The 4 Hosting Types Explained

The internet offers a variety of access options for businesses of any size or purpose. However, business owners still need to buy their virtual ‘plot’ online in order to be seen. Sellers of these plots are typically called ‘web hosts’ and these companies create and manage server infrastructure so that end users can obtain easy and effective internet access.

There are numerous hosting options available for businesses of all sizes, and the costs and options vary widely. Let’s take a look at the six different types of hosting that are commonly offered:

  1. Shared Hosting offers individual websites access to a server that has resources shared by multiple websites. Resources include disk space (data storage), CPU (processor power) and memory. Shared hosting is usually the simplest and least expensive option, and offers almost everyone the opportunity to have a unique, cost effective internet presence. The upsides are the low cost and ease of use. The downsides (depending on the purpose of the website) are:
  • Traffic slow-down due to overloaded servers
  • The potential for website termination due to excessive server access limits

Hosting Types

  1. Virtual Private Server allocates server resources to individual users. Basically, with this hosting type, you reserve a portion of the physical server for your own needs. You will have a dedicated CPU, RAM, disk space. None of these resources will be shared amongst other users. Also, you will have your own operating system and have much more control over your server. This option gives medium or large websites better flexibility and there are many cheap VPS server options to choose from. They offer a good start for small and mid-sized business websites because the cost is relatively low, but the provided server resources are quite good.
  1. Cloud Servers offers access to a single cluster or several clustered of different servers. Each separate server or cluster offers individual computing power to the greater whole, and the cluster itself acts as a larger, single computer. The division of resources to dedicated clusters leads to improved performance in general – you are no longer dependant on one physical server. These servers usually provide improved security, more stability on high loads and more reliable hardware. Cloud computing technology is growing very fast and is becoming the preferred hosting option for larger companies, especially international companies, which can access data from multiple locations at a single site.
  1. Dedicated Servers offers servers where all server resources are dedicated to one user… This is a more expensive ‘individualised’ option, but it reduces exposure to loss caused by overloaded server crashes.

Large enterprises are typically looking for hosting services that provide numerous service options, enhanced security features.

Web hosting offers every business the opportunity to enjoy a carefully crafted, individualised and functional internet presence, regardless of size or purpose.

Top 10 Web Hosting Sites

When you’re planning to run your own website, you should check these top 10 web hosting sites to know what the services are that they provide you and how reliable they are. A web host must provide you with the necessary tools, required storage, bandwidth and reliable customer support. There are a number of organizations that provide web hosting services for your business. Choose from the list of popular web hosts listed below.

Web Hosting Sites

1. DreamHost

This web host that provides both shared and dedicated server services. This organization is known for providing additional features and regular benefits for its users. It offers many features including unlimited databases, Google apps support, unlimited bandwidth, installation software for gallery and blogs, unlimited email accounts and much more.

2. Bluehost

The shared hosting service provided by this company at $4.95/mo includes unlimited storage space, domain registration, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and more. Their basic plans include domain parking, e-commerce features, hosted domains, databases and many others.

3. HostGator

This webhost offers unlimited bandwidth, plenty of site templates, unlimited disk space and uptime assurance for new customers at affordable rates. Their low price plans include single click installations, unlimited email and $100 credit of Google AdWords. You can go with the plan that suits you best.

4. A Small Orange

This organization’s main focus is on customer service and it offers wide range of plans that fit every budget and suit different user needs. You can choose the service according to the bandwidth, disks pace, unlimited database, email service and other options. This web host is known to provide effective customer support.

5. Linode

Linode provides hosting service for your site or photograph gallery. This web host provides Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting service that creates a virtual server, where everything you need for your website or application can be utilized. You can use Linode as a cloud-based application or for hosting blogs, web apps and other applications.

6. iPage

This company provides hosting services at cheaper rates compared to others. Its many features include webmail, unlimited hosting, free domain, reliable customer service among others. iPage offers quality service but at considerably lower prices.

7. JustHost

This web host offers wide range of packages at different prices. It offers basic services that include unlimited bandwidth, domains and disk space. You can choose this service, if you want a website that grows with your business or want to run more websites.

