10 Useful iPhone Apps for Web Developers and Designers

These 10 iPhone apps for web developers and designers offer great flexibility to work with. The iPhone is a device that is capable of doing just about anything and with the availability of good number of highly useful apps; it is now possible to achieve most of desktop computing on a mobile that can easily be carried around in your pockets. These powerful apps are a boon to web developers and designers, as you don’t always have to lug around your laptop for taking care of every small bit. The convenience of working through your phone in your hands is what makes these apps impressive.

1. Caliper

This is a simple, yet highly useful app which enables you to measure objects with quick precision. You can even measure images placed on the screen or close by in inches, pixels, centimeters, etc. Quick measurement is achieved with the multi-touch facility.

2. Color Expert

With this tool, you can create grand color palettes with the help of its color wheel. You can even obtain colors from sliders, swatches and photos. It lets you find the right colors by searching through web safe, HTML colors or Pantone.

3. FontShuffle

With this app, you can browse over 650 font styles or simply give your iPhone a shake to get a result of new font mix. You can search for about 24 typefaces that are similar in list, search by category and more.

Useful iPhone Apps for Web Developers

4. WebDeveloperBible

This app provides easy reference for HTML entities, conversion of RGB to HEX colors and much more. This is a free app that comes very handy for web designers and developers.

5. Developer’s ToolKit

This app combines different tools like color wheel, scientific hex calculator and ANSI UTF 8 character set. You can browse the character by symbol type, name and Unicode value.

6. HTML Colors

With this app, you can choose colors for web and preview for fun or for ensuring you got the right combination. It’s easy to obtain the right combination for foreground and background colors.

7. CSS Cheat Sheet

This app is highly useful if you are learning CSS or need a reference sheet. You can easily search or browse through by category. CSS Cheat Sheet provides background examples, descriptions, borders, values, font families, typefaces, classifications and more.

8. Source Viewer

You can view a website’s source code with the help of this app. It also provides other facilities such as link extraction, syntax coloring, image collection, etc. You can also save bookmarks, open URLs or email them and much more.

9. WordPress

With this app, you can use WordPress easily through your phone. You can create content and edit on your website, even when offline. It includes tags, previews, photo integration, categories and other such functions supported by WordPress.

10. iBlogger

This is a blogging app that supports different platforms such as WordPress, TypePad, Xanga, SquareSpace and ExpressionEngine. Blog installation can be managed easily, as it supports important features like links, tags, photos, etc.

10 Best WordPress Tutorial Sites for Developers

Managing content on websites is simplified with the 10 best WordPress tutorial sites. Building the websites of your choice and maintaining them is not such a herculean task anymore. There are numerous tutorial sites to help you out with general issues you may encounter and improve your skills with new features and techniques. What you need to know are the sites where you can find the desired information. Check out these useful websites for better understanding of WordPress.

1. WP Beginner

WP Beginner website offers solutions to general problems related to WordPress on a regular basis. You will most likely encounter an article posted by this site, if you search for any WordPress related issues. This site publishes weekly tutorials covering in-depth information. It offers many useful tutorials.

2. WordPress Lessons

This site offers tutorials on the use of WordPress in detail. You can find articles about styling and developing plugins and themes. For beginners, WordPress Lessons is a great start for better understanding of WordPress and the themes.

3. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is popular for publishing tutorials of great quality. WordPress themes such as Frank and Spectacular are few of the many free releases by them. You can find advanced WordPress and Intermedia tutorials here, which are published once in a month or two.

4. ManageWP

ManageWP also has a blog service that is kept updated on a regular basis. They offer guides for using themes, services and plugins. Practical tutorials are published monthly by them.

WordPress Tutorial Sites for Developers

5. Tuts Plus

Tuts Plus offers in-depth tutorials along with books and useful courses. The published articles are of high quality and they are updated frequently. Most tutorials are divided into different sections because of their length. Tuts Plus is great for working with plugins and WordPress themes.

