kids’ products and their goods and chattels.

5. Sky Blue Stars

Sky Blue

Sky Blue Stars is yet another comprehensively-cute Kids’ theme or template of WordPress that can considerably enhance your design of website or blog. It has got a very responsive web design, translation options, custom widgets and many others.

6. Pulp


Pulp is an extra-ordinary and high-end theme that brings with itself a varied set of characteristics. It can be used for any creative, art –themed or a specific kids’ website.

7. Kiddo


This is a self-sufficient and a surviving kids’ theme that suits any children blog or website. It works greatly with a soft-textured background.

8. Dreamy


Dreamy is surely a spot-free and a professional children template that enables the framework and multiple development of various sorts of child-themed websites.

9. Sunny Kids

Sunny Kids

This one is an easy-to-set-up, Woo commerce theme which is packed with immensely cool attributes. One look at it can make it evident that things designed here can make up greatly emerging fallouts.

10. Babysitter


Babysitter is a neat, smooth and crisp kids’ template that can be used for either a children’s website or for a mom’s blog to make appointments of nannies or baby sitters.

2 Exclusive Magazine WordPress Themes

The german theme provider MH Themes developed two popular magazine WordPress themes: MH Magazine and MH Purity. Both WordPress theme are applicable for nice online magazines, professional news websites, fine blogs or whatever you might think of. Featured with performance and SEO best practices, a fully responsive layout and big time customization options you will have a great WordPress experience in setting up, adjusting and creating your website. Now let’s go in detail.

MH Magazine is Finest Quality from Code to Options

MH Magazine WordPress Theme has been coded with passion by using valid HTML5, CSS3 and PHP code. Regular updates ensure a well maintained WordPress theme. In terms of screen resolution, MH Magazine is fully responsive and looks excellent on desktop and mobile devices like iPhones, iPads or other smartphones and tablets.

MH Magazine

When it comes to customization, using a child theme is the most advanced and advised solution. MH Magazine WordPress Theme has already files to create a child theme included within the download package. In addition, MH Magazine is translation ready and includes RTL support as well as a collection of the most popular Google Webfonts.

MH Magazine WordPress Theme comes with 25 widget locations, where you can place standard WordPress widgets, especially developed MH custom widgets or advertisements – simply by drag and drop. Thanks to included layout options, you can change the look of your site and the number of sidebars accordingly. Besides, you will benefit from the popular responsive FlexSlider 2 and a great choice of options to tweak, change and customize your website.

MH Purity WordPress Theme for Delicate Online Presence

MH Purity WordPress Theme comes with a clean, modern and minimalistic design and gives your content its well-deserved space. With this WordPress magazine theme your online presence can fully concentrate on amazing content without distracting site elements. Nicely coded, fully responsive and with a great deal of features and options, the most essential requirements are fulfilled.

MH Purity

MH Purity includes some pretty nice features, like MH custom widgets to be placed in certain widget locations by drag and drop. In additions MH Purity provides simple to use theme options and color pickers with an unlimited colors collection to select from. All options and features of MH Purity can be customized and configured very easily within a few minutes.

Besides, customers of MH Purity and MH Magazine benefit from excellent and caring support through a professional helpdesk in german and english language. With either magazine WordPress theme of MH Themes – MH Magazine or MH Purity – professional news websites, leisure blogs, online magazines or any other editorial site will be brought up to the next level.

WordPress 3.5.2 Resolves Security Issues

WordPress has released a security and maintenance update that resolves several issues related to the blogging platform.

The development team of WordPress has strongly suggested website administrators and webmasters to update their blogs to the latest release for the platform as early as they can.


WordPress 3.5.2 has updated SWFUpload library and TinyMCE to resolve various vulnerabilities related to cross-site scripting. The new version does not allow contributors to publish their posts improperly and blocks refusal of service attacks versus websites that have incorporated password protection for their posts.

