Top 10 Really Useful Responsive Design Tutorials

Responsive websites have significantly grown in numbers and their demand is going to increase due to their adaptability. Obviously, creating such websites is not easy and the really useful responsive design tutorials are much-needed assistance, especially for inexperienced developers. These tutorials cover different essential aspects of responsive website development.

1. Braindump Responsive Web Design

This tutorial for responsive design has been created by Chris Coyier. He has made it easy to understand by adding various examples, tips & tricks, link to related resources and to relevant people, etc. He has also discussed the evolution of responsive web design briefly.

2. CSS Responsive Website

There are few website tutorials that clarify myths and misunderstanding that prevail in responsive website development. However, Jason Michaels has taken the initiative through his really useful responsive design tutorial that works on CSS.

3. CSS3 Responsive Menu

In this tutorial, Shingo Tamura has offered instructions in a step-by-step format, as they are required to develop a responsive navigation menu by using CSS media queries.

Useful Responsive Design Tutorials

4. Filament Group

Images are integral part of online content and Filament Group has produced a code for context-aware photo resizing.

5. Responsive Grid Systems

Grids are integral part of website development and need to be adaptive in case of responsive websites. Graham Miller has created this really useful responsive design tutorial which makes creation of grids for responsive websites easy and quick.

6. Responsive Navigation Menu

This is a very useful responsive design tutorial for creating dropdown menus out of regular list menus for smaller displays. The technique explained in this tutorial uses semantic and clean HTML5 mark-up without any involvement of JavaScript.

7. Responsive Web Design by Kayla Knights

It is more of a discussion on responsive web design than tutorial for the same. Kayla Knights has discussed how to keep up with the fast changing resolution of communication devices and how to retain users of one brand as customers while expanding to other brands.

8. Responsive Web Design, Visual Guide

The concept of standard size has become quite out-dated in this age. CSS media queries have evolved as required and facilitate responsive design that can adapt to mobile phones as well as desktops. All this has been visually illustrated in the Visual Guide to responsive web design.

9. Responsive Website Tutorial

Paul Robert Lloyd has created a very detailed and really useful responsive design tutorial. It contains much more information than just flexible media queries, images and layouts. In this tutorial, he has explained steps that are required for development of a complete responsive website.

10. Typography Handling

Scalability of images and other components of responsive website are essential to be taken care of. However, typography demands equal degree of attention, without which it may distort when the website scales between big and small displays. Different font sizes are needed for different line-lengths and screen-widths.