Why choose digital marketing services?

In the world of technology where digitalization is growing at a rapid pace, the impact of digital marketing and social media are increasing simultaneously. It would be quite fair to say that businesses which fail to adapt to the new era of marketing is more likely to suffer losses and may even shut down. So, adapt to the change. Try digital marketing, which can revolutionize your business.

An edge over your competitors

Digital media allows any business to compete with its competitors regardless of its size. With following the traditional ways it wouldn’t have been possible as a small retailer wouldn’t be able to match the economies of scale of its larger counterparts. Small businesses can keep a track of their competitors’ products and marketing strategies in order to learn new things and improve their own business strategy.


Effective cost reduction

Unlike traditionally ways of marketing, digital marketing is cost effective. It doesn’t require much investment and can potentially replace costly advertising channels such as magazines, radio and yellow pages. Also, one can choose the number of audiences they wish to target and accordingly choose an investment plan.

Quantifiable results

Monitoring the progress of your digital marketing strategies in real time is easy. This allows you to evaluate whether or not they are working for your business. Features like Google Analytics allow you to measure traffic on your website or blog, according to which you can opt for an apt packaged marketing solution to improve your results.

Brand Development

Having a good reputation is essential for every business. Without that no company can ever survive in the market. Digital marketing allows organization to build their brand reputation as conveniently as possible. A well maintained website with quality content focusing on the needs of your target audience can lead to generation of opportunities and yield higher returns. In addition, one can use social media channels and personalised email marketing to interact with their old and potential customers for creating brand reputation and reliability.

CSS Tutorial Advanced Techniques for More Sophisticated Design

Cascading Style Sheet or CSS, as it is more popularly known, is used to combine dynamic effect to website design. Its purpose does not need much elaboration as every developer knows about it. What is great about CSS is the ready availability of tutorials including those for advanced techniques. Advanced tutorials really push the limits of creativity through CSS. Building on the basic knowledge of developers, such tutorials describe techniques and the use of sophisticated tools for advanced effects to the website design. Indeed, there are too many tools and techniques to be learnt in one sit. However, some advancement made in this department is worth a mention, though brief.

IE Print Protector

IE Print Protector makes IE render elements of HTML5 correctly on screen as well as for printing. It is a section of JavaScript used for this purpose.

Less Framework 2

Less Framework is not related to LESS CSS, which is another framework for extension of CSS with operations, mix-ins, variables and nested rules. The former is a cross-device layout and has minimal features-set, which does not include predefined classes and similar properties. A grid, a typography preset and media-queries are all that it contains. The typography presets are aligned to 24-pixel baseline grid, the column sizes of which are noted within CSS comments. The tool provides a zipped archive of the features that users select to include in their framework files.


Minify is developed in HTML5 and is a supportive application for CSS. It helps developers follow Yahoo Rules for High Performance Websites. It combines multiple JavaScript and CSS files, removes comments and unnecessary space and returns them with optimal cache header at the client-side and gzip encoding.


Modernizr simplifies a very important part of coding for specific browser functionality. It lets users target browser-specific functionality on their style sheet by adding classes to concerned elements. Hence, users do not have to write JavaScript code for the purpose.

CSS Tutorial Advanced Techniques

My DebugBar

DebugBar IE Tester provides the JavaScript and rendering engines of IE9 to as old as IE5.5 for Windows 7 to XP and the installed IE simultaneously.


It is a great tool to decrease the number of long http requests. With gzip-compression enabled at the server-side, the effect results into massive improvement in speed. It parses the CSS code and returns a copy of it including all the external media as datasets encoded in Base64.

Switch CSS

Switch CSS is a production-ready, feature-loaded and Apache-based CSS pre-processor. It runs as a command-line tool or with mod_python in the Apache environment.

Toucan CSS Reset

There are not many reset style sheets available as good as this one. Toucan CSS Reset removes the default styles of HTML elements and rebuilds new generic rules for tables, forms, list, paragraphs, headings, typography, etc. Moreover, it is browser-friendly, flexible and light.