6. WP Hub

This is a WordPress blog consisting of many tutorials which are updated on monthly basis. This is a useful site for beginners although; they publish technical subjects as well.

7. Justin Tadlock

You can find a huge archive of articles on plugins and themes on Justin Tadlock’s blog. The developers will find these tutorials very useful.

8. Pippins Plugins

Pippin Williamson’s blog offers great tutorials which are easy to understand. He developed plugins – Easy Digital Downloads and Better Recent Posts Pro which are hugely popular. Every tutorial is presented in a detailed manner explaining the working and use of something. Tutorial sections are organized into different categories, which can be searched by users under levels – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

9. LevelUp Tutorials

You can find some great video tutorials on this website. LevelUp also provides tutorials on JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Magnento, Drupal and others. This site offers numerous video tutorials on varied subjects.

10. iThemes WordPress Tutorials

iThemes is another website where you can find a number of video tutorials which are simple to follow. Most videos are about customizing products released by them, but you can also find helpful tutorials on using CSS to style websites and customizing WordPress.

10 Special Tips for HTML5 Games Development

These 10 tips are quite useful in improving the gaming pace and accessibility with the use of modernized gaming technology. You can use the same at either Play Stations or gaming consoles for gaining the same level gaming enjoyment. You can also use the platform in desktops or mobile devices especially androids or other smart phones. You can also use innumerable gaming devices by means of choosing these kinds of games. Different specialized technologies are being used in this regard like web audio, webGL, Web sockets, JavaScript, canvas, CSS3 and many more. The strength, limitations and standards can be easily utilized and implemented on these web platforms.

1. Cranky Platforms Vs Mobile Vs Desktop

In all these cases, HTML5 based platforms are mainly used for making the gaming applications more secured and easy with different kinds of flexibility. Only the operative hours might differ from one to another. In case of mobiles it is easier to access in comparison to desktops and other cranky platforms.

2. Battle choosing

All are browser based and HTMNL5 platform oriented games and thus the gaming battles can be selected on the basis of various factors including audience consideration, diversion designing, inclination practices, development flexibility, scaling functionality, content lifespan consideration and KISS.

3. Choosing audiences

The device usage and gaming demographics can be the leading deciding factors for considering the targeted audiences in this regard. The visitor’s device usage along with solution targeting can be included.

4. Technology oriented designing

Technology oriented designing which is primarily based on HTML5 making gaining the facilities of using convenient 3D platforms for gaming. In fact, reaching the targeted platforms is also quite easy in this regard.

Tips for HTML5 Games Development

5. Caniuse.com familiarity

Caniuse.com helps in the usage of all kinds of browsing devices which can make the gaming software more flexible and can be potentially used for making the gaming experience more powerful and fruitful as per gaming requirements.

6. Device using for boosting stimulators

The OS version oriented devices can be used by the effective utilization of stimulators which can be boosted up to a great extent. Open-device labs can be used for the sake of testing those innovative devices so that you can have improved gaming experiences y means of using advanced stimulators. You can also have the flexibility of choosing the most appropriate one in accordance of your usages.

7. Landscape boosting up

Web Audio API is being used for improving the sound effects of different HTML5 based gaming applications online which is quite interesting.

8. Staying agile via development

The acceptability flexibility of different gaming changes can be easily acquired for the effective occurrence of the gaming activities.


The gaming applications along with the platforms must be highly flexible and simple for proper and easy accessing of the same for the purpose of playing online.

10. Memory expansion

The gaming memory must be expanded for the gaining the utilities of playing different games with unique options.

The Top 10 Beginner Programming Mistakes

Coding is a talent that is learnt gradually through the course of work. There are some errors that are among the top beginner programming mistakes and every amateur coder should be aware of them. The irony with most of these mistakes is that they are made unconsciously by programmers.

