Top 5 FTP Clients for Web Designers

The popular FTP clients for web designers are convenient to use when transferring huge files. It is very important for using the trusted and the popular FTP clients as they are life savers when it comes to a quick download, working on the web or running a home FTP server. Listed here are some of the renowned FTP clients for web designers.

1. WinSCP

This is a free FTP and SFTP client for Windows. WinSCP, supporting both SCP and SFTP protocols, is lightweight and fast while still supporting the advanced features such as remote text editing. Plain text file can be opened by WinSCP in any text editor the user chooses. Moreover, every time the user saves a file, the changes get saved and uploaded transparently to a remote server. Three portable versions of this client are also available in addition to the standard package.


2. FileZilla


This is an open-source and free FTP client for Linux, Mac and Windows. Of all the FTP clients, this one is amongst the most extensively used and is recommended highly for amateurs. Not only is FileZilla easy to use, but can be installed within the blink of an eye. FileZilla is available in many Linux repositories including Ubuntu, Debian, Parabola and Trisquel. 5 stars were awarded to this client by back in 2012 but a certain section criticised it for storing the passwords and usernames as plain text files.

3. Transmit


This fast and sleek FTP client is designed mainly for Mac OS X. At the very beginning, this client used to be known as “Transit” but was changed because there was already a product by that name. Users are allowed to transfer huge files using SFTP, WebDAV, FTP and Amazon S3 servers. The interface of this client is quite professional, inviting web designers to use it for free. Powered by the Twin Turbo engine, it allows designers to upload files at 25x faster rate.

4. SmartFTP


This FTP client is used mainly by intermediate web developers and designers. For beginners, the features of this client might seem to be quite overwhelming, but the interface can be learned and adapted over time. This FTP client is recommended mainly for website maintenance and publishing. It is extremely functional for uploading and downloading images, compressed files and documents.

5. Cyberduck


This is an open-source and free FTP client which apart from WebDAV and Amazon S3 supports almost every transfer protocols. This client also supports Growl, remote editing and Quick Look with the chosen text editor of the user. This is the perfect client for those Mac users who are quite disappointed with FileZilla and are also not looking forward in shelling out cash for Transmit.

Most of the above ones do a pretty good job, however FileZilla is still recommended especially for the new developers.