How to Use Smoke Typography – Some Basics

Here are some basic things to consider if you want to really learn how to use Smoke typography.

There is something very mysterious about smoke typography, as it enhances the image and gives us amazing and stunning captivating images. The process of typography is simple and swift and with creative ideas one can make fascinating images. If you need to know how to use Smoke typography, here are some simple steps to follow.

How to use Smoke Typography

To begin with, you need to open Photoshop and start a new document. Specify the dimensions as per your requirement. You can select 1920 x 1200 if you wish. You will then have to add a gradient. In order to apply a gradient you can fill up the background area or else you can make use of a Layer Style. You are free to experiment with the colors.

The next step is to add the text. It is better to add it in white. Now you need to go to the Filter option and select Blur. In the Blur option you need to select Motion Blur and change the angle to 90 degrees. To increase the distance you need to specify 40 pixels in the distance tab.

Once again move on to the Filter option and select the Distort style to wave. You need to specify the number of generators. If you have used 3, then you need to specify 10 and 346 as the wavelength. You will have to set the Amplitude as well to 5 and 35 respectively.

Once again you will have to return to the Filter menu and select Blur. This time you can select Gaussian Blur. Set the Radius to 10 pixels. You will now have to group the layer.

Now add a new layer above the others and once more return to the Filter option. Select Render and in the sub option specify Clouds. Ensure that the background is black while the foreground is white. This will give you a perfect effect. You may now have to change the blend mode to color dodge. Now go to the Layer option and select Layer Mask. Then click on the Reveal All. Use a soft brush and set the hardness level to 0%. Now you can hide or camouflage specific unwanted areas of the clouds layer.

Now add a new Folder at the Layer’s Palatte and rename it Blend Mode to Color Dodge.  Now select a new layer and add it. Go to the Smoke Brushes. Change the color to white and move the brush over selected letters. To increase the brightness of the brush just double- click on the required area. Repeat the movement of the brush until you get the effect you desire.

Add yet another layer and this time it should be beneath all the other layers which have been created. But it should still be above the Background layer. You will have to use Fill Color to change the background of this layer to black. Now select Filter option and click on Texture. Select the Texturizer and change the scaling ratio to 100%. Specify 4 as the value for the Relief.

This process of smoke typography is not a complex process and if followed rightly, can give you stunning images and visuals that you always wanted.