Designing up a Website with CSS and Javascript Techniques

Construction of a website requires plenty of knowledge on different coding languages. Various techniques are also to be applied to make it brilliant and for a better performance. CSS and javascript are two of the ingredients which are necessary in constructing a website. Only eminent coding of CSS and javascripts can make a website fully working as well as decorate it with high end graphic designs.

The apt use of CSS and javascript techniques make the websites attractive to the viewers. Hence they are quite important in the development of websites. The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, this is a style language which is used to determine the look and the format of a page written in any markup language. The primary objective of CSS is the separation of the document content and the document presentation and including elements like fonts, colors and layouts.

This separation and introduction help in making the pages more flexible and improves the accessibility of the contents. Javascript, on the other hand is a prototype based scripting language which has first class functions. It is dynamic in nature and uses the syntax subjective to that of C. These two are the key ingredients in the construction of a website.

Know the usefulness and importance of CSS and javascript techniques.

CSS and javascript techniques Some of the very common tricks of CSS and javascripts are being used since ages to construct websites. Most of them have become very common to the people. Hence the need of advanced techniques is arising to give the websites a totally new look and enhanced navigation as well as graphical ends. The different techniques of eminent CSS and javascript programming which can enhance a website are discussed below.

  • Overlapping tabbed main menu: Main navigation menu is always a center of attraction for the viewers. So the proper design of the main menu always gives more attraction to the website. The overlapping tabbed main navigation menu is a good way to catch the sight of the viewers and grab importance over the website.
  • Sticky side-nav layouts: This is basically done with CSS and is quite handy while dealing with blog style websites when the contents are tall enough to need a good amount of scrolling. This allows users to go through the content without scrolling back up.
  • Fancy quotes: Lately, adding fancy quotes to the different areas of the website has been a fashion. It is done with eloquence using CSS and javascript.
  • Custom bullets: CSS also comes handy in creating custom bullets and properly using them in creating lists.
  • Elastic calendar: They are one of the latest trends of the websites. Elastic calendars are pretty helpful in keeping notes and notifications. The scrolling effect provides the notes to be larger than the size of the allotted box.
  • Color adjustable CSS buttons: The color adjustable buttons give a good, prominent look to the websites.
  • Transmissions and animations: A variety of transmissions and animations can be included via CSS such as interactive lighting effects, dodecahedron, 3D hovering and puzzle effects etc.

The more the website is attractive, the more it will grab the attention and importance of the viewers. Thus lies the need and effectiveness of CSS and javascript techniques.