In case of upload failure, the WordPress update does not disclose the full path. Besides, it has also taken care of forgery attacks on server-side requests that could enable attackers to access the website. Besides, there are other maintenance issues that have been resolved by the updated version of WordPress and they have mentioned at the official website of WordPress.

Blogs can be smoothly updated to the new WordPress release and any kind of issue should not occur under standard circumstance. Plug-ins, themes and the functionality of the website are not altered by the update.

However, creation of backup of all blogs before application of update is recommended. The update can be applied directly from the dashboard or manually from the WordPress.org.

The Biggest Question: Drupal or WordPress

The blogging community is the one targeted by WordPress, whereas Drupal targets quite a bigger and broader audience. The only common thing between these two is that the latter can be used as a blogging tool as well. But in recent times, both their usability gap is closing. WordPressis an open source and free blogging tool which has gained considerable amount of popularity as more than 30 million websites are built on its software. It is regarded by many to be standard for open source and free blogging software.

This software is being specifically used by many companies to add power to their corporate blogs and not for their official websites. It is because it would take a great amount of both time and money to mold WordPress into a multi-user experience platform. Another reason being, the templates are very inexpensive which lures many to use WordPress. But it is not ideal for a small company whose budget for a website is well under $50, though it’ll raise the company’s potential in a significant way if used.

Drupal or WordPress

If you are still confused on choosing WordPress or Drupal, here is something you ought to know about the latter. Drupal has over 650,000 websites running with it and it is an open source and free content management system that thrives a large community of developers. Strengths of Drupal include its scalability, handling multiple users, strong community involvement and the number of modules. The platform is outstanding to build web applications and websites individually or with a team of developers. Like wordPress, this one uses a database to store its data and uses PHP in calling that data.

The number of templates is much lower here than in WordPress, as a developer needs to have a complete control over its architecture to build a Drupal website. The development time increases on the project, while the functionality remains a complex one.

Even a few years back, the usability gap between these two was significant. Back then, updating WordPress was easy, the learning curve was small, easier to install, easier to manage and the admin section was quite a superior one. Whereas Drupal was quite difficult to install, the learning curve was steep, was difficult to update, media handling was of poor quality and was flexible.

WordPress did an outstanding job in making the software quite easy to use, but the instance one tries to increase its complexity, the software’s usability takes a huge drop. On the other hand, Drupal came in with plenty of tools so as to build high-end complex websites, but failed in the department of usability.

Now, with the release of Drupal 7, the complexity and usable issues are even more scalable. For a non-tech user as well as for beginners, the software is more inviting. The once famed learning curve of Drupal is decreased substantially in this version, which dramatically changed the whole website developing procedure. Also, with some wide range of added features, the projects which were supposed to go on WordPress’s way, are slowly making a U-turn and heading towards Drupal.

So to answer which one is better – Drupal or WordPress – the vote definitely goes to the former.

WordPress Custom Post Types Guide – Way beyond Blogging!

Blogging is the buzz word in the world of Internet since the very beginning and still catches attention. Being the basic platform for evoking the words deep inside and typing them up for a million readers is the desire of every blogger. But not everyone gets to shoot up to millions and thus encounter problems in attracting the visitors. It is not only the content that puts a blog above the other but the way it is presented that also covers a huge part of the pie. The blogging industry has come up with another way to make blogs go beyond the old concept of posts and attachments with new WordPress custom post types guide. This new shoot-up is nothing but customization, just the way you are, your blog should also have a tint of your personality and may be its own that would make it distinguish and certainly be focal point of attraction.

WordPress Custom Post Types Guide

Some mew elements in WordPress custom post types guide and their uses

Before you decide the outlook and the core of you blog, you must go through WordPress custom post types guide to have acquaintance with the new flavors.