8. FatCow

The basic services offered by this web host include unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You can also host unlimited domain names with a single account. Other features offered by this company include email accounts, MySQL databases and free domain registration, WordPress installs, website builder and shopping carts.

9. Go Daddy

This is another popular web host that provides all basic hosting services including database, email, and blogging among others. For some additional features such as shopping cart, you need to pay extra monthly amount. For beginners, Go Daddy offers convenient set up of websites and additional tools for advanced developers.

10. Web Hosting Hub

This web host provides shared hosting services. It offers basic hosting features that are provided by budget hosting organizations. The plan includes MySQL databases, single-click installs of applications, unlimited storage space, data transfers and email.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting: Which One Is Better?

Both Linux and Windows platforms have their pros and cons and it is highly dependent on the usage before selecting any of them. When it comes to Linux Vs Windows web hosting, people easily get baffled as to which one to choose as both have advantages and disadvantages of their own. But, the open source software of Linux is mostly preferred by developers as it is available with a wide range of features that are easy to incorporate.

Server accessibility and security

The server can be accessed by using the standard File Transfer Protocol or FTP with both Windows and Linux. But, when there is a problem regarding file transfer from computer to web server, it is always a good idea to use more secure Telnet SSH or SSH service which operates perfectly well on Linux. SSH can also be installed on Windows but proves difficult and runs slower compared to Linux based server. Even though, it is believed that servers based on Windows are more vulnerable but the deciding factor remains hosting service security.

Linux Vs Windows Web Hosting

Supported technologies

It is vital for every developer to ensure that web hosting service being used supports the technology which is required to run the website. PHP was primarily developed for Linux and it serves the purpose of offering scripting capability directly from HTML on the page. PHP is also required for interacting with MySQL databases and contributes greatly towards improving the functionality and speed of a website. Even though, PHP can be used with Windows but it tends to create different problems and runs slower.

On the other hand, Microsoft developments like .NET framework and ASP which are mostly required for FrontPage web designing cannot run on Linux. Those who are not fundamentally dependant on .NET framework and ASP can make use of PHP along with some other server-sided script like ColdFusion.

Database technology

MySQL happens to be the most preferred online database for both Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting services. Windows hosting services also make use of Microsoft Access which can be customized easily but is a bit slower than that of MySQL. In fact, most web developers opt for MySQL instead of Access mainly because of the fact that it is more robust and even allows simultaneous users.


Security is the biggest concern when it comes to web hosting services. Majority of people are of the opinion that Windows servers are more vulnerable than Linux servers but the fact is that, each have their own security problems. Security is a crucial factor at the administration level than operating system level. With the help of good administrators, it is possible to make the server more secure irrespective of the operating system.


Majority of software for Linux is open source which is the reason why they can be maintained easily unlike the Windows servers offering same level of performance and reliability.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Plan

With so many hosting providers available these days, it definitely gets hard when it comes to choose the right web hosting plan. Before taking the decision, it is a good idea to analyse the needs so as to select the most suitable plan. There are several criteria which affect the plans both directly and indirectly.

1. Server Platform & Hardware Requirements

Those who are planning to build a website using programming environments like Visual Basic Scripts, Active Server Pages, Microsoft SQL Database, Microsoft Access or Cold Fusion need to opt for web hosting service supporting Windows platform like Windows 2000 servers or Windows NT. Similarly, those using programming languages like SSI CHI, Perl, mySQL database or PHP can opt for web hosting plans supporting Linux/Unix platform.

Web Hosting Plan

2. Disk Space and Bandwidth Requirement

In order to choose the right web hosting plan, website owners need to consider the disk space as well as bandwidth offered by the web hosting company. Those who wish to publish websites without lot of contents can opt for web hosting services that offer average disk space. On the other hand, people who wish to publish websites consisting of lots of video files, mp3 and graphic pictures should consider web hosting services offering huge amount of disk space. Similarly, bandwidth requirement depends on traffic estimation of the website. Websites that are expected to attract huge traffic need to settle for web hosting plans offering 40GB to 100GB every month. It is crucial to select the most appropriate plan so as to avoid added expenses in the near future.

