Top 5 Free Logo Creator Websites

If you are looking to create logo for your website, some of these free logo creator websites will definitely come in handy for you in completing the task. Logo acts as a trademark for an organization with which one can relate quite easily. It helps in creating a different identity while resolving any form of identity-crisis over a similar sounding name. The name of the company, an image or a slogan can act as the company’s own unique logo with which one can distinguish it. But it is widely seen that many doesn’t believe in outsourcing their logo because of various financial terms related to it. Some of the handy logo creator websites have been listed below.

Online Logo Maker

A familiar name in this category and has been considered by many to be the best in the business right now. The flash-based application in it is quite easy for anyone to design great looking logos online. The template collection is quite rich and one can easily add symbols on their logo too. One can use some awesome looking fonts to customize their texts too. Users may even easily save their project or download them directly to a pc from their account.

Logo Ease

This is another great feature-loaded web application for online logo designing. One only needs to follow just three steps in making a great looking logo. Image and symbol can easily be added to the logo from a great collection of designs. One can also add some hand touches before saving it in their account. After that, it can be easily downloaded in a pc anytime at the convenience of the user. This website easily finds an entry to the top 5 free logo creator websites list.

Free Logo Creator Websites

Logo Maker

This website offers a huge library with the thousands of logos created by their team of designers which are simply amazing and brilliant. Logos can be created in minutes, with the option of choosing icons, adding text and changing their color. The customer service is quite exceptional and operates with a highly experienced workforce. It gives the option of creating up to 6 different kinds of logos. It won’t be charging anything for the logos, but one might donate something to help them carry out this free service.

Logo Snap

Apart from creating logos for a business, this amazing website gives the option of creating business cards, envelopes, flyers and much more. Everything is great with this website, including their downloading feature, but the sad part is that it’ll continuously ask the user to donate something, even as minute as possible, for the development of the website.

Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator

One of the simplest logo creating websites ever, this one allows even the not-so-well-accustomed Internet user to create a logo for their website or business. The user only needs to provide some information in related fields and their logo will be generated automatically. This is a must in the list of top 5 free logo creator websites.

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