1. Acquaintance with Uncommon Operators

Experience is the key to learning the use of some uncommon operators such as ‘!’, ‘%’, ‘?:’, etc. Beginners usually know the meaning and effect of these operators, but fail to use them tactfully to shorten their code. After experience of a couple of years, coders should rather get inquisitive about them than be passive.

2. Backup

Backing up work is utmost essential thing to do while using a computer. Even application-users suffer due to loss of data that was not backed up. Unfortunately for amateurs, it is a top beginner programming mistake in the world of coding.

3. Bad Functions & Variables Names

Abbreviating words to name functions and variables is a common programming mistake. Long and descriptive names eliminate chances of confusion and make their purpose clear outright.

Beginner Programming Mistakes

4. Confusing Code Format

Inconsistent use of white space and new lines, improper or no indentation, etc. are some of beginner programming mistakes that distinct experienced from amateurs. However, it is rather easy to grasp code formatting by going through programmes coded by experts.

5. Debugging Tools

Some languages have powerful debuggers while others do not. ActionScript3, C#, Java, etc. should be exploited to the maxima of their capacities because of their highly detailed debugging. External debuggers can be used for languages that do not have equally good debugging function.

6. Doubt and Fear

The most common among the top beginner programmer mistakes is quite natural and psychological. Untested talent creates doubt about the possibility of success in learning programming. In reality, anyone can learn coding, at least to the basic level, by being persistent.

7. Excessive or Insufficient Commenting

Comments of a programmer help other coders in the team understand the function of a line or block of code. But, due to lack of experience in amateurs, excessive or insufficient commenting is found to be a common mistake.

8. Framework, IDE, language and platform confusion

There are several terms that arrive simultaneously when someone starts coding, especially for web-programming. Confusion between frameworks, IDEs, languages and platforms is totally understandable programming mistake that can be clarified only by someone knowledgeable and experienced programmer.

9. Inconsistency in Uppercase and Lowercase Usage

Some programming languages are case-sensitive and wreak havoc in the mind of new coders. The safest way to avoid case-confusion is to be consistent with alphabetic case.

10. Overconfidence

Contrary to doubtful and fearful coders, there is breed of overconfident amateur coders too. Undoubtedly, overconfidence is not beneficial as it kills the inquisitiveness of the mind and thus prevents people from learning new things.

The 5 Best Blogging Platforms for Beginners

Blogging has turned out to be extremely useful towards spreading ideas and knowledge quite easily and these popular and best blogging platforms for beginners offers them with the unique opportunity to present those ideas in simple and easy manner.

1. WordPress


WordPress happens to be the leader in static websites and blogs. The platform offers numerous templates which can be used to customize blogs and most of them are available for free. This open source platform is search engine optimized and the knowledgebase available acts as a useful guide for people using this platform for the first time. This open source platform offers beginners to learn the tricks of blogging through trial and error so that they get accustomed to more advanced blogging features.

2. SquareSpace


This commercial blogging platform for beginners comes with several packages which range from $ 8 to $ 50 every month. The pricing schedule is entirely based on volume and lower tier members have access to all the features similar to premium members. The entire focus of this platform lies on good blog design which is easy to design/code by beginners. The user experience remains consistent from the biggest power users to smallest users.

3. Blogger


This is another highly popular blogging platform that is easy to setup. It makes use of drag & drop feature. The only drawback of this platform is its lack of ability when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Every account offers the users with one free domain name. Blogger is controlled by Google which is the reason why it gets indexed more quickly unlike sites from various other platforms. Blogger is extremely useful for travel blogs and personal stories.

4. Posterous


The best part about Posterous is that beginners are not required to setup accounts and no coding knowledge is necessary to get started. This beginner-friendly blogging platform can be setup by simply sending an email from any account. Apart from writing posts, users are provided with the opportunity to attach media files and photos quite easily. Even though, this is an email based blogging platform, it offers plenty of features to the users.

