Excellent Free WordPress Themes for the WordPress Community

Excellent free WordPress themes are popular among the many WordPress users. Moreover, WordPress is most popular in the blogger community. Basically, it is a content management system. Since, there are a lot of free WordPress themes available. So you have to choose the right one according to your blog theme. Most of the WordPress themes for free are updated at regular intervals. So you will never face any compatibility problems. Moreover, if you face any problem regarding the installation, then you will get help from the WordPress forum as well as other professionals. Many excellent WordPress themes are built exclusively for the blog format. So whether you use the blog for personal use or officially, you will get all features for publishing your posts.

Excellent free WordPress themes

Responsive is one of the excellent free WordPress themes for any blogger. Moreover, this theme is exclusively built on the fluid grid system for the mobile technology. Since, this theme will look good on any mobile phone. Responsive theme is WooCommerce Compatible, Multilingual Ready (WPML), RTL-Language Support, Retina-Ready, W3C Markup Validated. So you will able to do most of your blogging work through it. Twenty Eleven is the basic free WordPress theme. Actually, this theme is built for the first time blogger who will only need an introduction to the WordPress system. Practically, first time users of WordPress always install it on their computer and it is easy to use and control.

Excellent free WordPress themes like PageLines are popular among the WordPress users. Because this theme supports HTML5 and CSS3. Through this theme, you can build any professional blog or website as per as your choice. In the mobile format, this theme works wonderfully. Suffusion is the elegant and versatile WordPress theme which is available today. It is also robust as well. It supports HTML 5. Moreover, this theme is great for the slideshow with contents. It has 9 pre-defined templates and 19 pre-defined color schemes. Montezuma is a responsive and a search engine optimized theme. This theme is HTML5 and CSS3 compatible. Its customizable feature will help you customize the design as per as your choice. Aesthetically, this theme is simple to look and strong in performance. Moreover, most of the WordPress plugins can be used in this theme.

Elegant White is one of the excellent free WordPress themes which is simple and performs wonderfully. Whatever your purpose of blogging, you will be able to do it all with the help of this theme. If you like to use as a personal website, then you can customize its features according to your liking. Particularly, this theme is suitable for the writer who likes to show its writings along with pictures. Moreover, this theme is compatible for other purposes like business, fashion and others.

For installing the free WordPress theme, you have to hire a web server or you can install it on your own computer. The basic requirements of the WordPress on any computer will require PHP, MySQL and the latest version of WordPress. WordPress is very small in size so it can be installed on any computer.

Responsive Web Templates – Conception and Creation

Responsive web templates are those web templates which are coded in such a way so that they respond to the device that the user is currently using.

To begin with, first we ought to have a clear conception about, what is a web template? It is basically a means that separates the content of a website from the presentation given in the websites. The basic function of responsive web templates is to respond to the user’s action and provide him or her with an interface that will serve them for their interactive needs on that particular website.

Responsive web templates are developed and encoded mainly with the CSS properties, which enables the user to get the proper view and the suitable format of the web page that is suitable for his or her handheld device. It is done by the preset CSS mark up for the current device that is being used. For example, if you are a Smartphone user then the web page that you are currently viewing from your gadget, the preset style done by the CSS will automatically adjust your view.



The popularity of touch pads and tablet PCs have increased over the previous years. They are mostly used for surfing the Internet and online viewing. Most of the Smartphone’s released in the market, are not only given a portrait view but also enabling the user to experience a landscape view.

The portrait and the landscape views are the two different sizes that can be viewed on the smart handheld devices. The portrait view is, as the name suggests, gives the user a view at 768 x 1024 pixels. And in the landscape view the user experiences a 1024 x 768 pixel view. More than one person may be viewing the web page at a time so; it necessitates that the template must fit accordingly to both the proportions, and also functions properly.

For example if two different people are looking at your website with a Tablet in landscape view having a resolution of 1024×768 pixels, and with a PC in a resolution of 800×600 pixels respectively, your web template certainly has to be dynamic in order to fit into both the resolutions and has to be responsive too.

To create a responsive web page you need to encode the web template you are using with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). With the proper encoding you will be able to create a more dynamic and responsive web template. Having a dynamic and responsive web template will certainly help to raise the popularity of your web page. Or you can just download it from any web template website that will suit your theme.

There are no orthodox techniques or guided techniques available at present. So, how to make your web template depends on the encoding and the creative part in you. However there is a good example i.e. the use of multi columned tabular representation of the web template. The tabular format used in most websites is a good example of creating a responsive web template that will certainly help in increasing the web templates responsiveness in any type of device.