  • Name Game: Well, there is something with the name. In this new customized part of WordPress the part which would make you stand out is the name you tag to your post. Ruling out the default default.php style, now you can give a customized name in between as well. For instance say, you are working on a film-based post and you name it movie, so it would come as ‘default.movie.php’ and the name movie only would come when anyone scrolls down your writes.
  • Date it out: Word press allows you to create events or make special posts heading for a special date in the calendar. You cam mark out the anniversaries, holidays, parties, meetings and much more by creating this small thing called event. This event not only upholds to the different name you assign it but also shines as any other posts in you blog along with the pictures, text and other things you assign it with. One can create a number of events and then combine them in a spate page making you blog look different.
  • Display Window: Now that you have so much to post on the blog, it would create a little difficulty in listing them. For instance, you have placed an event somewhere down but that event is coming early or you want people to read something first or get through a specific post before going for others. So you do not have to sit praying that the followers catch it. Just get it published! Now, WordPress provides you with a feature to list and publish some posts in spate in order to catch the readers’ attention.

There is a lot more you can do with your page and get a real hit. For having an expertise with the new and customized features, explore the manifolds one can have with easy and thorough look through WordPress custom post types guide.

Some Basic Tips for Improving WordPress Themes

Listed here are few basic tips for improving WordPress themes to make the web layout more attractive and user friendly for everyone.

Internet has certainly become one of the most widely used medium for the fulfillment of any and every task, which in turn has resulted in the invention of various new software as well as web sites by the experts that aid the normal users to perform their regular online tasks with ease and efficiency. WordPress is one such platform that is being widely used by the people worldwide as the well renowned blogging system and there are some basic tips for improving WordPress themes which in turn improve the overall appearance of the website. Whether it is about posting the content to create a web page or website, highlighting the text by providing it an HTML appearance or making the necessary changes in the web pages from time to time in order to keep the traffic of the page up, WordPress is the best tool which could be used for all these purposes.

Basic Tips for Improving WordPress Themes

It also has some of the amazing features for the beginners, one of them being the themes of the webpage that could be changed or improved according to one’s own desire in order to provide a unique touch to the web page that is being created. Whenever one starts using WordPress, experimenting with the themes is the one thing that every user would try to do as it would give a distinctive look to the web page created.

Basic tips for improving WordPress themes that all the users can easily get a hand on

  • Altering the size of images used as themed: The fact that images should be optimized according to the web requirement is something that almost all the users seem to forget at times. The images present in the WordPress include the template stock, background images, icons and default stock pictures among the others. However, their size could be altered using the Adobe Photoshop software and hence used for a better impact of the reader.
  • Style your captions for WordPress image: Whenever you upload a new image, make sure that you add the option available in the image to include the default styles in the WordPress. Presenting the picture with a relevant and catchy caption will make the experience of reading and viewing more engrossing for the visitors of the website.
  • Include PHP flush: It is recommended to add a PHP flush in your WordPress blog for a better browsing experience. By adding a simple flush line in your header, you can increase the speed of your blog considerably. By using this, the user can download all the Style Sheets that are mentioned in the header while waiting for the other pages of the web page to show up.
  • Save your theme: It is always wise to secure your customized theme by removing its generating code from the head tag so that no one would be able to attack your web page by figuring out the version of your WordPress and hence making you prone to the cyber vulnerabilities.

The above stated basic tips for improving WordPress themes can be easily practiced by the users in order to get their own customized version of the default themes present in the WordPress.

Useful Tools for WordPress Bloggers

As a blogger, you should know the importance of the useful tools for WordPress bloggers. So selecting the right tool for your blog will depend on the functionality of the tools. Moreover, you have to ascertain the real purpose of your blog, so you can use these tools accordingly. These useful WordPress bloggers tools are handy for any kind of WordPress job and you can get ceaseless performance from it. The main important feature of the WordPress tools is that these tools are developed for making the WordPress tasks easier.

For uploading the WordPress files through FTP server, you will need to install the FTP client like FileZilla. It is a free FTP client for the WordPress users. Actually, it is a must have tool for the WordPress system. When you require files for uploading and downloading, then an FTP client is very much required. When you do update your blog contents at the regular interval, then you will require a robust WordPress management solution. So in this case, ManageWP is a tool which you should care for. It will ease all types of WordPress management operations like managing database, posts handling, visitor information and others.

