Five Tips to Make you a Better Graphic Designer

As is the case in every industry, there are those who succeed in design because they work hard and have an affinity with the subject, and there are those who fail because they don’t put enough effort in and who see their daily routine as nothing more than a chore. This industry is fast-moving and open to change, so staying on top of one’s game is vital.

Maintaining enthusiasm, and reacting to it as and when appropriate, can make the difference between coasting through the day and savouring every second of it. Those who truly want to get to the top of their career ladders will need to know when and how to improve, and that isn’t always easy. Here are five tips that will help any individual to become a better designer.

Tips to Make you a Better Graphic Designer

1.    Go with the flow

If you already work in the design sector, even if you’ve only been involved for a short period of time, you will be all too aware of the constant flow of new concepts and new trends. Rather than always trying to come up with something fresh, sometimes you need to absorb the influences of others. There will be occasions when it’s best to simply ride the waves.

2.    Gain the qualifications, master the art

Like many other industry sectors, it can be somewhat difficult to progress in design, so it’s hugely important that you gain the necessary qualifications to succeed. A graphic design degree from IDI will impress recruiters and will show them you have the skills and the knowledge to make a genuine difference in this fascinating yet demanding world.

3.    Look backwards to go forward

Every great designer knows that previous influences and trends can provide a sense of inspiration for new ideas. That’s why it’s so important to build an understanding of the history of design, and to develop a keen eye for concepts that will work in the contemporary world. Thinking individually is vital, of course, but peripheral vision of previous ideas will help.

4.    Be bold, be innovative

If you think a particular idea is a little too ‘out there’, try to imagine how others would see it. There’s nothing wrong with pushing a boundary or two every once in a while, so think in terms of boldness and go for it. Anyone with a graphic design degree will tell you that it’s good to be bold with ideas, and that vivid colours in a grey world are what it’s all about.

5.    Never switch off

The very best graphic designers will never truly switch their minds off. Even when they are relaxing away from the working environment they will be watching and noting things from the world around them. The inspiration for many of the finest ideas came from relatively mundane objects at the unlikeliest of times, so make sure you’re always on alert.