The 5 Best Blogging Platforms for Beginners

Blogging has turned out to be extremely useful towards spreading ideas and knowledge quite easily and these popular and best blogging platforms for beginners offers them with the unique opportunity to present those ideas in simple and easy manner.

1. WordPress


WordPress happens to be the leader in static websites and blogs. The platform offers numerous templates which can be used to customize blogs and most of them are available for free. This open source platform is search engine optimized and the knowledgebase available acts as a useful guide for people using this platform for the first time. This open source platform offers beginners to learn the tricks of blogging through trial and error so that they get accustomed to more advanced blogging features.

2. SquareSpace


This commercial blogging platform for beginners comes with several packages which range from $ 8 to $ 50 every month. The pricing schedule is entirely based on volume and lower tier members have access to all the features similar to premium members. The entire focus of this platform lies on good blog design which is easy to design/code by beginners. The user experience remains consistent from the biggest power users to smallest users.

3. Blogger


This is another highly popular blogging platform that is easy to setup. It makes use of drag & drop feature. The only drawback of this platform is its lack of ability when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Every account offers the users with one free domain name. Blogger is controlled by Google which is the reason why it gets indexed more quickly unlike sites from various other platforms. Blogger is extremely useful for travel blogs and personal stories.

4. Posterous


The best part about Posterous is that beginners are not required to setup accounts and no coding knowledge is necessary to get started. This beginner-friendly blogging platform can be setup by simply sending an email from any account. Apart from writing posts, users are provided with the opportunity to attach media files and photos quite easily. Even though, this is an email based blogging platform, it offers plenty of features to the users.

5. Tumblr


This platform is ideal for beginners who are not willing to spend lots of time on blogging but wish to experience blogging in every way. Posting can be done within a matter of few minutes by creating short blogs. This platform for blogging is quite similar to some social media website which makes it easy for the users to share their posts with lots of people. The editing feature available with Tumblr allows bloggers to do different things with their posts in an efficient and convenient way. Various customization features are also available and can be used entirely for free.

Even though, it might be hard for beginners to choose the perfect blogging platform, but these best blogging platforms for beginners definitely offer them the right features and functionalities to make their blogs stand out from amongst the rest.