3. Reliability and Scalability

Top class web hosting service providers offer fast internet connection and reliable server uptime. While choosing the right plan it is necessary to make sure that the web hosting service offers high-speed internet connection along with ninety nine percent server up-times. Reliable web hosting service providers generally invest heavily on data centre infrastructure consisting of high performance servers, firewall software protection as well as backup power generators to make sure that they are able to meet the uptime guaranteed. The hardware facilities of the provider should be designed for scalability so as to grow with the businesses.

4. Customer Support and Service

Customer support and service should be available from the web hosting service provider for twenty four hours a day and seven days of the week. The technical support offered by the company should be such that any problems related to hosting service should get solved within reasonable period of time. The web hosting service provider should also offer live chat support, email support, online knowledge base, FAQ’s and phone support that is toll free.

With these tips in mind and being clear about the requirements webmasters can make sure that they give enough support to enhance the capacity of their website while improving user experience.

List of 10 Best Web Hosting 2013

Like every year, this year we have seen both old and new webhosting companies transform and offer better services. Picking the best web hosting provider can be a difficult task but once people are sure about the requirements and expectations they have it becomes a lot simpler.

1. BlueHost

BlueHost has always been recognized among the top performers in the industry. The average sale of the company is twenty thousand per month which is clear indication of the company’s ability. The company has been operating since the year 1996 and known for its unlimited services, excellent customer support and excellent server time.


2. Hostmonster

The inclusion of Hostmonster in the best web hosting 2013 companies is mainly because of the fact that it is BlueHost’s parent company. Its been quite some time that it has been offering attractive packages for its hosting services.


3. Hostgator

Even though this company is relatively new to the business, it has already shown signs of claiming the top spot. The Hostgator server hosts more than eight million domains and the company offers superior customer support along with super stable service.


4. Hichina

Hichina is the largest domain registrar and hosting provider in China. The company has already created a huge impact based on local requirements of Chinese people. It is the oldest web hosting service provider in China and arguably the best.


5. Linode

Website owners can post their photo gallery or website with the hosting services of Linode. Unlike, a traditional hosting company, the company offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting.


6. Dreamhost

This is another highly recognized web hosting company known for its affordable price and stable services. The attractive discounts and offers of the company have made it popular this year.


7. A Small Orange

This company is more or less like home-grown hosting companies and is highly focussed on customer satisfaction. The company offers different types of plans with variety of disk space and bandwidth options to meet the needs of the customers.

A Small Orange

8. EIG

Although, the company is not recognized as direct hosting brand, its main job is to manage different hosting brands. The company has grown significantly over the years primarily because of numerous acquisitions.


9. GoDaddy

This is a highly popular and a big hosting company reputed for its domain hosting and domain registration service. The biggest advantage of getting associated with this company is the huge size they have in store for the customers.


10. UK2 Hosting Company

The operation of this company is mainly focussed towards European markets for registration along with domain hosting. The company has grown significantly over the years and recently assimilated business with Midphase.

UK2 Hosting Company

Out of the several web hosting companies operating these days these best web hosting companies for 2013 promise to offer their clients with exceptional service and support to meet all their hosting and registration demands.

Top 5 WP Web Hosts Offering Huge Disk Space and Bandwidth

Although, there are different web hosts available for WordPress, these top WP web hosts help owners to focus on their core business without the need to waste energy and time on managing hosts, themes and plug-ins.

1. WP Engine

WP Engine is a managed WordPress host offering the clients with a free trial of sixty days. One of the unique features is the staging area where one can make adjustments to the site before deploying it. Built-in site caching is offered by the company which is the reason why additional caching plug-in for WordPress is not required. The WordPress installations are tested and upgraded allowing the site owners to utilize that time efficiently.

WP engine

2. Synthesis

CopyBlogger Media is the producer of Synthesis which is also the producer of Genesis Framework. Synthesis was specifically built for working with Genesis Framework and it works on other frameworks as well. This WP web host offers malware scans every six hours and free removal, free daily back-ups along with Genesis and WordPress support. Free trials period is not offered to the clients however the service comes with a thirty day money back guarantee.



