Getting Traffic Through YouTube Marketing

Getting traffic through YouTube marketing can be a tricky one but it can be as easy as any everyday ritual if certain techniques are followed. There have been instances where videos which have gone viral have turned the fortunes for the blog owners with a great chunk of traffic diverted to their websites.

YouTube SEO

Loading up videos with right tags and keywords

The more keywords one places in their videos, it creates more opportunities for people in finding that particular video. For example, if a person has uploaded a video related to peanuts and is using “peanuts” as its keyword, then the video will appear only when people starts searching with that specific keyword only. But if that person uses keywords such as “cashews, groundnuts, nuts, almond, and protein foods”, then it automatically opens up a massive door through which visitors can walk through. One must make sure that the “Tags” field is used properly and ethically and is filled with as many tags as possible. This is where people generally make the biggest mistakes.

Transcribing the videos

At present, websites don’t possess the ability in accurately fetching keywords directly from the video’s spoken audio and as a result, written keywords still play a key role in video rankings. The words of a great video presentation can be transcribed by using in order to get lots of SEO fuel to instantly boost the video’s rankings. The transcription needs to be pasted into the video Description field. This not only makes it simple for viewers to consume the video but also helps in getting traffic through YouTube marketing.

Replying to a famous video

Getting traffic through YouTube marketing can only be ensured if video reply can be posted to the videos on YouTube. This simply means that any video one publishes, a “video comment” can be left by someone referencing to that video specifically. This “video comment” pops up below the YouTube video. This can be used in reverse manner as well. One can look for a famous video (with millions of hits) and post their video as a reply. It gives the video a much required exposure to millions of people as they get to see it just because it got posted in the reply column. However, one must remember that this can be done only once so they must choose it wisely.

Using right keywords in video titles

Keywords need to be inserted into the video title when relevant. For instance, if someone has a video about fixing laptop keyboards then instead of using a title like “Broken Keys”, one can use a richly descriptive one like “How to fix/ repair broken laptop keyboard – PC, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro”. This is an important step to be followed when it comes to getting traffic through YouTube marketing.

Directing links to videos

SEO is not only considered as the perfect way in boosting the PR on respective domains but also plays a big part for ranking videos on YouTube. When one is having a lot of authority sites directing link to their YouTube videos, they rank higher because of the keywords that in turn results in boosting the number of visits to the site.