The WordPress installation requires some knowledge of PHP programming syntax. So if you are not familiar with it, then you can take the help of InstantWP tool. It is a standalone WordPress installation tool and you will not require any prior knowledge about PHP programming. It will automatically install the useful tools for WordPress bloggers in your computer without any problem. When you like to upload a post on your blog, then you will require a quality word processor for writing it. So in this connection, Windows Live Writer is suitable for you.

It is free blogging software from Microsoft. Moreover, this tool will give you enough comfort for writing your content. Actually, it is a publishing software. Since, you are blogger, so you will need the search option for the posts in your blog, and then you can go for Insights. It is an information searching tool for the useful tools for WordPress bloggers. This tool will search extensively on your blog and it will give you instant result accurately. Another vital point for any blogger is to make sure that the blog does not have any broken links. Because if any broken link is found in the blog then the blog will get less traffic and also will have a less page ranking as well.

So you can use Broken Link Checker for your WordPress blog. This tool will make sure that your blog has no single broken link. When you are going to insert the codes in the posts, then you will require a syntax organizer. So in this connection, you can use Google Syntax Highlighter which will highlight the codes with colors, so you can moderate it whenever you require. The comment moderation is a vital issue for any WordPress blog as you will need to moderate the comments on your blog regularly. Moreover, exact comments will increase your blog popularity in the Internet community. So you should use the useful tools for WordPress bloggers like WordPress Comment Ninja.

WordPress 3.5 Introduces Better Features

WordPress 3.5 has been released with the full version of the new Twenty Twelve themes. The Twenty-Twelve is well compatible with the current version of WordPress. It has a more simplified Welcome Screen and the new welcome screen contains less information. It focuses on customization, the following steps and the tutorials. XML-RPC is enabled by default. This feature makes it easier to get connected to the WordPress mobile apps. XML-RPC had to be enabled under Settings >Writing, in the previous version.

The link manager will be disabled for new installs, although it will exist for sites that are being upgraded. Users, who still wish to utilize the Link Manager, can do that as a plugin has been added which enables them to use it. As for the new privacy message, the message in the dashboard now says ‘Search Engines Discouraged’ and not ‘Search Engines Blocked’. The reason behind this can be because this setting can’t force the search engines from indexing thus, a more precise message. The external Libraries have been updated.

Libraries used in WordPress, such as TinyMCE and Query have been updated. You can receive multi-site updates now. This is one of the most important changes in the feature. This signifies that WordPress will allow multisites to be installed in a subdirectory. In the beta installation there is a Beta Media button on the Edit Post/Page screen. This allows you to upload new media. This enables you to do direct browsing of the media library.

WordPress 3.5 has a new default theme, Twenty Twelve. It has refreshed its dashboard styles. As far as the retina is concerned, it uses graphics which have higher resolution. It has introduced a new color picker. It is characterized by a new Media Manager.

The color settings in WordPress 3.4.2 wre on the left while it is on the right in WordPress 3.5. It is good to see an improved user interface for color selection. It is a welcome addition and accepted easily. The page sidebar has also changed. With respect to this, there are subtle differences between the two versions. There is a cleaner look. The small, tiny boxes were present on the left in WordPress 3.4.2 and they are now on the right in WordPress 3.5.

Image details in WordPress 3.5 have been dramatically reduced. WordPress 3.4.2 had more of them. This makes the image details for WordPress 3.5 a lot easier. WordPress 3.5 gives us a more easy-to-read format. It’s a lot easier. Other options such as image, the size of the image, the link for the image, alignment etc. can also be changed and resized. The image editing tools are enhanced and improved. Now, we can get the appropriate look and feel for our media insertions.

If we talk about image sizes, the new media section provides you with 3 pre-defined sizes for your image. It is surely a pretty big interface with a mini image preview and, all on one page. The acclamation that is better and a lot easier to use than the current system is really true.

WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com: Which One Is Better

People are easily confused between the terms WordPress.org and WordPress.com. The confusions regarding their use and people’s choices can be put into the context WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com.

