The 10 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

The WordPress mistakes to avoid at all costs help people to get a proper understanding of the things to avoid while using WordPress for their website development.

1. Using Administrator for Posting Content

It is always a good idea to disguise WordPress installation as it doesn’t leave the site vulnerable to hacker attacks. Guessing the username becomes quite easy when it is displayed within the post. Contributor account should be used to work on the content.

2. Avoid Too Many Plugins

WordPress provides its users with plenty of plugins that can be easily downloaded and installed. However, inclusion of several plugins can bring down the performance of the site which is why it always better to use limited plugins within the site.

3. Keeping Username of Administrator as Admin

This is a common WordPress mistake which can still be observed. Hackers get the opportunity to hack into the site quite easily especially when this username is combined with a poor password.

4. Inappropriate Monitoring of Comments

Monitoring comments proves to be a difficult task for most, especially when there is huge amount of spam. But, filtering the spam is extremely easy with the Akismet plugin. Replying to comments is another thing which needs to be done on a routine basis so as to engage the readers.

WordPress Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

5. Inefficient Back-Up

Backing up the system helps to stay secured during times of emergency. Restoration options are available in plenty in the form of Bluehost, BackWPup and VaultPress.

6. Categories Over Usage

A frequent WordPress mistake committed by most is the addition of categories only to main navigation. Sites that have heavy content can have posts as well as popular tags within main navigation. Category usage should be limited and tags should be used for bringing for things together.

7. Weak Content

If the site is content focused then, effort should be made to include grammatically correct content within it. Sites with weak content do not get repeated visits from the viewers which hampers its ranking and popularity.

8. Using Copyrighted Images

People working on WordPress sites tend to add images from Google images without even giving it a second thought. It might be okay for personal blogs, but not official blogs. Images should be selected from public domain or Creative Commons License.

9. Ignoring Updates

The core developers of WordPress work tirelessly for improving its speed, efficiency and user interface. Updates are provided when vulnerability or bug is found within the site. Updating the site can be completed with few clicks and essential for proper performance of the site.

10. Not Making the Site Mobile Compatible

With the advent of Smartphones, internet usage on mobile devices has increased to a great extent. Therefore, the WordPress site should be made responsive to view it from different mobile devices.

These common WordPress mistakes to avoid at all costs will ensure keeping the sites safe and secured from hacker attacks as well as ensure optimum performance and stability.