This fully managed WP host offers single domain at base package along with the option of adding unlimited domains at thirty percent discount. This web host service does not offer any free trial period to its clients. The main priority of this web host service is the security of the website. The company promises to deliver top class redundant firewalls, secure cloud WP hosting and DDoS protection to the websites.

4. WP Web Host

Like most of the non-managed hosts, the pricing of WP Web Host is quite similar and ideal for people who wish to start their blogging site. The hosting plans offered by this hosting service include CDN technology which speeds up the loading time of the WordPress sites. The selected high quality WordPress themes offered by them are perfect for web content of different types like business sites, personal blogs, news and magazine, photo gallery, etc.

WP Web Host

5. ZippyKid

Among other managed WordPress hosts this is the only hosting service to offer free hosting package. It is not for a limited time or for trial but for an indefinite period. However, there are two conditions attached with it which includes page views of limited numbers and the inclusion of their link within the footer of the WordPress site. If the website owner decides to opt for pay account then all these restrictions are immediately lifted. This web hosting service finds its name among the least expensive managed WP hosts.


It can make the process of managing sites, especially for the newbies a lot easier. Users may select any of the above mentioned hosts and get the best benefits that come along.

Investment on Codeanywhere from World Wide Web Hosting

Cloud-based code editor known as Codeanywhere recently announced that in a Series-A investment from World Wide Web Hosting, it was able to raise $ 600,000. WWW Hosting also happens to be Site5 Web Hosting’s parent organisation. Previously known by the name PHPanyhere, this Croatian start-up offers different services like PHP, HTML, JavaScript, XML and CSS. Developers are given the opportunity to write code from almost all devices and real-time collaboration is offered by the company.

The cash acquired by the company is expected to be used for focussing on scalability, development of new features like collaboration tools and native mobile apps along with user acquisition. The user base of the company has already reached 150,000. The primary competitors of the company include Koding, ShiftEdit and Cloud9. The link between the web hosting company and Codeanywhere seems pretty obvious as web hosting companies have huge client base and funding tools supporting web programming languages offers developers with what they require.


Both premium and free versions of Codeanywhere is offered where the price of the premium versions is $ 5 every month. It is also expected that more tiers will soon be available for the users of Codeanywhere. Releases Exclusive Bluehost Promotional Coupon

Threehosts has released exclusive promotional coupon that offers web hosting solutions of for $3.95 per month.

Bluehost has been hosting websites of individuals as well as of enterprises since 1996. They constantly innovate and upgrade their services to outstand in the field and maintain the industry-best price by not charging their customers any additional amount.

Bluehost provides the most economical web hosting services in terms of domain, price and storage. They are known to offer unlimited hosting space, email addresses, domains and bandwidth as well as one free domain forever. Moreover, their provision also includes a free website builder and free website promotion along with the guarantee for 99% uptime.

Bluehost Promotional Coupon

Bluehost back their provision with 30-day money-refund guarantee. As a result, prospective clients are assured of no charge in case of dissatisfactory service.

The standard of technical support that Bluehost provides to their customers is another reason for their popularity. Customers can receive technical support for any issue via email, live chat or phone call. Impressively, all the three options are highly accessible with appreciable response-time.

Release of Bluehost promotional on Threehosts is also evidence of the former’s professionalism. Threehosts reviews and rates both eCommerce and non-commercial web hosting. Their list of top-3 is considered highly reliable.

Know More About FatCow Web Hosting and its Services

The web hosting company FatCow has been delivering hosting solutions to many people around the globe. The company was established in the year 1998 and has always focused on customer satisfaction. The customer centric approach of the company has helped them develop well and grow as a successful enterprise. They offer their services to all types of consumers and make sure that the customer gets the best plan as per their requirement. The service of the company is reliable, well responsive, and also has a great uptime.