Overview of WordPress.org

WordPress.org is accessed to download software named ‘WordPress’ used for open blogging. This site provides free downloading of WordPress files like plug-ins and themes and the step wise information regarding the installation and configuration of ‘WordPress’ as the hosting provider.

The advantages of WordPress.org are that you will be able to install, and customize the web site you want to host with the WordPress plug in and templates that are available. You control your website, and also you can download and install any WordPress plug in to further enhance the functionality.

There are also some drawbacks like you got to have a sound knowledge on how to create MySQL database, and edit the configuration files, also you have to know the transferring of files using FTP. You need to arrange all your backups by yourself.

WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com – Overview of WordPress.com

WordPress.com enables you to get your blog online in a fast and simple way. This version of WordPress is a multi user type, and can host hundreds of blogs. Moreover you can just sign in and get your blog started.

The advantages are like the hosting is absolutely free, and you can start it by selecting the available themes from their online database. It offers you with an easy access that makes you start by just signing in.

The drawbacks are that you are unable upload own plug-ins and theme, and as per their guidelines given in their FAQs you are unable to use it to post even ads or associate any links. They only mention it that they might, occasionally, show some Google text or Google ads on the site.

You have to choose only those themes that are available from their list of themes given and even you will be unable to customize any of them. You will also be unable to install the plug-ins required to enhance the functionality of your website. Sometimes they show some Google or some other site ads on your site.

In the past, many of you might have faced some problems regarding some of the above mentioned limitations when you were trying to put a customized look and the feel of your blog. And also you might have faced some problem while you were trying to install a few plug-ins that are available to enhance the functionality of your page.

According to the general opinion WordPress.com is a great way if you are looking forward to start an individual blog. However, when starting a small scale web industry, it is important to have the control and be able to maintain and manage the look of your website. For a website is totally different from the usual generic blog. A blog is a personal object and the website is meant for business and made for generating revenue. So, before starting you have to fix your mind regarding your perspective. That is what you want to have in your website.

Choose From the Best Premium WordPress Themes 2012

It is a profession for many to write blogs and there are times when they have dozens of articles that are pending to be published. One thing that you should remember while publishing the articles in your blog is that the theme of your website should be attractive and since it is your business to write blogs you will have to design the website in such a way so that it has that professional touch in it. Now it is obvious that you won’t be designing the website but what you can do is you can choose the best themes for your website.

This can be done if you use WordPress because it has got a plethora of varieties when it comes to themes. There have been many reviews about the best premium business WordPress themes 2012 and people are very happy with the themes that have been introduced.

Some of the best premium business WordPress themes 2012

It is quite natural that if you are looking for a theme that has got all the latest features along with special plugins then it will be heavy on your pocket to a certain extent. This is where premium themes are so good. They are not that expensive and have better options than the rest. Following are some of the best premium business WordPress themes 2012:

  • Chameleon – This is one of the best themes for corporate or business sites. It has got various combinations and colors which will make sure that your website is the best from the rest. What is unique about this theme is that it will give you the option of customizing and organizing the posts you make and there will not be any kind of complications with the procedure as it has a very user friendly interface.
  • Evolution – If you are planning to set your business website for the first time then this theme would be the best for you. This theme will allow you to make a showcase of your portfolio without any real confusion. It has got a very professional look and you can even customize the theme if you want.
  • Natural – If you are a personal blogger or you have a travel agency or spa then the Natural theme would be the perfect choice. It has features like video and image slider, organic framework and browser compatibility. If you want to customize the website then there are options for that too.
  • Davinci 2.0 – This theme is meant for those who have a business of magazines because it is very artistic. With a very professional look for any high end magazine this theme will suit your purpose as it is user friendly too.

The Professional – When you choose a theme for your website you look forward to get the latest technology in it and this one has got it all. It will provide you with a slider which will enable you to post various services and products of your company. Another benefit of this theme is that you can add large photos and it can be customized as well.