The 10 Reasons Every Designer Should Use deviantART

DeviantART also known as dA is considered a mixture of social media website and file hosting service. There are several reasons why every designer should use deviantART as it helps in better understanding the advantages of this unique platform for artists.

1. Sharing advice

This is a platform where people can get constructive criticism towards improving their art from other members of the community and even provide their own advices to others.

2. Getting the required exposure

Contests are run by deviantART where artists get the chance to submit their best artworks which increase the possibility of it being seen by different people from all over the world. The person in turn gets the much required exposure for making his/her artwork famous.

3. Enhancing the social circle

By participating in contests and commenting something good about other people’s pages, it is quite easy to make new friends and increase the social circle.


4. Website layout

Another reason every designer should use deviantART is that a layout category is featured by dA where the choices can range from veritable to professional artwork. One can find layouts in design section while searching through the categories.

5. Increase earnings

Members of the community who have premium membership can do a lot of things with their blogs for personalizing its appearance. Apart from that, they can sell prints of their artwork through the online store to increase their earnings even though a certain percentage is kept by the site.

6. Multiple media formats

dA apart from being known as an image hosting site, offers various other categories to select from media formats such as video, text, applications, flash animations and more. A good reason every designer should use deviantART is that they can get a background for their site simply from dA to offer it some brand new identity.

7. Thinking outside the box

Members of dA get the opportunity to explore beyond the talent they possess so as to target for that exceptional piece of work. This helps them to showcase their talent and get noticed by other people.

8. Access to artists

Those who wish to spruce up their websites can get help from the massive community of dA which includes writers, skilled painters, photographers, digital artists as well as programmers. Some of the members have expansive galleries within the site which offers access to huge repository of talent.

9. File hosting

Apart from finding ideas, artists and contents, dA also acts as secondary hosting option when it comes to images. Users can also embed films hosted within the site into their website.

10. Art & creative commons licensing

The dA site offers the opportunity to users for posting their work under Creative Commons License indicating that massive gallery content is available free for use.

The reasons every designer should deviantART clearly indicates that, it is the perfect platform for aspiring and new designers not only to showcase their talent but even to learn a lot about their area of expertise.