5. Tumblr


This platform is ideal for beginners who are not willing to spend lots of time on blogging but wish to experience blogging in every way. Posting can be done within a matter of few minutes by creating short blogs. This platform for blogging is quite similar to some social media website which makes it easy for the users to share their posts with lots of people. The editing feature available with Tumblr allows bloggers to do different things with their posts in an efficient and convenient way. Various customization features are also available and can be used entirely for free.

Even though, it might be hard for beginners to choose the perfect blogging platform, but these best blogging platforms for beginners definitely offer them the right features and functionalities to make their blogs stand out from amongst the rest.

Top 10 Web Browsers for Your Computer

The top web browsers for your computer will help you understand how important it is to have a good browser installed in your computer irrespective of what amount of money you are spending on your internet packages every month. These browsers will not only be providing you with best of performance but will also ensure that your computer is safe and secure so that you can enjoy your surfing time in a relaxed mind.

Top 10 Web Browsers for Your Computer

1. Google Chrome

There are only two words to describe this browser- fast and reliable. Google Chrome is easily amongst the best browsers and does a great job in loading the utmost complex of websites fast and quickly. Launched back in 2008, this browser has made its way to the top in no time at all. Install this browser immediately as it is amongst the best web browsers for your computer.

2. Firefox

Launched back in 2004, this browser excels well when it comes to speed, efficiency and flexibility. Firefox provides a fast as well as secure browsing experience. The browser can also be enhanced by adding some add-on features.

3. Internet Explorer

Windows users are at the receiving end of getting some great many features from this browser. Internet Explorer is custom- made only for Windows users and was introduced way back in 1995, thus making it the ‘grand old daddy’ in this segment.

4. Opera

Popular tech magazines consider it to be amongst the best because of its size and features. The desktop version is used by more than 270 million users, while the mobile version ‘Opera Mini’ is breaking new grounds every passing day.

5. Safari

This browser is a product of Apple Inc., so that sums up everything. Launched in 2003, this browser is crafted only for iOS and Mac users. Safari’s visual features with its well-placed tab, bookmarks and load progress indicator are admired by tech enthusiasts and magazines.

6. RockMelt

Commonly referred to as the social web browser, this is amongst the fastest-growing browsers with immense potential. This unique browser mainly focuses on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.

7. Maxthon

This browser is growing slowly and steadily and one can easily expect that within a few years it will be seen challenging the biggest players in this segment. Some unique and amazing features offered by this browser include customizable skins, themes and looks.

8. SeaMonkey

Launched in 2006, this is a free and open Internet suite. A variety of browsing features come with the package including sending emails and chatting.

9. Deepnet Explorer

Deepnet Security developed this browser supporting only Microsoft Windows. It offers a host of features but needs to work more on its security.

10. Avant Browser

This browser excels both in speed and security. The interface is quite user-friendly and the browser itself offers some amazing features.

10 Reasons Webmasters Love WordPress

WordPress used to be a simple blogging medium, but today it offers everything to build virtually every kind of websites. Trying to explore the popular reasons why webmasters love WordPress is like searching for a pin in a haystack. We have come up with our favourite 10 reasons why webmasters all over love WordPress.

1. Easy to build

It roughly takes a minute to complete the installation process via QuickInstall. From then on, customizing the look and feel of the site and adding content are just a child’s job. This easily makes WordPress a great solution for both beginners and advanced site owners.


2. Easy to manage

It is quite difficult to make the minute of changes in sites that are built on raw HTML code or dated platforms. There are instances were expensive independent web developers and marketing agencies were called to change a single site sentence. But WordPress can be easily updated and managed.

3. Ideal for SEO

Extensive modifications are required by standard HTML sites so as to highlight information for search engine robots to see. But the same features are pre-built in WordPress. It also comes equipped with valuable plug-ins as well.

4. Access rights can be according to security levels

Five in-built user roles come with this CMS program – subscriber, contributor, author, editor and administrator.

