CSS Tutorial Advanced Techniques for More Sophisticated Design

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS, as it is more popularly known, is used to combine dynamic effect to website design. Its purpose does not need much elaboration as every developer knows about it. What is great about CSS is the ready availability of tutorials including those for advanced techniques. Advanced tutorials really push the limits of creativity through CSS. Building on the basic knowledge of developers, such tutorials describe techniques and the use of sophisticated tools for advanced effects to the website design. Indeed, there are too many tools and techniques to be learnt in one sit. However, some advancement made in this department is worth a mention, though brief.

IE Print Protector

IE Print Protector makes IE render elements of HTML5 correctly on screen as well as for printing. It is a section of JavaScript used for this purpose.

Less Framework 2

Less Framework is not related to LESS CSS, which is another framework for extension of CSS with operations, mix-ins, variables and nested rules. The former is a cross-device layout and has minimal features-set, which does not include predefined classes and similar properties. A grid, a typography preset and media-queries are all that it contains. The typography presets are aligned to 24-pixel baseline grid, the column sizes of which are noted within CSS comments. The tool provides a zipped archive of the features that users select to include in their framework files.


Minify is developed in HTML5 and is a supportive application for CSS. It helps developers follow Yahoo Rules for High Performance Websites. It combines multiple JavaScript and CSS files, removes comments and unnecessary space and returns them with optimal cache header at the client-side and gzip encoding.


Modernizr simplifies a very important part of coding for specific browser functionality. It lets users target browser-specific functionality on their style sheet by adding classes to concerned elements. Hence, users do not have to write JavaScript code for the purpose.

CSS Tutorial Advanced Techniques

My DebugBar

DebugBar IE Tester provides the JavaScript and rendering engines of IE9 to as old as IE5.5 for Windows 7 to XP and the installed IE simultaneously.


It is a great tool to decrease the number of long http requests. With gzip-compression enabled at the server-side, the effect results into massive improvement in speed. It parses the CSS code and returns a copy of it including all the external media as datasets encoded in Base64.

Switch CSS

Switch CSS is a production-ready, feature-loaded and Apache-based CSS pre-processor. It runs as a command-line tool or with mod_python in the Apache environment.

Toucan CSS Reset

There are not many reset style sheets available as good as this one. Toucan CSS Reset removes the default styles of HTML elements and rebuilds new generic rules for tables, forms, list, paragraphs, headings, typography, etc. Moreover, it is browser-friendly, flexible and light.