Best Recruitment Marketing Tools That Really Work

Today’s job seeker is far more subjective. He builds his opinion based on what his friends say online about the organization that he is interested to apply. In this transparent web world, companies have the onus of providing a great experience for both the existing employees and potential hires. Again, recruitment marketing helps build a platform to build and nurture a strong working relationship with the right candidates. The ‘spray and pray’ era is over and oftentimes we find the best of the candidates off the market within a few days of being seen first. It has thus become the need of the hour to be aware of the pool of warm hiring leads that you can approach as and when a position opens up, thus greatly reducing the ‘fill-up’ time. Some of the best recruitment marketing tools that have given results are discussed here.

Social Media as Recruiter’s Voice

Smart employers poach for employees through various channels. Some of the professional networking plugins are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Meet ups are another way of connecting with potential candidates. Here, you go a step further and actually get to interact with the job seekers in person. Forums are simply meet ups, the online way.

Best Recruitment Marketing Tools

Tools That Capture the Employees’ Data

Having the right recruitment marketing tools that have the feeds of all the data of the past and current employees of the organization is a great way to channelize a vast pool of candidates internally. You never know when a need arises for a new position wherein a particular employee’s specific skill set could be put to use. The data will help bridge the skills with the competency requirements.

Mobile Savvy Online Forms

An average American spends approximately 150 minutes a day on his smart phone. Many job aspirants browse opportunities while on the move. It is imperative then, to make the career pages fully optimized for mobile. That means creating short applications and smart upload methods for CV via Dropbox, for instance. Failing to leverage the mobile importance can make you lose potential guys to your competitors.

Employee Retention

Once you have rolled out an offer and got the new employee on board, just don’t assume that your job ends here. New hires are very observant in the first four months of their new role. They indeed do ponder upon the fact if they have made the right decision of joining your organization. Though paid surveys cost you a few dollars to check on your new employees’ engagement within the organization, it is worth it as you have a chance to rectify any misunderstanding and avert the hassle of losing a good candidate and getting back to square one!

Finally, every kind of marketing requires a human touch. The way the applicant is received and treated – right from user experience while uploading CV up till the offer getting rolled – is sure to go a long way in increasing your hiring success.

Easy Contact Management for Small Businesses

Contact management often conjures up the image of this tool catering to only enterprise applications. Good news is that contact management solutions can be tailored for small businesses as well. Here, the tool is designed to look after the unique requirements of a small business and equally easy to maintain and easy on pockets. These systems consolidate client records and other related data that will help the business gain timely access to crucial business statistics and actionable business insights. That transforms into minimal wastage of precious time while trying to navigate through the reports when you come across loads of functions that you really don’t need. Read on to know exactly how your small business gets the benefits of easy contact management systems.

Quick Access to Contacts

These management solutions offer numerous ways to organize contacts. They help you learn more about your customers, their relation with one another and productive steps that will help clinch the deal. The method used to organize and store the contacts helps in making a great business connect with the client. Contact lists can be organized by location, the last contact date and /or by using custom fields. Some solutions go further with connecting the clients’ social media profiles or offer collaborative features where each team member can check contact status at any point of time.

contact management solutions

Ease of Storing Contacts

The easy-to-use interface that is offered in these web-based contact solutions is what brings in the comfort level to their users. Useful tools for recording notes and email forwarding in addition to reminders and calendar management add unique flavour to the contact management tool. The consolidations and sorting of contacts is beautifully done in spreadsheets that can be linked to emails and documents. That helps your customer list stay up-to-date and is a sure precursor to lead generation and client conversion.

Streamlining of Tasks

The entire team catering to all the clients makes no sense. There needs to be clarity on how to approach certain clients. The contact management solutions offer Task system that can help segregate the tasks or the action items within the team. The email records, the notes attached for every conversation or chat with team members and past communication history with a particular client comes in handy while delegating the task. This leads to personal and productive approach ringing in higher sales.

All in all, easy contact management systems work great for small businesses where staying connected internally as a team as well as externally as one entity with customers. They help join the dots successfully among different aspects of the business process and take the business profits and customer satisfaction to greater heights.

Why You Need a Marketing Workflow

Marketing teams have to be adaptable: they’re constantly adjusting to new clients, tools, and audiences. But sometimes they get a little too used to the chaos, and start believing that creative work feels out of control simply by nature.

Work processes get a bad rap. It’s true that a flawed workflow can mire your team in needless handoffs, circular approvals, and maddening red tape. But a good workflow can make your team more efficient, clarify roles and responsibilities, and create a reliable system so everyone can focus on being creative.
Why You Need a Marketing Workflow
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