5. Availability of WordPress themes

Here, the content is stored at a safe place from the site’s design. The current theme can be swapped instantly with a brand new one. Because of the open source nature of the platform, thousands of developers are coming up with new themes every passing day.

6. Highly extensible

WordPress plug-ins are created and distributed widely as well. These plug-ins can turn a simple blog into an e-commerce provider in seconds. But too much use of these plug-ins might bog down the operation of the site in no time at all.

7. Easy mobile optimization

Rumour is that within 2014 mobile Internet usage will be out-spacing the desktop Internet access. So if a site is not mobile optimized then one is at the risk of losing valuable traffic.

8. 24×7 support

Support is readily available from tons of resources – from developers working exclusively in WordPress to user forums. They will make sure that a site is up-and-running even during peak time.

9. Easy automation of updates

No doubt a company blog can be great medium to interact with customers. But there are a number of users who don’t find the time to write new posts. But when using WordPress, one can schedule site updates and have them go live at certain times.

10. It is free

A small fee is required for using professional plug-ins or themes but the basic installation for WordPress is absolutely free. But it sure does have its set of limitations that require some advanced developments.

The Top 5 Security Concerns for a WordPress Blog

There are more than seventy three million websites operating on WordPress platform which is why it is extremely essential to address the top security concerns for a WordPress blog. It would ensure that it makes it an extremely difficult target for hackers throughout the world.

1. Strong web password

Several of the WordPress issues can easily be avoided with the help of few good habits and strong password is definitely one of them. Good passwords are capable of protecting the website from brute attacks and even serve as security gateway for the website. When the administrator account is attacked by a hacker, scripts can be installed which can damage the entire server. Therefore, use of weak and predictable password should be avoided and instead combination of numerals and letters should be used to make it difficult to predict.

Security Concerns for a WordPress Blog

2. Insecure themes and plug-ins

Numerous free themes and plug-ins are offered by WordPress in order to enhance functionality of a website at minimum costs. A primary security concern for a WordPress blog is that these themes and plug-ins may contain hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities which can create problems for the website. Themes and plug-ins should be downloaded from trusted developers as well as updated on a frequent basis for optimum security.

3. URL hacking and SQL injection

The database oriented WordPress generally makes use of PHP format for running its server scripts. This is another security concern as the website remains vulnerable towards SQL injection attacks. The only way to stop such attacks is through changing database tables prefix along with setting strict accessibility rules within .htaccess file which is hosted by web hosting provider or on the server.

4. Database permissions

The administrator is allowed to modify and access particular database parts with database permissions. It is crucial to update database permissions as well as put in place proper security checks so that the weakness is not exploited by hackers for modifying the structure and content of the website.

5. Accessing database through root account

The web files and content of WordPress are contained within one database. Every application consists of its own database. The root account of WordPress offers full access to every database which is saved on same web server or in web hosting account. If root credentials are discovered by the hacker then access to every database is easily available. This is the reason why dedicated accounts should be created for individual databases instead of using root account. Care should also be taken to come up with some unique user ids and passwords for the dedicated accounts.

At present, these are presumed to be the top security concerns for a WordPress blog which definitely requires proper attention from the administrators so as to keep the websites well protected from hackers.

10 Developer Tools We Can’t Live Without

Web development is one of the fastest growing and strongest thriving industries in the world. It is so because of the huge numbers of different development tools that directly or indirectly makes development convenient. Out of numerous developer tools we can’t live without, some of them deserve a mention.

1. AngularJS

Google was not to stay behind in the field of open-source JavaScript frameworks. Google AngularJS assists in running single-page applications. It makes development and testing easy by augmenting model view controller capability to browser-based applications. Its library obeys the directives in the custom tag attributes of HTML and binds standard JavaScript with input or output components.

Developer Tools We Can't Live Without

2. Backbone.js

This developer tool provides models with custom events and binding key-values, views with analytical event handling, rich collection of enumerable functional of API, etc. and connects all of it to the existing API over RESTful JSON.