FatCow web hosting review

The FatCow web hosting review is aimed at enabling the customers understand the quality and type of services that FatCow provides. There are different plans in the services of the company and the customer can choose the one that suits him the best. Some of the important features related to the service of FatCow are as follows:

  • Provision of unlimited disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • One can host multiple domains through a single account
  • No limitation on the email accounts that one wants to create
  • Unlimited add-on domains and parked domains
  • Free website builder tool
  • Ready-to-use themes and templates
  • One click installs wizards
  • PayPal integration Google analytics tool
  • Free register transfer
  • Free advertising and marketing credits

This provides the users with wide array of features and rich environment for making a successful website.


This is one of the most important aspects of FatCow web hosting review. FatCow has been able to beat the competition easily through its cost effective services. FatCow also provides coupon codes to its users to help them get good discounts. There are special promotions provided to customers in their initial contracts. The rates of FatCow hosting plans are as follows:

  • $8.99/month for a 12 month term
  • $7.99/month for 24 month term
  • $6.99/month for 36 month term

MiniMoo plan

This plan is suitable to those who don’t want any special features but only like to have the capacity to just park some domain. All the features are not available in this plan but one will surely be able to place the website properly and get an associated email address. People can also use this plan when they are starting a new website and just want to brand their website along with a coming soon page. In this plan one can also have integration of email forwarding and Auto responders feature. This comes at very nominal cost of around $5 per year.

Customer support and money-back guarantee

Customer support is one of the most important aspects of the web hosting services. FatCow webhosting review is aimed at having a look at the 24/7 customer support services of FatCow. The customer support is always there for the users and provides fast and effective solutions. If there is any problem on the site and the website is down then it could result in huge loss for the owners of the site. But with a service provider like FatCow and their fast resolutions one can be rest assured that all their queries will be solved without delay.

Just Host Webhosting Review Features and Attributes

Just Host is a web hosting company that is known in the industry for its cheap rates for hosting your websites. Read on to know if it is a good company to go with.

Today web hosting has become an integral part of the World Wide Web. Each day thousands of new websites are launched and every website requires a web space. The specialist web hosting companies such as Just Host offer complete web hosting services. They offer extraordinary and also outstanding web hosting alternate options to their customers. Just Host web hosting provides complete choice to their buyers whether they are sole users or any organizational group who owns multiple websites. Just Host offers a range of features that include affordable web hosting services to the premium web hosting services with unlimited web space.

Just Host is one of the most dependable and reliable web hosting companies trusted by millions of users worldwide. Their core USP lies in the number of web hosting features that they offer at more affordable prices to their customers.  Just Host features a range of customized web hosting packages for different group of customers. The quality of services available with Just Host is delivered up to the mark and high above customer expectations.  Here is presented a brief Just Host webhosting review based on its services and features.

Just Host Webhosting Review

Just Host is one of the best web hosting services that offers completely free domains to clients. Though, the free domain could be depending on the availability of the domain and its package. They also offer automatic free renewals of domains each year. There are many selective plans offered by Just Host such as premium domains at low cost with three additional domains for absolutely free.

Higher uptime: With a server uptime of 99.99% without a doubt Just Host is the most reliable and trustworthy web hosting service. The Just Host server is capable of handling larger web space for many websites on sharing basis without affecting the site load time, which is a more critical issue for most of the web host companies.

Multiple Domains: Just Host ensures that their clients, whether individual or a group, could get access to hosting multiple domains. The best in class Just Host web hosting offers limitless domain counts for sole owners and also for large group owners.

Advance Technology: Just Host uses most advanced server technology with upgraded hardware and software installations for error-free web hosting. They always upgrade their servers with up-to-date features and latest web hosting widgets. What make their service more reliable and trustworthy are their highly technological devices and systems.

Just Host also offers plenty of schemes and free hosting space depending on your web hosting plan. Recently, a Just Host webhosting review announced free ad credits from Yahoo, Google and Bing. They also offer free extensions and unlimited accessibility with web hosting templates and ecommerce setups.

Just Host is also one of the very few websites that offer capital back or money back guarantee on cancellation of domains. They simply refund the amount after deducting the domain setup charges if domain registration is cancelled with in specified time limits.