Top 5 Data Visualization Tools

Only recently, we have got introduced to these data visualization tools as something individually operable. But before that, it was the task of highly technical designers or a team of developers, who were the only ones who had complete and crisp accuracy and beauty in this aspectual consideration. But now, through some web-based data visualization tools, the technical skill-requirement has no more been an obstacle. Any person can now, personally enhance and beautify his data using these visualization tools and widgets. Following are instances of such useful tools.

1. TimelineJS

TimelineJS is such a wonderful device that furnishes a beautiful reciprocating timeline. It responds to the clicks of mouse by the user, which in turn makes it less complicated to create advanced timelines that give out large information within a confined and compact space. You can click on each section to get an in-depth view, which makes it a gorgeous way to give an over-all outlook simultaneously with providing full details.

2. Infoactive

Infoactive has found a substantial implement to create less expensive and custom info graphics that are appropriately represented and can be easily interpreted as well. It can be used if one doesn’t want to use design software or appoint a technical person to create info graphics. If you are self-dependent, straightaway head for this immensely usable stuff.

Data Visualization Tools

3. was inspired greatly by the founders of It is famed and popularly known as both – a demonstrator for infographics and also as a hub and fulcrum centre for publishers, designers and researchers. Its info graphics have been posted on NPR, The Huffington Post and CNN too, which is a matter of pride. It provides an austere instrumentation in order to create astonishing data visualizations and also enables you to dispense your creations easily without any messing up.

4. DataVisual

DataVisual makes it simpler for you to blueprint variegated charts and graphs for your data to be effectively represented and visualized. Data Visual makes performers avoid repetitive formatting tasks and also makes it dispensable to edit the output formats in different applications. Also, Data visual has been chosen favorably to become the first early-level company to join the Daily new Innovations Lab.

5. Better World Flux

With the subtitle “where progress flows”, Better World Flux is a marvelous data visualization tool which evidently confines its scope on the information regarding what actually matters in life. Criteria like those of happiness, increasing life expectancy, escalation of literacy rate, etc. are given prior positions and are crystal clearly depicted in a vibrant flux. This tool majorly stresses on world optimizations and gives out cute and radiant pictures and stats of the major world depressing factors. This is quite useful when you want to construe and write something on burning topics of the world like under-nutrition, starvation, and poverty etc. This tool may not allow you to give in your own data but in fact, is a magnificent gadget to create suitably nice and interactive fallouts.