3. Brackets

The open source web development editor is based on CSS, HTML and JavaScript technologies. Adobe developed it and maintains it under MIT license too.  Brackets offer context-sensitive access through Quick Edit, which provides in-line views without taking the developer away from the code.

4. Ember.js

SproutCore is succeeded by Ember.js, which is a powerful JavaScript framework that brought Cocoa interface of Apple to the Web. Ember is currently rapidly gaining popularity. In fact, it has become the second choice for developers after Backbone.

5. Google Developers

Google Developers is a library of resources for developers. It contains numerous examples for developers on any web development project. Besides, there is complete API documentation available along with other resources. Like most of its products, Google Developers is extensive and well-built.

6. Google Web Fonts

Websites have got long array of fonts due to Google Web fonts and other providers. Presently, many fresh developers may not even know that there used to be a time when operating systems supported only a dozen fonts.

7. Knockout.js

This developer tool helps to create rich and responsive editor interfaces and display with clean data model. Knockout is helpful in simple and maintainable implementation of dynamically updating UI wherever required.

8. LightTable

LightTable is a relatively new IDE. It is useful in modification of running programme and embedding from games to websites and everything between them. Real-time feedback is really a great feature of this developer tool.

9. Meteor

Meteor is a full-stack JavaScript developer tool powered by Node.js. Meteor packs in a revolutionary capability for writing dynamic and responsive web applications. It can help to build top-quality web applications within fraction of time required otherwise.

10. Vim

It is such a useful developer tool that it is often referred to as programmers’ editor. This advanced text editor presents the features of default UNIX editor Vi as a complete editor. The extent of its provisions is evident from the fact that many developers consider it as a complete IDE.

Open Source Tools and Scripts for WordPress Developers

The open source tools and scripts for WordPress developers released over past few years have helped developers to expedite the process of development and presented them with different choices to help with their task. Some of them are mentioned here.

1. WP Bootstrap

It has only been a few years since the popularity of Twitter Bootstrap framework began to touch new heights. The primary focus of people new in the field basically lies on open source development through front-end interface. WP Bootstrap happens to be an open source theme which is absolutely free and is coded with the help of Bootstrap framework. Development of WP Bootstrap is primarily based on Bones, another useful theme resource. It is available with complete default Bootstrap short codes to be used with frequently used features as well as page elements. Two dynamic sidebars are used by it which can be hidden or swiped by users from Admin Panel.

2. HTML 5 Blank

This is another free open source tool for WordPress which helps designers to implement their ideas in the best possible manner. Majority of developers have developed a liking for it in comparison to similar tools and resources mainly because of its easy to use HTML template codes. The primary purpose of the template is to offer a solid grounding framework so that developers can customize new WordPress themes without requiring the creation of new files from the start. This theme is best suited for developers who wish to implement their innovative ideas over typical WP file structure and basic CSS resets.

Open Source Tools and Scripts for WordPress Developers

3. Query Posts

The WordPress documentations large library, Query Posts is not at all difficult to understand. Developers are also provided with the freedom of having a look at copies and direct examples of codes. This open source WordPress tool presents the function names in single file which is coupled with location and parameters within the script. There is no doubt about the fact that WordPress developers can benefit greatly with the use of Query Posts.

4. Roots Theme

This free WordPress theme has been developed on Twitter Bootstrap framework where the base foundation runs on HTML 5 boilerplate. It is considered to be a perfect alternative against WP Bootstrap because customizing it is not that difficult. It serves as a great teaching tool for developers not that familiar with themes. The roots framework can be obtained from Github where an option to download the full copy is available as well. This theme is highly recommended for developers new in the field as they get to learn several new things within few days.

The open source tools and scripts for WordPress developers serve as a perfect alternative for developers working on a tight budget offering them with almost every feature which are available with expensive applications.